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11:30 And now, as they say on TV, "the other story we are following closely tonight."  This TV site says THREE protesters, not two, hit by car tonight in D.C., and car hit first two then kept going, suggesting it was deliverate.  It says one person in custody but not sure if that is driver — others have him being let go…. Here’s video that purports to show driver and car.

11:20  Guess I missed this yesterday:  Mike Fox Sr., the Silicon Valley billionaire, announces he is pulling his dough out of Bank of America to make a point at this key point….

11:10  New, full story in Bay Citizen on that Iraq vet badly injured by cops, mistreated in jail (see items below).  New details on incident and his background (born in Sweden etc.). Claims was beaten just trying to get to his nearby home.    Guy in next cell saw injuries to torso.  Business partner explains why he joined OWS protests. Had worked hard and served country. …"Countdown" segment tonight on vets’ contributions to Occupy movement.

They struggled for two years to raise enough money to open Elevation 66 this year. That’s part of the reason why Kelly said both he and Sabeghi had decided to participate in Occupy Oakland protests.

“We talked a lot about it. He was there, because he feels like corporate America has really held down the average person,” Kelly said. “Kayvan does not come from a wealthy background. He’s worked very hard his whole life to be where he’s at.”

Source: The Bay Citizen (http://s.tt/13Jjd)

They struggled for two years to raise enough money to open Elevation 66 this year. That’s part of the reason why Kelly said both he and Sabeghi had decided to participate in Occupy Oakland protests.

“We talked a lot about it. He was there, because he feels like corporate America has really held down the average person,” Kelly said. “Kayvan does not come from a wealthy background. He’s worked very hard his whole life to be where he’s at.”

Source: The Bay Citizen (http://s.tt/13Jjd)

10:30  Arrests in D.C. protest at rightwing event and car apparently plowed through demonstrators.  Photo of injured protester on stretrcher.    ABC local news just tweeted that TWO injured.  UPDATE:  Wash Post also reports two  injured and also fights breaking out between protesters and others. Post reporter Tim Craig had tweeted one hit and run incident.  Also saw cops using batons on protesters.  Then his battery ran out.

9:50  Above is interview with Guardian reporter who broke story a few hours ago about the second vet  (Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan) badly injured by Oakland cops, interviewed by "Countdown" guest host David Shuster.  Reporter only one to talk to him so far. Thinks he is honest guy.  Photo of him below left.

9:40  First photo (left) of the 2nd badly injured Oakland vet (see several items below), Kayvan Sabeghi. former Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghan.

9:20  Another update on second Iraq vet badly injured by Oakland cops . Now out of two hours of surgery for ruptured spleen.  Sister is interviewed and is "furious."    Mistreated by cops and jailers, it seems.   Now both sheriff’s office and Oakland PD forced to promise probes, and examine videotape.  More here.

9:10  Big D.C. action right now, hundreds blocking intersections and "surrounding" center hosting rightwing event with candiates Cain and Romney, Koch brothers building etc.  Brief video here.

7:50  Local Fox outlet in Calif advances the breaking story of second vet badly injured in Oakland clashes a bit.  Talks to his partner in pub who confirms his story that he was arrested and beaten, facing spleen surgery.  Mistreated in jail, too. Also IDed as Army Ranger (as noted earlier, served in Iraq AND Afganistan, see below).

7:05  I reported this a few weeks ago as an upcoming event but now (a reliable source just told me) it is here:  the new Batman/Dark Night  sequel will be shooting in Wall Street area tomorrow and Sunday.  Speculation earlier was that director Christoper Nolan might try to incorporate the protests into it, and indeed will be a lot of activity on Saturday, including big rally at nearby courthouse.  There be fake gunfire, which ought to add to the tension.  Stay tuned!

6:50  I’m told Guardian reporter Adam Gabbatt who broke the story of second Iraq (and Afghan) vet in Oakland seriously injured by cops (see below, 4:00) will lead Keith O’s "Countdown" show tonight.  Still have not seen any updates elsewhere, although others have picked up.

6:10  I’ve run a couple versions of Woody’s "Jesus Christ" over the past month, but here’s a new discovery, by the great Merle Haggard.  Jesus to the rich and bankers: give all to the poor. Respnnse: "And the laid Jesus Christ in his grave."   Today, too.

 5:50  Committee at OWS at Zuccotti releases lengthy statement on the recent sexual assault there, the response of those who cared for woman — and sketchy reporting by the media.   "We are also concerned that segments of the media have attempted to use this incident as another way to disingenuously attack and discredit OWS. It is reprehensible to manipulate and capitalize on a tragedy like this to discredit a peaceful political movement. OWS exists within a broader culture where sexual assault is egregiously common."

5:10  Chris Hedges, arrested in NYC in Goldman Sachs protest, asks why Goldman execs remain free…. For all you Bubba fans out there: Bill Clinton now says Obama too "harsh" vs. Wall Street and it’s "counter-productive."

5:00  No update yet on condition or surgery for injured vet in Oakland (see below).  And The Guardian still only source.  Hospital confirms he is there but no police response yet.

