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11:55 Inside Bay Area reports every one of 200 eviction notices burned or destroyed in Oakland (see photo down the page a bit).  But you can read full text here.  Everyone subject to arrest if ignore orders and restrictions as of now.  Police also trying to link man killed last night to camp.

11:50  Arrests at #OWS in St. Louis now….generator seized in NY by fire marshall.

11:00 Reuters: Injured Oakland vet Scott Olsen released from hospital.   This is what two of his friends say.  No word on condition. 

10:55 Portland mayor debates a Portland occupyer on PBS NewsHour.  Mayor has claimed another heroin overdose at the park. .. As expected, police have booted OccupyBurlington out of their camp after suicide of "transient" man there yesterday, claiming they cannot police themselves.

10:30  No idea if police will move on Oakland camp. See picture of people there burning eviction notice.  But some question if order given on eviction or just order to make drastic changes with eviction to follow if no response…. Meanwhile Portland eviction just a day away.  They are mobilizing support. Police claim they have seized rocks at the camp. 

9:30  So much for smoothing the process. reports "a few people" grinding NY "spokes" meeting to a halt.  Faction complains about whole concept and taking anything away from GA.  Ends up making no decisions at all and many depressed by it.

9:05 Dreaded moment at hand? From Bay Area news outlet @CaliforniaBeat just now:  "BREAKING: Oakland Police have issued eviction notices to the camp ordering them to leave or be arrested."  And   "UPDATE: Small contingent of Oakland Police officers at camp; protesters refusing to leave Frank Ogawa Plaza."  A livestream of GA there enow.

7:35  Brits bust 170 rightwingers over threats vs OccupyLondon.  "The arrests took place outside a London pub, but police believed that those arrested were preparing to head for the Occupy LSX encampment at St. Paul’s Cathedral. EDL members have been threatening on Facebook to burn down the Occupy protesters’ tents and some have recently attempted to enter the encampment.

"The EDL is known mainly for its anti-Islamic protests and is often accused of racism and of fomenting violence. The Swedish mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik is alleged to have have extensive contact with the EDL and to have marched in their protests."

6:20  Russell Simmons tweets, confirming big donations: "i’ve given significant $$ & time 2 & I won’t stop till we have constitutional amendment banning bribery of R politicians."

5:20  If you missed,  Joan Baez singing at #OWS rally/concert today in NYC, kicking off the day.


5:00  Wash Post: Showing how much OWS has succeeded: mentions of term "income inequality" in media up 500%.

4:15 Conservative National Review has helpfully launched an Occupy (Police) Blotter page.

3:10 Oakland police write open letter to Occupyers asking them to leave peacefully.  Mayor says she will give formal order to camp to disband tonight but not sure if police will move tonight or later.

1:10  Protest icon Joan Baez in Foley Sq in NY for big rally now.  See below,   Update:  She did three songs after saying she had only come today because waited to be invited.  She sang one of her pro-vets songs from the 1970s, the Stones’ "Salt of the Earth" and "Joe Hill," then exited modestly.  She livestream below for speakers and music ongoing.  Livestream DOE S cut out from time to time but will return.


 12:30 Santa Rosa occupyers win dramatic ruling allowing them to keep their camp legally.  Great piece.   The key: getting 15-day camping permits with various conditions.

12:00 Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere, but especially in Oakland where mayor has demanded that they leave "voluntarily" before eviction: The Clash, live, "Shoud I Stay or Should I Go?"

 11:50  Today’s econ-related items from Barbara Bedway (@bbedway):  James K. Galbraith in Slate on the best ideas for solving the Euro crisis, and why they will never happen. “If there were an easy exit from the Euro, Greece would be gone already.”… Trigger this: Robert Reich on why Dems should propose a deficit reduction plan that goes into effect only when unemployment reaches 5 percent….Fighting on two fronts: The Defense Department’s homeowners-assistance program has helped thousands of military homeowners forced to sell their houses in a down market. WSJ reports the program is now out of money—and unlikely to be expanded.

11:45  Slide show:  9 Occupied Cities.

11:10  Colin Powell:  OWS "as American as apple pie." But: "It isn’t enough just to scream at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. We need our political system to start reflecting this anger back into, ‘How do we fix it? How do we get the economy going again?’"

10:40  At Salon: On 11.11.11 OWS looks ahead to 2012.

10:35 The most "exclusive" Occupy site? Natch, must be Harvard.

10:25  Introducing the People’s Firehouse at Liberty Sq in NY.

