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10:30  Now Tim Pool also livestreaming drama in Lower Manhattan.

Streaming video by Ustrea8:50 Key night in New York–on day cops finally disrupted and arrested folks who had been sleeping on sidewalk protest for past week.  Now lawyers are advising that indeed legal but police disagree and could be big showdown tonight.  Here is one livestream:

Video streaming by Ustream

7:30  Plan to "occupy" Bank of America shareholders meeting in Charlotte on May 9 really catching fire, according to insider reports, with hundreds already signing up to attend.

4:45 Occupy West Side Story targets NY cop nemesis "Officer Winski."  (Of course, it was Krupke in the original, but the "fuck you" ending remains.)

4:40  Alec Baldwin admits doing those Capital One bank commercial at same time he was boosting OWS may not have been the "smartest" move.  But he still defends it, noting their, and his, funding for the arts.

4:30  Update on NY sidewalk sleepers getting the boot this morning, moving across street for now but more trouble looms tonight as "tolerance" ends.

3:20  Lot of interesting winners and finalists announced in today’s Puitzers (when I was at E&P we always had it first, BTW).  Here is main site with all of them, lot of key pieces that relate to Occupy issues, plus care of injured U.S. soldiers and the elderly, the NYPD spying on Muslims, financial issues and the Madison daily’s coverage of the long-running Scott Walker protests, and much more.   Huff Post won first Pulitzer.

12:30 Spring training to continue after hot start, link here.… I mentioned the "Tax Dodgers" below (with baseball theme) and now they have a site and big plans in NY for tomorrow… Obama campaign provides handy way to compare your tax rate to Romney’s.

11:30  Okay, here we go: after a week of sleeping and camping out on or near Wall Street without arrests–thanks to citing a law that seemed to allow protests on sidewalks–suddenly cops moved in this morning and arrested 4 so far.  Here is NYT  report.  "Moments later, an officer placed a video camera close to the face of a man walking on Nassau Street. The man swung a bag toward the lens and the officer punched him in the face, then arrested him. A fourth arrest took place on Wall Street…. Norman Siegel, the civil rights lawyer, who has worked with the protesters, said the clearing of the sidewalks ‘raises serious and substantial constitutional and First Amendment issues.’"

10:20  From @OWSTactical in NY:  "Haven’t been to a foreclosure auction blockade? It’s one of our most successful and awesome ongoing action efforts….TODAY: Foreclosure Auction Blockade!!! 2:00pm @ 851 Grand Concourse in the Bronx. Take the 2,4,5 train to Grand Concourse."

10:00 Part II of John Hanrahan’s piece at Nieman Watchdog (and see below) on the media and lax coverage of Occupy.  He helpfully provides "a good sampling of potentially significant anti-corporate and anti-militarism events that should draw the attention of major news organizations this spring."

9;30  Nicholas Lemann at The New Yorker on Occupy and the stubborn "politics of inequality." 

9:15  Three arrested in Youngstown, OH as OWSers apparently join in protest at school where residents sign hundreds of gas/fracking leases with good old BP. …

9:10 Another concert marks Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday, this one in LA starring Jackson Browne, Tom Morello, John Doe, Joe Henry, Graham Nash, Kris Kristofferson, Van Dyke Parks.  Here’s dedication earlier in day of Woody Guthrie Square in L.A.

8:45 New Haven independent with full piece marking "six months and still landing" of the OWS there…. OWS provides "four ways to help re-occupation."

8:30  Cover story on Occupy in Metro New York today… Like this:  Ocucpyers in New York dressed as "Tax Dodgers" to mark April 15, and opening of baseball season, I guess.  Also perhaps Dodgers fleeing Brooklyn.

8:20 Important ProPublica piece:  How the government’s policies prolonged the foreclosure crisis.

8:10  Allow me to celebrate last night’s surprising Mad Men–with recurring Beethoven references.

From late Sunday

Metro reports Saturday night incident in NY, where two alleged anarchists and one  OWSer, attorney, Alexander Penley,  arrested for breaking windows at Starbucks–and then scuffling with police–that I used to frequent when I worked at Astor Place.  Followed an anarchist book fair and some garbage can-tipping, chants of fuck the police and so on.  Also a report of a 7-11 window broken.

  John Hanrahan at Nieman Watchdog with good look ahead and whether media will cover spring activities or ignore as has recently been case.  The NYT, for example, "has an annoying practice of putting newsworthy Occupy stories on its on-line City Room blog, but not printing the article in the paper that gets delivered to my Washington, D.C., doorstep (and presumably across the nation) each morning."

U.S. women over 65 living without financial security:  60%…. Friends of Studs Terkel have set up site to honor his centenary.  Proud to say I knew him a little, was on his show, and he blurbed one of my books.

 Official video released for Springsteen’s militant "Death to My Hometown."  Plus: Tom Watson in Forbes on Bruce’s evolution and shifting causes.

The new with plenty of new offerings: articles, videos, music, comedy, photos.  "Don’t forget the funny."  Plus dozens of items from past week from around the USA.

  Plans announced for "massive" protest in Charlotte ("The Wall Street of the South")  on eve of Dem convention in early September.  "Earlier, leaders of The Coalition to Protest at the DNC blasted what one called the ‘delays and run-arounds’ by city officials in issuing permits to demonstrate. The coalition represents 45 groups. It’s unclear how many protesters will be here. Some estimates put the number at 10,000 or more."  Of course, one might ask, is 10,000 or so "massive"? I was in march at GOP convention in NYC with more than 100,000.

 I will again recommend that you read my book (or at least look at my videos) about one of the greatest grassroots "99%" movements  ever — led by Upton SInclair in 1934 End Poverty in California, or EPIC–and it was.  Also changed the way political campaigns would be run ever after, and drew Hollywood into politics in a big way for the first time.