4:00 Delayed but breaking news:  second Iraq vet, following Scott Olsen, seriously injured in an Oakland Occupy clash, The Guardian has learned.  He has a lacerated spleen from alleged beating from police two nights ago–he did not go to hospital for 18 hours after arrested and held in cell without treatment.  Surgery today.  Grim reading.  "Sabeghi told the Guardian from hospital he was walking alone along 14th Street in central Oakland – away from the main area of clashes – when he was injured."   He also served in Afghanistan and owns a small eatery.

3:50  Salon collects variety of views on whether scattered violence might destroy momentum of OWS.

3:45 New poll:  majority of blue-collar whites in Penna would back candidate who supports OWS. 

3:40  Marathon reading of classic "Bartleby the Scrivener" on Wall Street on Nov. 10.  If you’ve forgotten, subtitle is: "A Story of Wall Street."   And with the immortal line:  "I prefer not to."

3:20 "Tower Heist" a  pro-Occupy tale? (my son worked on it, to boot) …  Since he always has to do Palin one better (or worse), here’s Trump calling Occupyers bunch of homeless ex-cons.

2:30  Alternet:  3 Remarkable Occupations You Haven’t Heard Much About (unless you’ve followed this blog).

2:20  Truthdig salutes Scott Olsen as its person of the week.  And not referring to the former Florida Marlins pitcher.

1:50  "The Globalization of Protest" by Nobel-winning and Occupy-speaking Joe Stiglitz.

1:45 Van Jones today on 70,000 pledging to Move Money from Wall St. banks.

1:10  Hooray, a 2nd Occupy event comes to my little town of Nyack, NY tomorrow.   First one drew 200 — huge crowd here.

12:50  Introducing a new daily feature from Barbara Bedway (@bbedway) on econ issues:   Brother, Can You Spare a Job? William Zinsser at The American Scholar updates lyricist’s E.Y. Harburg’s Great Depression anthem, "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?"….  The Consumerist posts interactive map that shows where forced labor is used to mine and harvest raw materials in everything from smartphones to clothing. Site hopes consumers will start asking companies about the human cost it takes to make their everyday products. …The Washington Post’s WonkBlog  re-publishes an August 8 guide to "Everything You Need to Know About the European Debt Crisis"  noting: "The main update since August 5th is that everything is worse now than it was then. " ….Meet banker Vince Siciliano — a "Birkenstock-wearing, organic food-eating, public transportation-riding sympathizer of #OWS who earns $240,000 a year." NYT on community-based banks benefiting from criticism of Wall St.

12:45 Cartoonist and old pal from E&P days, Daryl Cagle,  posts updates on cartoonist daughter’s arrest at OccupyOakland.

12:40  With all the recent action, @OccupyArrests hikes total to over 3100.

12:30 The great Charles P. Pierce on what the Tea Party is really protesting.  Not Wall Street but Obama and Eliz Warren, etc.  Includes that video of heckler, if you haven’t seen.

11:45  Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere (a daily feature):  One of Dylan’s first songs, "Song for Woody," tribute to Bard of OWS.

11:40  Useful piece from Josh Harkinson at MoJo:  How to move your money out of big bank.   Tomorrow is end of week-long, hugely successful drive….At Poynter, West Coast journos chat about how they are covering OWS. 

11:35  13 new arrests at OccupyTulsa…Somehow I doubt rumored eviction at Zuccotti would not happen on a weekend when more supporters able to flock there…

11:30  I see Madison Square Garden scrambling to book concerts with basketball games cancelled. Perhaps time for one of those all-star benefits featuring 1% rock stars for OWS? 

11:25  Kickstarter proposal for Deck the 1%  playing cards…."Now, you can identify the bad guys and make the citizen arrests we desperately need."

11:20 Saw fine new film “Take Shelter” last night with Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain–all sorts of metaphors, perhaps, for approaching economic storms or climate change apocalypse…Bill Clinton in new book takes shots at both GOP and Dems and proposes ideas for new jobs.

11:05 Power outage and internet outage could not stop my #OWS live-blog all week but now temporary halt–with site being down. Oh, the humanity.  Well, I lost that link to Sarah Palin ripping OWS for calling for a "bailout" — so maybe a good thing.

9:45  Video: Nurses from around the world — and cool actor Bill Nighy — call for financial transaction tax, tied to G20 meeting. 

8:55 After long hearing, Oakland city council seems determined to end OWS camp but not sure how or when. 

8:40  The Guardian on the Guy Fawkes / V for Vendetta mask.

8:20  New from Paul Krugman:  "Oligarchy, American Style."   Thanks OWS for putting inequality back on table but adds, taking another slam at colleague David Brooks:  "Whenever growing income disparities threaten to come into focus, a reliable set of defenders tries to bring back the blur. Think tanks put out reports claiming that inequality isn’t really rising, or that it doesn’t matter. Pundits try to put a more benign face on the phenomenon, claiming that it’s not really the wealthy few versus the rest, it’s the educated versus the less educated.":

8:05   Occupyers and fans  can vote on "demands" and prioritize online.

8:00 Despite rumors, no Zuccotti raid overnight… New jobs numbers show small gains, unemployment dip to 9%. … Corzine finally quits.


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