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11:10 Full NYT story just posted on why Brookfield and Bloomberg backed down. But it sounds like Brookfield not likely to remain in standdown mode for long.

11:05 Representative Peter King tells Laura Ingraham “We can’t allow” media to keep covering OWS so much or the country is lost, comparing it to the ’60s.

11:00 Bill Maher’s show had some fun faked signs at a rally by the One Percenters. Such as: “More Blood for Oil” and “You Missed a Spot.”

9:20 Check out twitter feed on tonght’s GA in NY right now for Mother Jones writer Josh Harkinson who has been covering OWS closely. You will learn: (1) lot of friction with drummers who are driving many “crazy” but refuse to be controlled; (2) OWS has $125,000 on hand, though unclear if that is grand total or from new donor; (3) they are sticking with UPS deliveries because union shop though maybe could do cheaper; (4) many feeling the GAs need to be “streamlined,” going on far too long, probably could get working groups to send one rep to each one and report; (5) someone moved to spend $2,000 on subway cards for people to get up to Times Square tomorrow at 5; (6) vote on the subway cards very close, neds 90 percent approval, so discussion of whether to count hands, divide into groups… touchy.

Update: Subway card idea failed… Then moved on to allocating $1,700 to build fleet of puppets, such as Wall St. bull, to go with new Lady Liberty. Someone says they should use money to pay for someone’s rent.

9:10 Sean Penn on Piers Morgan show on CNN even as we speak (type), backing Occupy but calling for more “organization,” though not sure exaclty what he means. Says he’s not much of a joiner of such things but lone actor, as it were. Calls for Obama to sit down and talk with Occupy protestors, probably in NY. Hits US in Iraq and Afghanistan. Points out if we had waited a few years Saddam’s own people, it’s now clear, would have brought him down by now. And so on.

8:25 Strong, extra-long segment on Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show just now with Michael Moore. Moore reminded viewers that Lawrence was first TV guy to go down there and air live show. I’ll remind you that O’Donnell, whatever his faults (see: Herman Cain interview), was brave enough last year to tell his viewers that he was proud to call himself a “socialist.” They also aired thirty-second ad spot for Occupy for free. I posted it a few days ago here, sent by filmmaker.

7:35 This video took awhile to surface or at least gain traction: NYPD “white shirt” supervisor punches out protester—was said to be a woman at first but now many report it was a man—today.

6:50 Following Tom Morello’s advice, I am maintaining my daily “playlist” here, even twice today, so here is another: the late great Bob Marley and “Get Up Stand Up For Your Rights.” Don’t give up the fight. You can fool some of the people some times but not all the people all of the time. And now you’ve been the light. Don’t give up the fight. Never give up the fight.

6:30 Slide show at The Nation on Nine Occupied Cities.

6:25 Great combo for Yankees haters: e-card with the Babe noting “small park near Wall St. more occupied than Yankee Stadium” this October.

5:30 Olbermann tonight interviewing lawyer of guy who got leg run over today. Hannity probably will say guy committed terrorist act vs. cop.

4:40 Tomorrow: more than 900 cities in eighty-two countries.

4:20 Olbermann planning another Occupy special show tonight. Below, Tom Morello on the show yesterday.

4:15 Brookfield, property owners of Zuccotti, not confirming Bloomberg claim that many officials “threatened” to make life miserable for them if they didn’t back down. Also down in Brookfield statement they are postponing cleaning “for a short time,” whatever that means.

4:10 Climax to wild day? Pix of Ben & Jerry’s free scooping at Zuccotti this afternoon. Still voting for new Zuccotti Biscotti flavor, or maybe OccuPie in the Sky With Diamonds.

3:35 Good thing NY cleaned up Times Sq. or protesters tomorrow would be labeled “porn lovers” and “pickpockets,” maybe “whores.”

3:30 Next at NYT? Protester pinned his own leg under motorcycle? See screen shots.

2:45 Official @OccupyWallSt feed notes: “I wish Howard Zinn was still alive so he could see this beautiful movement. He would be extremely proud of us.” And he was a sweet man, too.

2:40 Pittsburgh to close two-mile route for march tomorrow… Irvine, CA, will be rallying… Salon charts forty more arrests across USA today… Okla City and Tulsa joining in tomorrow.

