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4:05 Max Berger, longtime OWS activist who earlier worked for other progessive groups, at Huff Post joins in responding to Josh Harkinson’s call for Occupy to expand its reach into running candidates for office (see below).  "The Occupy movement would derelict of duty if we focused on the electoral at the expense of putting pressure on the system as a whole. The entirety of civic life can not be reduced to a get out the vote campaign. The left needs strategies that take aim at all the ways neo-liberalism breaks down our communities."

2:20  Arrests going on right now at NY’s attorney general’s office in Manhattan in sit-in.  Photo here.  Demanding a public forum on the failings of Federal taskforce to address mortgage fraud.

2:15 Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys, who died at 47 today, reportedly marched with OWS on Brooklyn Bridge last fall…

12:30  Financial Times covers Occupy’s upcoming protest of big Frieze art show in NYC.

11:00 Fantastic:  The "red" student movement in Quebec is super-creative and everywhere.  I love the "red blur" concept for subway stops.  And see "naked" protest below with details in red. "Who would have thought that the Quebec branch of this worldwide mobilization, with 300,000 people in the streets, would have become the most stupendous of all." 

10:30  Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones who has covered OWS from the start now calls for it to finally get involved in electoral politics, become the Tea Party of the Left. "If May Day somehow leads to major political victories for Occupy, it will be the first time that an American social movement has caught fire without sending its own guys to Washington."  My co-author on new Bradley Manning book, Kevin Gosztola at FDL, stronlgy disagrees.

10:00 AlterNet:  On 42nd anniversary of Kent State massacre new fears that "miltiarized" police in USA could lead to something like that. "We must ask, is this where things inevitably are headed—toward deadly confrontations between overly armed police and angered protesters, or just as likely, innocent bystanders caught in a crossfire?"

9:45 At In These Times: May Day was a "win" but not enough Americans involved, and  maybe it’s time for Occupy to get more "organizational." 

9:25 Warning to all:  What happens when an Occupyer plays on Sean Hannity’s home turf.  "Stop wasting your time at Occupy Wall Street. And here’s a novel concept, get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat. Hit the pavement, find a job, get to work, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your ass out of bed, like everybody else in America, and get to work."

9:10 New numbers: Unemployment drops to 8.1%, but only 115,000 jobs added after 154,000 in March (upgraded a bit today). 15k lost in public sector to austerity.

9:05 Russell Simmons with lengthy interview at MSNBC on Occupy, text and video. …

9:00 Sabrina Tavernise, writing on front page of NYT today, actually claims that Obama’s race since becoming President has been a very small factor.  She refers, for example,  to those who find Obama’s race a factor as "small part" and "small minority of voters."  So I guess the fifty percent of GOPers and Tea Partiers in polls awhile back who said Obama was not born in U.S. weren’t motivated at all by race.

8:15  Editorial at long-runnng AmericaBlog challenges Occupy on violence, on "fetish" of leaderlessness, on need for more teach-ins, and more….

From late Thursday

Naked protest in Montreal (photo left).

Jamie Dimon admitted today that Occupy has "some legitimate complaints" but the JP Morgan Chase chief quickly added "however, that it’s unfair to paint all institutions with one brush: ‘It was everyone guilty. That’s another form of discrimination.’”   He also added: "When things go wrong, finance gets blamed."  Poor guy.  Well, not exactly poor….

John Knefel at AlterNet:  When mainstream media coverage of Occupy fell off–so did their focus on income inequality and such issues… Truthout:  Homeland Security posts more Occupy-related docs revealing surveillance.

Lengthy post claiming police plants–not Black Bloc, not Occupy–were behind the destructive "ruckus" in San Fran on May Day Eve….The Gothamist posts 7 videos of "rough" arrests on May Day…Wash Post:  How economists have misunderstood "inequality"…Take note:  long-awaited probe of Facebook privacy just up at Consumer Reports (and written by a friend).