9:40  On Veterans Day:  My current book about two World War II vets who tried to show the world the truths about Hiroshima and Nagasaki–with their utterly unique film footage from the atomic cities that was suppresed by U.S. for decades.  Popular video below:

 9:20  New Guardian piece on shooting and aftermath in Oakland. … When will eviction come?  Occupyers being asked to leave "voluntarily"…. Reportedly five more arrests in Fresno last night…Big showdown this weekend in Portland as mayor orders eviction…. Big strike plans afoot at UC-Berkeley for next week after clashes with police two nights ago.  And nationwide student strikes, also…. Occupy the workplace:  video series on worker-run cooperatives.

8:45 Updating shocking, and telling, item I posted late last night:   Man in Pittsburg, California, kills wife, her parents, and himself–in foreclosed house on thursday.   Wrote suicide note on Facebook first detailing financial woes.  Had lost job one month ago.   They had lived in house since it was built in 1999 and he could not find another one. He parents lived with them.  An item in an online bio suggests he was a Marine vet.   :San Jose Mercury News adds this telling detail: Thursday was last day Jason Aube, 40,  could stay in foreclosed house–it was going up for auction yesterday. Officials said many potential tragedies out there in hard-hit area. "This tragedy is the worst outcome you can think of resulting from the pressures of today’s world," said county Supervisor Federal Glover of Pittsburg. "For this family, it looks like the pressures became too much, and the world came crashing down."

8:30  From The Atlantic for veterans day: At Occupy camps, vets bring the war home.

8:10  No raid on Oakland camp last night (despite promise of same from mayor, see below).    Oakland Tribune, accurately or not, says slain main had visited camp off and on to see a cousin. 

7:50 I live-blogged it last night (see below) but here is link to watch re-play of great OWS panel in NY last night w/ Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, others. .. Fun tweet from reporterJoshua Holland: " As a 42 yr-old white guy, most conversations I have w/ occupiers begin with me overcoming the presumption that I’m a cop."

7:40  Big rally today in NY in Foley Sq (with permit, no less), honoring unions and veterans. … Naomi Klein kicks of Democracy Now! in a few minutes on Keytstone XL win.

12:05  SF Chronicle wrapup on the events in Oakland tonight.… And here’s Oakland mayor’s full statement promising eviction.

From late Thursday

11:35  From KTVU feed:  Oakland Mayor Jean Quan  says the camp will be shut down   Still saying "peacefully."   Unclear if tonight or…when?   She would not reveal details at press conf.  Earlier report:  Oakland mayor asking occupyers to leave area voluntarily, and passing out vouchers for shelters.  Report: some local agencies would not assist a raid. .. Some from Oakland went to help Berkeley students late yesterday.  Now the reverse?

11:30  Still don’t know what to make of this. Eyewitness account by journalist, in blog post at SF Chronicle, that TV cameraman getting very roughed up at scene of shooting in Oakland tonight.  Also, the writer had her phone snatched from her and tossed, then retrieved.

11:05 Great photo at Oakland Tribune shows OWS medic first on scene to try to save life of shooting victim in Oakland.  Victim died.  More than one photo if you follow arrow.  Police spokesman now says victim not part of camp….

10:45 Interesting, if unconfirmed:  NY’s GA voted to send  $30k, as requested, for  election monitors from NY and other sites to Egypt.

10:15  Update on Oakland shooting from Josh Holland, now on the scene: "Eyewitness who saw the whole thing says 5-6 kids were in a running fight up 14th, went through plaza. Kid went down, others kicking him…"  More: "I’m sure there’s never been as many reporters at the scene of a black youth’s murder in the history of Oakland. Swarms."  Now rumors that eviction coming.

9:05 Oakland shooting near OWS (see below) and plaza gets more bizarre.  Man has now died.  And apparently a TV cameraman was injured while covering it (reportedly got a concussion).  Unclear exactly what happened, though some claim protesters did not want filming (not confirmed).   It’s said that medics from camp were first responders.  Many lighting candles at site.  BART shut down nearby.  Gunman on loose.  Shooting not related to the camp.  Oakland Tribune, rightly or wrongly, attributing it to fight between two men or groups "in the encampment."   No proof of that at all.  @californiabeat and @scott_c_johnson tweeting.

8:20  More troubling news:  man shot at or next to Occupy Oakland camp after dispute — which may or may not be related to OWS.  Man taken to hospital, police and media on scene, details to come. Update: OccupyOakland on twitter says young man,"not related" to camp.

8:00 Watch livestream of OWS panel from The Nation right now with Michael Moore, Naomi Klein, Bill Greider,  Richard Kim, others:


7:50  Another update on death of man, probably a veteran,  from self-inflicted gunshot in Burlington, VT camp:  Protesters met with city at 6 pm to go over changes at the park, and when they returned to camp they found it roped off, with police saying off-limits for at least 24 hours — and, after that, no tents.  Occupyers enraged, and one woman detained — although mayor intervened to get her released.  Actrvists fear locals will use this to close camp forever.

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