2:30 NYT mediates discussion between the Stockbroker and the Protester.

1:45 From Micah Sifry: OWS has literally doubled in last eight days.

1:00 Graphic video of that legal observer getting his leg run over by NY cop today.

12:55 Students storm Goldman Sachs in Italy…

12:50 Humor break from The Onion: Occupy protester’s head used to ring opening bell at NY Stock Exchange… Could be bad: Jeff Greenfield on PBS Need to Know tonight will compare OWS and Tea Party as “resentment” movements.

12:40 Apparently guy punched in face by NY cop today claims he is HIV positive and copper should get tested.

12:10 New piece at NYT traces movement back to July and AdBusters.

12:05 Police now requring those entering Wall St. to show worker ID.

11:55 Note to me from Denver Occupier: “Thanks for including Denver in your blog roll. It’s important that the public know that following this morning’s eviction “the park has been closed indefinitely, by executive order.” Clearly, Gov. Hickenlooper’s claims in yesterday’s press conference to have undertaken this raid in order to better support free speech are belied by this action. The park’s been a source of legal limbo, as while it is owned by the State of Colorado, the surrounding sidewalk is the property of the City of Denver. We remain on the sidewalk.”

11:20 Arrests begin in San Diego after camp gets police deadline to move. “An estimated five-dozen protesters remain in the plaza, down from several hundred for much of the week. Police Chief Bill Lansdowne was in the plaza directing officers Friday morning.” Protesters linked arms to resist.

11:15 Billy Bragg says he will be at OccupyLondonStockExchange tomorrow.

10:50 Photo at left of guy run over by police motor scooter in NY this morning, apparently a legal observer.

10:45 Unaswered question in NY: Do new restrictions at park apply?

10:30 You will, of course, want to read Dame Peggy Noonan’s latest, claiming OWS not at all important and clearly only a “be-in.” Show yer age, Dame Peggy.

9:50 If you have missed, the moment win was announced at Zuccotti Park this morning. Was fortunate to catch it as happened.

9:45 Interesting online NYT column by Bernard Harcourt: “Our language has not yet caught up with the political phenomenon that is emerging in Zuccotti Park and spreading across the nation, though it is clear that a political paradigm shift is taking place before our very eyes. It’s time to begin to name and in naming, to better understand this moment… Occupy Wall Street is best understood, I would suggest, as a new form of what could be called ‘political disobedience,’ as opposed to civil disobedience, that fundamentally rejects the political and ideological landscape that we inherited from the Cold War.”

9:40 From @Occupychicago: “AFL-CIO, SEIU and the Teamsters are announcing at NOON that they are in support of Occupy Chicago.”

9:30 Today’s song for Occupyers everywhere, John Lennon’s great “Just Gimme Some Truth.” Enough from the “pigheaded politicians.” All we want is the truth now.

9:25 CNN on protesters cleared out at Denver, for now.

9:20 From all reports, calm at Zuccotti, even as police continue to line up. Arrests put at eight or fifteen, nothing more.

8:45 Allison Kilkenny, who did not sleep, just filed report on victory for The Nation… Keith Olbermann: “Bloomberg on Gambling [radio show] just said Brookfield letter came just before midnight. Why did they wait til daybreak to announce?”

8:40 That’s a relief: Marchers seem to have returned to park, cops open access routes, to cheers from assembled. Reports of maybe a dozen arrests, one person’s ankle run over. All unconfirmed. Still, major major police presence surrounding park.

8:35 Meanwhile, from Denver: “People moving in.”

8:15 Police getting out netting for kettling… Hard to get overall sense, with two marches, peaceful mainly, with many flash points… Multiple reports that one guy run over by police scooter, may have been photog or legal observer.

8:10 Meanwhile, from OccupyDenver: “The last people remaining have been given a 15 minute warning. After this, the thunderdome will succumb to the CPS…”

8:05 From NY ACLU: “Really bad scene at bowling green now, cops running, being thrown to ground, chaos ensues.” @BuckyTurco: “ People getting arrested in front of 33 Beaver St. At least 6 in plastic cuffs.” Two separate marches, one could be more tense than the other.

