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12:15  Video below of Wesleyan OWS protesting (including the "condom drop") appearance of Justice Antonin Scalia yesterday.  Here’s press release:  "At Wesleyan University, students and Occupy Connecticut members protested an appearance by Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.  Before Scalia’s speech, about forty Connecticut residents calling themselves Occupy Citizens United  joined with Wesleyan students, chanting ‘Legacy of blood and war, what’d you make Bush president for? and ‘Sexist, racist, anti-gay! Justice Scalia, go away!’

"At the conclusion of the speech, inside the Memorial Chapel, seven protesters took off their day clothes and stood up to reveal orange Guantanamo Bay suits and black hoods, protesting Scalia’s complicity in war and torture. These protesters, after refusing to sit down, were escorted out.  Simultaneously, four students dropped hundreds of condoms from a balcony into the crowd to show opposition to Scalia’s assaults on reproductive freedom and privacy.  The condoms bore the label ‘Practice Safe Sodomy,’ referring to his dissent in Lawrence v. Texas arguing in favor of upholding homophobic anti-sodomy laws.   Students also unfurled banners….  More Wesleyan students stood up with signs supporting the protesters’ message in overflow rooms."

10:45 Jezebel covers Code Pink protest of talk by BOA chief Brian Moynihan in which women stripped to their bras (with "bust up" written or chanted) and got ushered out of the Waldorf  — yet failed to ruffle "Bank of America automaton."

10:30  Naomi Wolf doing a live web chat today on Occupy via The Guardian.  Sure to talk about her arrest etc.

10:00 New rumors of coming raid at New Haven camp, full report here.Editorial warns of coverup in UC-Davis pepper spray probe as police demand their names get hidden.

9:55 Actor Martin Sheen hails Occupy, especially from the vantage of "old-timers" like himself.    I remember the days covering him getting arrested in anti-nuclear protests, with the Berrigans, among others, and at pro-farmworker demos.

9:30 Reuters: City of Oakland suing Occupy activist who allegedly smashed windows at a prison facility–and they say it may be the first of several suits vs.Occupyers.

9:10  New numbers show 227,000 more jobs added in February, for a third strong month in a row–but unemployment does not budge at 8.3%.

9:05 That Occupy conference I mentioned earlier tomorrow at Goddard College will be streamed live here.… Occupy Museums challenges big annual NYC "Armory" art show, asks artists from 99% to set up shop outside, and more.

Fro late Thursday

Jim Hightower on Woody Guthrie as the commemorations begin. "This year will mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of this legendary grassroots troubadour, who came out of the Oklahoma dust bowl to rally America’s "just plain folks" to fight back against the elites who were knocking them down.

"As we know, the elites are back, strutting around cockier than ever with their knocking-down ways — but now comes the good news out of Tulsa, Okla., that Woody, too, is being revived, spiritually speaking. In a national collaboration between the Guthrie family and the George Kaiser Family Foundation, a center is being built in Tulsa to archive, present to the world and celebrate the marvelous songs, books, letters and other materials generated from Guthrie’s deeply fertile mind."

Here’s the promised brief clip of Occupy Austin mic-checking Secretary of Education Arne Carlson today.  "Our schools are not for sale!  Our students are not for sale!   Stop privatizing educatilon for the One Percent!"

4 arrested in NY at Bank of America in Int’l Women’s Day protest… Susie Cagle tweeting auction shutdown action in Bay Area, @susie_c

 "Anti-Occupy"  bill from Congress nears Obama’s desk.

Springsteen’s new "Death to My Hometown." 

Occupy Austin activists tweet that they just mic-checked Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, video to follow.  Duncan just now said good young teachers should have salaries DOUBLED.

 Reuters’ ace writer with deeper dive into that study showing that mainly the 1% have benefited from the "recovery."…. Poll of Londoners find most agreed with views of the Occupyers there–but few felt they accomplished much before getting the boot at St. Paul’s.