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5:35 Occupyers end camp in Fairbanks, Alaska after six months…. Mayor of Wilmington, Del., has ordered OWSers to split from plaza… Portland, Ore. cops warn protesters they will be on short leash on May Day….

5:20  From Occupy Portland: Confessions of a Banker With a Bullhorn:

4:50  Email press release just now:  "National People’s Action (NPA) Executive Director George Goehl was arrested today alongside nine members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) during a protest at a Wells Fargo office in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, just one day before the big bank’s shareholder meeting in San Francisco, which is expected to draw thousands of demonstrators.

"Dozens of protesters entered Wells Fargo’s downtown Des Moines offices and refused to leave until CEO John Stumpf agreed to give the 99% Power coalition 1 hour of time during the shareholders meeting in San Francisco Tuesday to present their grievances to top bank officials."

4:40  Judge rules tweets of OWSer Malcolm Harris fair game fofr prosecutors…Roger and out: What today’s Mad Men can learn from Occupy….

11:40  A modest proposal from Tom Watson:  Bloomberg should make Occupy and other protesters a prime "tourist attraction" on May 1.  E.g., "Erect a viewing platform for the march in City Hall Park and hang there all afternoon, like a secular New York Archbishop on Lefty St. Patrick’s Day. Extra credit for all the great hand-shaking photos with labor leaders."

11:30  Busy day for Tom Morello in NYC on May 1.  Besides helping to spur the "general strike" leading a "guitar army" of 1000 or more, he wiill pick up an award given by the Sidney Hillman Foundation (as it also passes out its book and magazine prizes) that evening.

10:40 Interesting story at the Nonprofit Quarterly:  How Citi’s big shareholder protest reflectsgrowing narrative and impact via Occupy. "Corporate shareholders will now face inside and outside strategies from Occupy Wall Street, as the group plans to challenge corporations’ CEO salaries, environmental policies, and political donations from the inside while working to define society’s new narrative about the corporate sector with the public and the press on the outside."

9:50 Check out OccupyTheFarm action on Earth Day in Berkeley in attempt to save "last, best land" in area from shopping center move.  SF Chronicle story here.

9:20 Just-released documents show Brookfield consulting with National Park Service, others, in a lead-up to order to clear Zuccotti Park.   Also:  "U.S. Park Police were communicating step by step, as they took action in regard to Occupy DC, with the Secret Service, DHS, and other police agencies as well as personnel affiliated with, the FBI’s nationally integrated network and alert system involving all aspects of civilian law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the military."

8:50 Allison Kilkenny: Occupy joins forces with "bad ass" ACT UP.  "For twenty-five years, ACT UP has been at the forefront of creative direct action protest. The organization is famous for its die-ins to protest the government’s abandonment of AIDS victims, and the exploiting of those infected with the disease by powerful Wall Street pharmaceutical companies."

8:30  Latest full list from OWS of over 100 cities where a "general strike" will be attempted, with links…

8:25 Bradley Manning hearing tomorrow.  Catch up with case so far via my new book (with Kevin Gosztola).

8:20  Pittsburgh’s daily paper with lengthy look at coming protests there and 99% Spring. "If the training in Pittsburgh was any indication, the 99 Percent Spring may have the power to tap a different constituency, including many of MoveOn’s 7 million members. About half of those who participated April 14 had never participated in a protest before."

8:10 A report from the Federal steps in NYC on "what a difference day makes"… At Salon: How Occupy has raised the issue of student debt and "corruption" of higher ed in USA…All-day teach-in at Brandeis tomorrow…

8:05 Just received this email release: "Today, 99% Power is launching a massive national campaign holding corporate America accountable. 99% Power is targeting specific corporations, at their shareholder meetings as well as other events, with the goal to create an economy and democracy that works for all.

"Over the next few days, 99% Power will be active in San Francisco focusing on Wells Fargo’s shareholder meeting and in Detroit for the GE shareholder meeting, with the 1% squarely in their sights. A campaign of civil action, both large and small, is in motion. Among the actions planned are public rallies and non-violent direct action where specific corporations will be holding their annual shareholder meetings, as well as highly-directed actions in concert with those rallies and meetings."

From the weekend

Site for the May 1 strike in Bay Area now up. … College student debt just keeps a-growing.  Worth a lot but worth it?

May Day Strike for Dummies?  A humorous guide to how to skip work on May 1. "No one will question a medical check-up. And what’s best with this scenario is that you simultaneously tend to your health and that of this country’s economy. It’s multi-tasking at its finest.”(h/t Jay Moore) 

How two young folks found true love…at Occupy Toronto. …More on the May Day music in NYC, which I previewed yesterday, including Tom Morello and a literal Gutiar Army (but will they tet fatigued?)… Danny Schechter: Are we on the decks of another Titanic?  And James Cameron will not save us.

Site that collects numerous videos of artists who have performed at OWS-related events and are on new album (see below).  Here’s Patti Smith.  More on the upcoming "Occupy this Album" with, count ’em, 99 tracks and big release party (as we unveiled yesterday) in three weeks.   And here’s a five-song sampler you can listen to now, streaming.