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11:45 Just back from Zuccotti, where I replaced some of my (seized) books, and visit to an OWS office nearby, then saw excellent "The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs" at the Public (actually OWS-related, with its exposing of factory conditions for Apple workers in China).   More tomorrow.

4:00 Folks, I am exiting until late tonight, but hope will be forgiven, as I am going to Zuccotti to drop of my books and for GA and visiting OWS office.  Later.

3:30  Just out: from the great Ry Cooder with OWS song, with refrain, Still Looking for "The Wall Street Part of Town."  Standing in the rain and breaking off the chains.  He’d already produced recently the classic "No Banker Left Behind."   Sample: "Divide and rule / hat’s always been their plan /  But this time we’ve got friends. …"

3:25 Oh the humanity!  Turns out (serial) destroyer of books, Mike Bloomberg, eight days before the Zuccotti, attended gala saluting this year’s top "literary lions" at  ….wait for it… the NY Public Library.  Here’s full story, along with irony of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 ending up in the dumpster.  And photo of Hizzoner and Hiz Girlfriend, from Brookfield, at the gala.

3:00 Video here at The Nation on yesterday’s events… Behind that dramatic woman-pepper-sprayed photo from yesterday…. Tents pulled down at Harrisburg, Pa. camp.

2:05  And now — OccupyCongress!  With tents, even.   Greg Sargent at Wash Post writes about move coming on Dec. 5-9, boosted by "progressive groups" and labor, led by SEIU (and remember, AFL-CIO Trumka big OWS backer).  Buses already being secured.  "One idea under consideration — pending various permitting and other logistical issues — is to have a series of tents set up on the lawn outside the Capitol, each representing a state, with the number of unemployed in each state prominently displayed. But the optics are still being worked out." 

1:45 Cool black and white video with music of what happened after Zuccotti eviction.

1:20 Adding to below:  Video of books being seized at Zuccotti the other night amid chants of SHAME ON YOU.  Fahrenheit 2011?   And a writer at Salon talks about trying to save what remains of the Library…. I’ll be dropping off new copies of several (seized)  books I’ve written this weekend.

1:15 New poem / video ode to OWS, especially in Oakland, at Mother Jones. 

12:15  Latest in saga of People’s Library at Zuccotti:  Police continue to come in and seize books whenever any are laid out, and stop people carrying a new load in if they can.  The Library went mobile last night at all the protest sites, including the bridge.  Just now this tweet from @OWSLibrary: "Some media still saying not destroyed. Q:  If NYPD came to your apartment and threw EVERYTHING into dumpster, how would you feel?"  Photo at left of destroyed books retrieved from dumpster.  Great chant heard last night: "Banks got bailed out, Books got thrown out!"

11:20  Piece on utterly swell Occupation at New York’s New School yesterday–even covered surveillance cameras.

11:15 Our friend at Bag News, Michael Shaw, with a great look at likely attempts to turn Occupy into a reference in major commercials, starting here with Maybelline lip balm.  At the site he does creative job of contrasting scenes in the video with actual photos from yesterday’s protests, especially woman getting pepper-sprayed on the….lips. Video below, as Madison Ave is Occupied (sort of).  Paging Don Draper!  Note: This "making of" video was shot a year ago but the commercial just started airing last month (often in movie theaters). 

11:10 OccupyLondon has taken over abandoned building owned by giant UBS.  

11:00  Folks, my e-book on Occupy — the first book on the movement — has just come out.  It’s 40 Days That Shook the World: From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere, and covers events right up to this week. The price is just $2.99 — and 50 cents of that goes directly to OWS with the aim of feeding or sheltering Occupyers.  So it’s also a way to donate.   And it can work with Kindle, phones, iPad, Macs and PCs and more.  Also available at Amazon UK.

10:55  Today’s econ-related items from @bbedway:  BBC has great graphic on the tangled web of Euro zone debt; click on a country to see who and what it owes…. Angry Nerds: And if you’re worried about the euro zone’s survival, there’s an app for that: the ECB’s monetary policy app “€conomia” The challenge? Keep inflation at just under 2 percent. Or else….Yes, mega-corporation GE paid no taxes on $14 billion in profits last year—but it took a 57,000-page tax return to finesse every loophole. Good argument for corporate tax reform—but not quite the kind Rep. Paul Ryan is pushing. 

10:25 And now, a call for the occupation of the mall in D.C. (and we don’t mean a shopping mall) next March 30, and giant march, direct action.  Stop the Machine is behind it, not OWS, so hard to say if it will be endorsed or not. 

10:15  NY State Supreme Court Judge observed sickening cop brutality vs. woman yesterday, then got pushed against wall herself. 