8:00 Various livestreams, march and park, at AnonOps—along with Rand Paul ad in upper left. Fun!

7:55 Our pal Dustin Slaughter amid the march: “Situation calmer. Protesters have taken sidewalks. has regained street.”

7:50 Marchers nearing Stock Exchange, cops waiting. Back at park, media interviewing crowd, Russell Simmons.

7:45 Billy Bragg: “Spread the word around the world – the American people have stood their ground in Liberty Park.”

7:30 March continues, amid fears and joy. NY ACLU reports two marchers jumped barricade, got arrested… Video of moment of victory.

7:10 NYT story on victory.

7:05 Splinter group is marching. Trouble looms? NY ACLU tweets: ” legal observers shadow the march on opposite side of sidewalk, kep an eye out, nypd is unprepared, things may turn chaotic”… @Ghostpickles view: “We win the day… Now its time to go home for a day and fucking sleep”… Keith Olbermann warns: “Beware, – ‘postponement’ of cleaning w/o time, date, or full agreement could mean later unannounced action. Keep vigilant.”

6:55 March does begin… Allison KIlkenny raises point: “Questions remain: will protesters be permitted to bring sleeping gear into the park, sleep on the ground, etc.?” Yes, it’s possible pending eviction postponed but police could try to enforce the new Brookfiled rules… Reportedly some crying in park, emotional reaction after expecting to be arrested… Russell Simmons, supportive one-percenter, arrives and tweets: “I am part of the 100%. Isolation is sickness!!”

6:50 Allison Kilkenny: “Union guy in hard hat leaves park laughing and smiling. ‘I’m done bein liberal for the day!’ ” … Meanwhile, arrests in Seattle last night.

6:45 Some proposing march to Wall Street now, others fear clearing park too much will give cit y chance to move in… Many looking to massive turnout in Times Square tomorrow… Maddow arrived 6:25. Russell Simmons apparently en route. Mucho media there of course.

6:40 Meanwhile, @TimKarr reports: “Hosts on “Fox and Friends” () have never hated 1st Amend. more than they do this morning.”

6:35 Here is official report from mayor’s office making postponement official. Much cheering in park. “Before we adjourn let this moment be seared in our minds…together we can change our reality.” People. United. Not Defeated.

6:30 Local NBC reports owners of park have backed down and will try to work out settlement with Occupyers. Confirmed? Report: ”“Our position has been consistent throughout: the City’s role is to protect public health and safety, to enforce the law, and guarantee the rights of all New Yorkers,” Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said in a statement.”

“Brookfield believes they can work out an arrangement with the protesters that will ensure the park remains clean, safe, available for public use and that the situation is respectful of residents and businesses downtown, and we will continue to monitor the situation.”

6:25 Strong union presence, from all reports… Massive crowd and loud… cheering now.

6:15 I am back and unfortunately police action seems about to start in NY. Police in full force. iI will be live-blogging from all sources as best I can. One livestream. It has at least two cameras on NY and also Denver.

12:30 Sacking out for a few hours, sorry, we back about 6 am, hope the rain stops….

12:25 Police in Denver about to clear protesters, and they gather at Capitol where closed door meetings underway. Changed chant to “This is what a police state looks like.” If livestream comes back, it is here.

12:20 AFL-CIO chief Trumka’s statement hitting Bloomberg and backing Occupy.

12:10 Bit of bad timing: Big downpour at Zuccotti just now, and worse, more in forecast for next twelve hours.

12:05 Fourteen NYC council members call on Bloomberg to resist eviction… The great Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism adds her urging for bodies at Zuccotti.

12:00 Meanwhile, campers in San Diego given ordered to disperse, raid coming within hours.


11:50 Russell Simmons updates previous: “Meet me at Zuccotti Park tmw at 7AM. There is NO way the brave, patriotic yng ppl are being kicked out.” He had previously suggested he was ready to be arrested (see below). There is a report that he is already at the park for arrest training. In fact, he just sent another tweet, “Kids preparing to go to jail. Ill be back to hang w/ them tomorrow”… JA Myerson had just tweeted: “Dear celebrities who profess solidarity with : Here is your chance to show it. Get arrested on TV defending it tomorrow.”

