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4:20  Report: Police to try to remove all tents at both D.C. camps on Monday.

3:05  Tom Morello tweets: "Sad state of affairs that Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago closed today after 120yrs. Provided social services to immigrants and the poor."

3:00 Important campaign to pressure Obama to keep pledge in SOTU to end tax break for companies when they outsource jobs.

2:00 Bill O’Reilly: National Park Service director should be fired–for not evicting OWS in D.C. 

12:50  OccupyArrests now counts over 6000 busts just in U.S…. OWS seize UC-DAvis building, block bank.

11:50 Surprised but gratified that my piece on film about hero soldier in famous WIkiLeaks Iraq video getting Oscar nod this week has been #1 most read here at The Nation for three days running now.

11:20 Director Robert Greenwald and writer Michael Hastings vs. the War Machine.… What a shock, Arizona governor lied about her "confrontation" with Obama on the tarmac

10:40   From Talking Points Memo: "Dems Know How to Deal With OWS: Embrace It."….. Bill Moyers on Citizens United decison:  not a "partisan" issue but a "moral" one.

9:50  Fine song done by Tom Morello and Ben Harper on Leno last night, "Save the Hammer for the Man."

9:25  Obama’s "populist" pitch supposedly "unites" House Democrats…  Here’s his college aid proposal.

9:05  Reuters: Why Davos is ignoring Occupy. Even GOPers in the debates have stopped slamming it….. More on the grim supply chain for Apple products (this typed on Mac Air).

8:20  What they’re calling a "pop-up occupation" at Wash Sq Park in NY tomorrow afternoon….Occupy Oakland having a "Rise Up" Festival this weekend…..FireDogLake asks you to nominate your favorite Occupy camp and maybe win them a tent and more.

8:15 My book on one of the most influential  "99 Percenters" of all time, Beethoven, just published today in e-book edition, with print to come in a week or so.  It’s titled Journeys With Beethoven, and it’s billed as "Beethoven for our time."   Among other things:  Visits Chile and China to show how Beethoven was used in Tiananman Square and against Pinochet, and then how Billy Bragg uses it today.  Co-authored by Kerry Candaele, director of much-anticipated upcoming film, Following the Ninth.

8:00 McClatchy: Defense budget cuts not as big as Pentagon claims (whines)….Obama’s whistleblower war…. MIchael Hudson: Banks not supposed to be like this.

12:10 You can follow the five-week Occupy bus trip of the Northeast via this Facebook page.

12:05 Stephen Colbert agrees with Mitt–banks "feel the same thing" we are feeling: When they look at your house they feel they own it.

Friom late Thursday

Video of OWS protest that halted foreclosure auction in NY today–with 35 arrests….Americans United for Change: Did Romney break the law by failing to disclose 23 investments, including 11 offshore?  Will have link later.

Apparently Occupy Chicagp somewhat or very peeved that AdBusters called for 50,000 turnout in that city in May for G8 without, allegedly, you knoww, running it past them or whatever.  GA to debate it tonight, we hear.

Liberal media? Actually, coverage of Keystone XL was tilted in favor of the thing.

Ron Christie, GOP hack consultant, on "Hardball" just now tried to defend Tea Party by claiming media bias in not focusing on "Occupy people raping" people. 

A German site is first to have full credits for upcoming Springsteen album, with track by track listings–or so they say.  Does look legit.  Confirms our early reports on very OWS-friendly, as you can see just from song titles and what’s come out before.  Tom Morello on a couple of cuts, Clarence Clemons on one.