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11:35 Big day Monday on the coast:  eviction of LA and statewide student strike called by UC students.

9:55  See livestream below as SF street actions continue, willd scenes, not sure where it’s heading.  Folks blocking stores (now Old Navy) and moving on, sometimes chanting "Ant-Labor!"

8:20  Full statement by L.A. mayor on closing the camp at 12:01 am Monday.   Time for OWS to stop wasting energy in defending plot of land, he says… Interesting critique of the New School occupation in NYC by a participant. … Much more vs.  those claims of Homeland Security coordinating raids on Occupy camps, most recently by Naomi Wolf…. Visit all of the Bay Area OWS camps via Vimeo.…A police commander in LA donated 2 turkeys to OWS there.

7:25 OWS has blocked entrance to Saks at Union Sq in SF …Now blocking street in front of Macy’s, facing row of riot cops with arrests likely near.  Livestream follows

6:55  Photo of eviction notice posted at OccupyPhilly…. L.A. mayor makes it official: camp must end Monday or be evicted.

5:55  Photo of Portland folks marching through mall.

4:20  I linked to his anti-OWS rant awhile, back now here is piece in The Guardian on Frank Miller and the new "cypto-fascism" in Hollywood. …  NYC march to protest Egypt violence underway.

3:10  Lengthy piece in The New Yorker on the origins, and future, of OWS.

2:55  Mayor Bloomberg still had not responded to OWS demand to replace or pay for every book seized or destroyed in his raid.  Deadline they gave was midnight tonight…. OccupyArrests now has spread sheet on all 4400 or so arrests so far.

2:30  OccupyEdmonton shut down, 3 arrests. .. Subtle, terrific Pepper Spray Cop art, my droogies, found by Allison Kilkenny.

1:50 This has been up for a couple days but I just got to it now and it’s hysterical:  Hitler from "Downfall" now reacts to OWS and the Pepper Spray Cop meme.  "Who cares about fucking hippies anyway?"

1:30 Ten OWSers arrested in Oklahoma for middle of the night Black Friday protests.

 1:00 Just like yesterday, drum circle at Zuccotti facing possible police action, livestream from Tim Pool.  Soon, a 2 pm march will be covered…Tim revealed he is moving up in class, switching from an Android to an iPhone as his camera.  And he is planning trip to LA in two weeks.

12:25 Exclusive (at left): What Fox’s Megyn Kelly is having for lunch today.  Umm, umm, good. Also comes in Cream of Pepper Spray and Pepper Pot Spray.

11:45  And now, report of store security in N.C. using pepper spray on shoppers….Mentioned Black Friday shooting in Calif earlier, now have link.

11:35  Today’s econ-related links from @Bbedway:  Financial Times  on how that massive profit-generating center for US banks, their mortgage collection services, has become considerably less lucrative now that the banks are facing real oversight by the Consumer Financial Protection Board. ….Bloomberg article on economic fallout from the perilous slide in workers’ pay–despite record profits by companies. An economist notes: "In 38 years, I’ve never seen such profitability levels not backed up by hiring.” …The Bottom Line: Computer analysis by data mining expert Oren Etzioni of  prices for electronics finds best prices are in early December, not Black Friday.

10:55 NYT covering Black Friday outrages today…. When will we start seeing art work around new meme for the Pepper Spray Shop?

10:20  Today’s song pick for OWS and its Black Friday protests: What else but the Stones, live, "Paint it Black."

 10:15  A quite different take on #FirstWorldProblem…. Watch amazing melee here over $2 waffle maker.

9:50  Another summary of today’s OWS Black Friday actions… Seems oddly apt to link to Dire Straits’ classic "Money for Nothing" video (still moving those microwave ovens and big TVs) for Black Friday.

9:10 Lt.. John Pike challenges Wal Mart pepper sprayer to a duel at 20 paces.  Winner gets large screen TV.

8:45  More later, but for now a brief video:

8:30  Occupy Denver’s Black Friday statement ...  Video of a Best Buy occupation.

7:55  The Pepper Spray Cop now has a colleague — a Black Friday shopper who sprayed 20 to get edge  at Wal Mart…. Wal Mart in San Leandro closed after shooting there….  "What Would Jesus Buy" film touted by Morgan Spurlock via Twitter today. 

7:15  To give thanks, I am offering FREE copy of my new Occupy e-book today to first five folks who send me email (at my address,  epic19342aol.com).  Just make sure, PLEASE, that  you have a Kindle OR Kindle app for phones, iPad, PCs and Macs, easily done.   Or choose to purchase book for just $2.99, since 50 cents of each going to OWS.

1:15  Friom OccupyChicago on Best Buy action: "People fighting to get in the door. Workers pushing the crowd back. Supporters yelling ‘Fight for education, not electronics.’" … Livestream from Wal-Mart protest in Orlando…NY’s Daily News with national wrapup on planned actions.

12:50  The great Yves Smith on PBS NewsHour on no bank execs going to jail yet for their crimes…. George Carlin on consumerism (via @bbedway and @yvessmith)

12:30  For the Black Friday protests, Neil Young’s great "Restless Consumer." Don’t need no more lies.

12:20 Krugman ups the ante:  "We are the 99.9 Percent." … Video of incident I mentioned earlier: Oakland cops vs. OWSers over porta-potties… Livestream of occupyimg a Best Buy in Sacxramento.

12:10  Listen to chant outside Macy’s in NY just a short bit ago:  "Occupy it / Don’t buy it."  But I’ve also read that some are shouting "shame! shame!" at buyers.  Is this any way to reach the 99%?  Or maybe the chant was directed at store, I hope….  Photo of a line Occupied at Best Buy in Chicago….

12:00 OccupyLA addresses President Obama (video).

From late Thursday

10:45 Yes, the Pepper Spray Cop balloon in its first appearance at a Macy’s Parade.

10:35 Livestream from GA in Los Angeles now.

10:20  OccupyBlackFriday: Chicago OWS doing a Best Buy thing …. NY Occupyers call for more people to show up when Macy’s opens tonight in a few minutes…

9:45 One of my favorite songs Bruce’s "Ghost of Tom Joad," illustrated with dramatic OWS photos.

9:05  @OccupyOakland  "OPD just violently arrested 2 ppl at our Thankgiving meal and blocked our Port-a-Potty delivery."

6:10 Livestream of Thanksgiving Night at Zuccotti Park:


4:50  AP wrapup on OWS activities today….  Looking for details on Black Friday actions. Here’s Fox site on boycott….  Also:  West Coast port shutdown call for Dec. gaining wide backing up and down the coast…. Just warned on Twitter not to mention what I just ate…. Now for some pie. 

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