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5:25 Big Financial Times piece on new Springsteen album, it’s defense of workers and New Deal, with Eric Alterman and my old buddy, Southside.  Born to run down Goldman Sachs.

4:30  We’ve covered his effort in the past, but now the first so-called "Occupy" candidate to run for Congress has pulled out of the Dem primary, but says he will run a write-in campaign.    Nate Kleinman, who camped out with OWS for weeks in Philly, had many of his signatures to get on the ballot challenged and decided to end his ballot fight to try to gain support otherwise.  Occupy did not endorse Kleinman (or any candidate).

1:45 Neatly marrying the subjects of my two current blogs here, we now have more Stratfor emails via WikiLeaks re: Occupy.  Here’s one that reprints Daily Caller smears about protesters living "in luxury," with this intro from one Benjamin Sledge of Stratfor:  "Quick jump on the bandwagon! It’s not cool unless you’re protesting…or a hipster….or angry for some reason that may have nothing to do with how much you make….by the way South Park is mocking Occupy Wall Street
tonight on Comedy Central."   More docs here.

11:30  Hot news: upcoming Volume 3 of the terrific Billy Bragg / Wilco  "Mermaid Avenue" series with new Woody Guthrie lyrics.  Also will be part of box set with first two and video.  See track list here, with some no doubt OWS-friendly tunes includes. From volume one, Wilco minus Billy:

11:10   Roane Carey here at The Nation has a good post up, "Why Occupy AIPAC?"  He writes, "The stranglehold of AIPAC and its clones on US government policy seems as toxic as ever. If that stranglehold isn’t broken soon, we may become embroiled in yet another war."  He is also speaking at the Occupy AIPAC summit, which takes place tomorrow, in Washington. Occupy AIPAC also has actions taking place Sunday through Monday (March 4-6), which will include a 20-foot long wall, a freedom flotilla, a memorial and other actions.  (h/t  Elizabeth Whitman)

11:05 Major wrap-up on OWS actions this week from Allison Kilkenny, plus videos of same.  "Something of a resurgence."

10:20  Student newspaper in Oklahoma raises its own concerns, and suggestions, for the movement…. Four U.S. profs invited to speak about Occupy at conference…in Iran.

9:30  We will continue to focus on strategy and tactics debates, and here is new piece by famed longtime activist Staughton Lynd, at age 82, a "Letter to Fellow Occupiers," raising some concerns about direction, and the upcoming Chicago actions in May.  Lynd reflects on mistakes from the 1960s, and also notes:  ?My fundamental concern is that the rhetoric of the Occupy Movement includes two propositions in tension with each other. We appear to say, on the one hand, that we must seek consensus, but on the other hand, that once a General Assembly is over individuals and grouplets are free to do their own thing."

8:50 At Daily Beast, longtime OWS activist in NYC, Jeff Smith, covers meeting this week between Occupyers and "moneyed" liberal "pros" who want to fund movement, including setting up a national office and give stipends to core activists.  Led by Ben & Jerry, plus Danny Goldberg (former Nirvana manager, current manager of Steve Earle and others) and Norman Lear.  OWSers very critical of idea. Please discuss.

8:30 Occupy Wall Street artiist who created the famous "Bat Signal" on Verizon building wall last fall for mass march across Brookllyn Bridge now has created a "Batmobile," labeled The Illuminator, plus plans for a second vehicle.  Yes, he is doing it with Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry.   In lengthy interview he explains it all. "Ultimately we hope to have thinkers and writers who have been writing with and for and about OWS come on board with us and come to some of the outer boroughs of New York City and ultimately other cities and around the country to stage events both to support local actions, but also just to go out and create an event. I think the Illuminator will have the ability to do that, to draw a crowd — it’s enough of a spectacle to draw a crowd, and then to open up the van and engage them in a conversation. We’ll be giving away hot cocoa or cold lemonade during the summer months, and t-shirts and posters and literature through all these working groups that are collaborating on the project. It really creates a discursive space, or a place for engagement, a place for real community events."

8:20  AP’s roundup of yesterday national campus actions…. Interesting report on this week’s Occupy Food actions….NYT reviews "Heist: Who Stole the American Dream," doc, which opens with OWS.