11:40 @NewYorkist tweets: There’s a senior gentleman here, putting gloves on hands of senior wheelchair bound woman. “Staying here tonight?” I asked. “Yes,” he said

11:35 Talk about connecting the ’60s to 2011: Here is key letter from lawyers’ group to Brookfield trying to resolve or postpone or compromise. One of chief attorneys is Margaret Ratner Kunstler, an old friend, and widow of another good friend, famed radical attorney “Wild Bill” Kunstler. Also signing letter: their daughter Sarah Kunstler.

11:26 Various people on the scene: Total solidarity… Training for arrests being taken seriously. “Looks like SEIU, CWA, and UAW all promising to show up at Zuccotti Park in the morning, according SEIU announcement.”

11:10 Russell SImmons, who earlier had offered to pay for cleanup, now tweets that he will be in park and ready to get busted? He writes, ” I don’t wanna go to jail but I will be there ready!” A few minutes ago he had written: ” The law says the young people can stay. I love the mayor but he shouldn’t allow this to get violent.”

11:05 Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones at site: “Learned that unions are bringing in big show of support @ 4 a.m., including @ 100 who will get arrested.”

11:00 @RDevro of Democacy Now!: “Protesters are going through rapid-response drills. Practicing linking arms, forming a unified line at speed.” If busted, call 212.679.6018

10:55 Mass email from MoveOn says petition to Bloomberg signed by 240,000 but he is not budging. They ask that you show solidarity with NY but going to local event somewhere in country, and linking to this DailyKos map.

10:45 NY ACLU says they will be in park at crack of dawn. “OWS we have your back.”

10:15: Crowd a few minutes ago gathers to make Bloomberg accept petitions and “do your duty.” Plus sirens. Note cop filming everything.

10:10 Here’s full text of official NY Occupy response to “cleanup/eviction.”

10:05 @DanielMintz of MoveOn: “BREAKING: Petitions against eviction of were marched up to City Hall and THEN to fancy resto Cipriani’s where was.”

9:50 MoveOn tweets: “BREAKING: ‘The park is clean. If the mayor wants to do something for America, he should clean up Wall St.’ ”… Plan seems to be one or more rings of people to protest park, facing arrest.

9:45 Unconfirmed posting at Twitter: A claim that MSNBC reported email from AFL-CIO: “Go To Wall St. Now.” “The more people who can stand in solidarity… the better”

9:35 @BillMcKibben: “Broom becomes the new symbol of resistance! Clean up wall stree!”

9:30 Nick Kristof of NYT tweets support: “Pushing out Wall St. protesters, on pretext of a clean-up,seems a great way to inflame the protests.” He also links to new NYT piece here. Michael Lewis on OWS on Piers Morgan tonight: “The thing has legs. It’s just a question of how the anger gets directed.”

8:20 Wow, colleague Allison Kilkenny tweets: “National Nurses United (NNU) announces it will establish a first aid station in Liberty Park Friday at noon for protesters.”

8:00 Latest on NYC: National Lawyers Guild has reportedly filed a letter with Brookfield invoking people’s First Amendment right to occupy… OWS also “reportedly” would allow city to clean one-third of park at a time but not all of it and without new restrictions….More warnings that police could come in wee hours, well before 7 am, but who knows?

7:55 With NYC, Denver and other sites facing evictions, we will be hearing “The Whole World Is Watching” again very soon. For those who don’t know: Dates from “police riot” at 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago (lett) when network cameras caught this type of action nearly-live for the first time (they happened to have cameras perched on the Conrad Hilton Hotel). I was there in the street myself and shouting that phrase 100 times.

7:00 Russell Simmons, recent visitor to Zuccotti, just now tweeted (he is @UncleRush): “I am hearing about a potential showdown at tmw. I am offering to pay for the clean-up of the park to avoid any problems.” Tell him to also call mayor, police chief, Brookfield.

6:35 This is an important distinction usually overlooked, as explained in this important piece: Zuccotti Park, usually described as “privately” owned and managed, actually is a public space. Here’s why: It was mandated by city in the usual waiving of restrictions to allow owner of Liberty high-rise to go higher. The park had to be built for public use so they could make millions more off building, let it block off more sunlight, and so on. So “the park belong to the people.”

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