10:00  New  Glenn Greenwald piece today on the "nexus" of reporting errors and propaganda on OWS, with Fox at helm, of course.  But with NYT sometimes joining in. … Cool piece in, yes, Business Week, on the most "unlikely" Occupy outposts, with photos.  These include: Martha’s Vineyard, Jackson Hole, The Hamptons and Santa Fe / Los Alamos.  Missed Antartica, though. … Russell Simmons tweets: "Please all Black media outlets please please support OWS."

9:55   New full version of the OWS "bat signals" on side of Verizon bldg (I posted shorter version last night).

9:05 A first? Occupy Memphis arranges meeting with local Tea Party. "It sounds to me that y’all ought to be joining us," said Jerry Rains, a 64-year-old computer programmer and tea party member. "You have a lot of the same goals we have, which is to take our country back."

8:50   Viva and all that: 21 arrested in Las Vegas last night in street action… OWS itself sums of the day in NY. .. "I Brought My Kids to OccupyLA" in Salon….New Glenn Greenwald piece on the activism of Occupy…. Amy Goodman interviewed Russell Simmons on show today…The Guardian with video on yesterday’s actions.

8:40 BoingBoing,which was all over this last night (see video below), now tracks down creator of the amazing spotlit projections on the side of the Verizon bldg in NYC last night, a fella by the name of Mark Read (no, not Mark Rudd, the late Columbia  U student activist leader and Weatherman).  "I knew we’d need a powerful projector. But if you had something that expensive on loan for free, you couldn’t just sneak it up on some roof and be in jeopardy. I knew I had to find someone who lived in a building nearby." 

He offered to rent an apt for a few hours and  a woman without much money agreed.  "She wouldn’t take my money. That was the day of the eviction of Zuccotti, the same day. And she’d been listening to the news all day, she saw everything that had happened.  ‘I can’t charge you money, this is for the people,’ she said."  Of course the police started zeroing in on the apt last night but she said they’d need a warrant.  Also: who wrote the words on the wall?

12:10  Churches continue to offer space for displaced Zuccotti folks: : "This is a reminder that Riverside Church on 120th and Claremont is OPEN tonight for displaced occupiers….There are about 25 spots left at Judson. Riverside still has plenty of space!"

12:05 Journalists arrested at OWS actions to date (a few more added today).

From late Thursday

11:05 Third Eye Blind one of first to come out with OWS-backing single, "If There Ever Was a Time,"  not the most original tune but complete with references to "Meet me down at Zuccotti park" and pepper-spraying and tear gas.  They write:  Stephan Jenkins, "whose been active for years in progressive politics, sees this as a galvanizing moment. ‘I hope it achieves its goals of starting new politics that are counter to the trend towards oligarchy that’s been increasingly foisted on us these last few years’." They are offering free download while urging people to donate to Occupy.

10:20 Another wild and creative image today: Remember when the Berkeley camp got raided overnight and they were ordered not to pitch tents at Sproul Plaza?  No problem.  Today they got around it by floating them OFF the ground, on balloons.  Our "space" indeed.

9:40  Great photo from L.A. today of huge and colorful crowd, from LA Times. … Occupy Philly getting evicted in a few minutes, making decision on where to move…. Day ends with nearly 300 arrests most in morning, and then many in civil disobedience at night —  in NYC but almost no property destruction.

 9:30 I linked to this earlier but here is full two-minute video from Time on my man, Tim Pool, the now famous NY livestreamer who deserves a Pulizer or Peabody nomination or something (maybe a group reward with a few other livestreamers).

9:10  Here it is, folks, as I promised earlier, one of videos of the year: The OWS messages projected on side of hated Verizon building tonight.  And photos of other messages. And remember, among biggest OWS backers are unhappy Verizon workers, many joined marches today.

7:50 Amazing: Spotlit "sign" on Verizon Bldg–from "99%" to flashing names of Occupy sites around USA, then OccupyEarth and WE ARE WINNING.  Opened with "Mic Check!"  (Photo of that here.)  Sure to be viral video by later tonight.

7:00  Notice: All proceeds from sale of my new Occupy e-book for next 2 days will go to the Zuccotti library–seized and wrecked twice this week (see below)….Today librarians say library has "gone mobile" on streets around park–and is even now on Brooklyn, and with chant, "Banks got bailed out–books got thrown out!".

6:55 This guy did a guess slot on CNBC today at NYSE and left this official OWS  poster behind (at left), so you might say it was indeed occupied

6:50   Huge march across the bridge now, on pedestrian path, peaceful, far as I can tell.  Estimates of 10,000 and up, way up.

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