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11:45  Epic Alan Grayson smackdown of P.J. O’Rourke re: Occupy and the economy on Bill Maher’s HBO show tonight.  And to think I assigned and edited P.J.’s first article ever for a national magazine, Crawdaddy, in 1972.  On wild album covers. Remember albums?

6:40  I will be on Countdown tonight with Keith O about 8:30 talking Occupy.

5:00 Cops cracking down on OccupySesameStreet! Busting characters. Not easy being Green!

4:00 @OccupySanJose tweets: “We have an eviction notice for 11PM tonight. Lets show them how serious we are!”

3:05 Great up-close article in New Haven Independent on how Occupy is handling small cash donations at Zuccotti Park (ad hoc, see photos) and more traditional tens of thousands coming in from all over and via credit cards. And now there is intrigue over large sums via credit cards being “frozen” this week. “’I can’t help but believe that politics must be involved somewhere,’ said Kathy Hoyt, a founding member of AfGJ, in the statement. is owned by CyberSource Corporation, which is owned by Visa, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Reached Thursday, Visa spokesman Bruce Frymire failed to provide any information on the incident as of press time.”

2:55 Hooray, Occupy coming to my little hometown, Nyack, NY.

1:50 Rep. Kucinich to Occupyers: Don’t forget the war.

1:10 New Bernie Sanders piece in the Guardian calls for “reining in” Wall Street and much else… Dana Milbank in Wash Post doesn’t think Obama can really unite with Occupy. “Liberals should by now know that a nuanced president cannot be a movement’s mouthpiece.”

1:05 NYT op-ed writer totally destroys Bank of America rise in debit card fees. And good primer on entire issue and greed.

12:55 Another song pick for Occupyers everywhere, from birthday boy John Mellencamp, doing one of my alltime fave Woody Guthrie tunes (see below for his version), “Do-Re-Mi.”

12:50 Politico—inevitably—suggests belated and ad hoc hours of MSNBC/Current coverage of Occupy somehow is much like Fox News wall-to-wall months-long “coverage” of Tea Party.

12:45 New from Lawrence Lessig. He says Occupy can only succeed by being “cross-partisan” but on visit to site doesn’t see much evidence of it. “And I realized then just how hard it was going to be to get people to understand what cross-partisan must mean. It does not mean compromising on substantive issues.”

12:20 This seems to be a real meme today, now TPM takes a crack at it: The Democrats and the Occupyers.

12:00 Tune in now: American Dream panel with Van Jones and exec director of MoveOn.

11:55 Protesters “disgusted” with both parties… From AJE: Activists needs to build true movement without jumping into bed with Democrats. No friend, no benefits… Did Obama essentially clear Wall Streeters of all crimes yesterday—they are merely moral slobs?

11:45 New RJ Eskow piece on Occupy: Is “sanity” too much to ask from this country?… At Huff Post: OWS wants backers but vows not to be “co-opted”… Today’s livestream from NY…

11:15 Media Matters: Still awaiting Erin Burnett’s apology. Seems like a century ago when Chris Matthews got in trouble for remarking on her alleged hotness on MSNBC.

11:00 Christian Science Monitor asks: Will “infusion” of newcomers with their own demands and quirks ultimately hurt OccupyWallStreet?

10:50 Eliot Spitzer, former “Sheriff of Wall Street” (among other things), backs Occupy and pushes stock transfer tax, adding: “This is organic, it is genuine, it is amassing more and more support day by day. It has touched a nerve and I think this could really begin to say to the Obama administration ‘Hey, you don’t understand what we, the public, are saying to you.’ He’s off there—you know, he has been so flat on this issue of Wall Street and the economy. Maybe this will finally push the president to speak with a new, more aggressive, dynamic voice.”

10:40 Today’s song pick for Occupyers everywhere: Neil Young’s “Rockin‘ in the Free World.” Yes, a lot of people thinkin’ they’d be better off dead.

10:00 Mayor Bloomberg tells unions backing OWS that they should, actually, be thanking the banks.

9:55 Mother Jones interviews the two activists behind that popular and poignant Tumblr page.

9:50 Love this. Pulitzer-winning PolitiFact studies Michael Moore’s charge that no CEOs had been arrested yet for “bringing down the country.” Concludes: “most true.” No kidding!

9:45 Eric Cantor is “concerned” about “growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country.”

9:40 Pundits keep asking, what the hell is Occupy about? Why? Why now? Pals, just look at job numbers, and Felix Salmon here explains why high unemployment will be long-lasting. Maybe journos would understand better if the massive media cutbacks of a few years back had not slowed.

9:35 Given his many causes, a little surprised to hear Rev. Jesse Jackson say on Democracy Now! today that Occupy is “the cause of our time.”

9:30 Obama’s chief campaign 2008 blogger, an Occupy sceptic, visits site in NY, changes mind.

9:25 Happy 10th birthday to Afghan War. My, how you’ve grown.

9:20 153,000 sign letter protesting new $5 debit card fees from Bank of America.

8:40 New numbers show duration of average unemployment reaches record of forty weeks. Also, private sector jobs up, public sector dowh (thanks to GOP slashing). Finally: the “real” unemployment number rises from 16.2 percent to 16.5 percent.

8:30 The Guardian with latest look at Occupy across the nation… and their panel (includign Pirven and Alterman) compares Occupy and Tea Party.

8:25 @Annelyttle tweets: “Waking up in Reagan Bldg at #OccupyStateDept. Hearing starts at 10 and we’re staying put for the foreseeable future”…  OccupyLA events for the day… Tent city outside Philly City Hall… and there’s now an OccupyOrlando and it’s not mickey mouse!

8:20 Krugman in Friday column goes all Buffalo Springfield on us, with “something happening here/what it is ain’t exactly clear,” but still, he loves “the rise of a popular movement that, unlike the Tea Party, is angry at the right people.” Elsewhere at NYT: How Occupy offers hope for, and threat to, Obama.

8:15 Glad to hear there was a big singalong with patron saint Woody Guthrie at Liberty Park encampment, NYC, last night. Here’s one of my favorites from Woody that fits the moment, “Do-Re-Mi.” With the accent on the “dough.”

7:30 Tom Watson pulls together Steve Jobs death, Facebook, the 1984 Apple ad, and Occupy movement, and cool title, “Here We Are Now, Entertain Us.” Also some good links at end.

From late Thursday

The Nation, of course, has full remarks prepared by Naomi Klein at Zuccotti Park tonight. She called the movement “the most important thing” going. Klein apparently said Occupy isn’t the “answer” to the Tea Party—but to the Democratic party. Also: asked what to tell people to spread the movement she reportedly said, “Tell him how much fun it is!”

OccupyLA tweets after busy day: “Back at camp, tents still everywhere, people protesting, food being served & someone bought our teams Quizno’s! Thank you”

Really big turnout in Portland today, here is photo proof.

Occupy and union march in LA here, including arrests when some entered Bank of America branch.

I mentioned earlier that DC protesters would try to form a 99% for an aerial shot and the result is here at left.

Columbus Day rally for Occupy in NYC next Monday at noon with parents being asked to bring out-of-school kids for real education in America.

Naomi Klein on Democracy Now! today, hitting mainstream media for blowing coverage of Occupy. PLUS: She is speaking at Liberty Park at 6 pm tonight.

The Nation launching separate Occupy page very shortly with all of the online content in one place.


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