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11:55 Two livestreams from Boston below.


11:20 pm  Don’t know if Boston will be raided tonight, but here is livestream yoiu can’t check all night.  Far fewer Occupyers, and media, there tonight vs. last night, fits pattern, and cops wait for that fall off. 


10:05 More roughing up by police vs. OccupyMelbourne (and the tent monster people) in this video. And march of the tent monsters going on right now via livestream.

10:00 Cool NYT video today, "Knocking on Boehner’s Door":    OccupyDuluth and a girl from the north country  (yes, Dylan born there) won’t take no for answer from the Speaker.    (h/t Jon Wiener)

9:55 @JoshHarkinson says Direct Action folks at OWS in NY propose occupying a new site Dec. 17, to be taken up by GA on Dec. 17.  Just in time for first day of … winter.

9:50  Even Business Week looks at Monday’s port shutdown and union angle.

9:00 Occupy Ninjas–First They Take Manhattan.

6:50  The Atlantic:  Charlotte and Dems have good reason to fear OWS protests at national convention.  Just for starters: Charlotte is a banking center.

6:00 Tim Dickinson at Rolling Stone:  The GOP’s "Crackpot Agenda."

5:50  Another great video for Ry Cooder’s great new OWS tribute, "Wall Street Part of Town." 

3:50 Parents will march from UnionSq to City Hall tomorrow at 11 am to protest NYPD "bullying" or protesters.  From email to me:  "The children will place 5,000 paper hearts, one for each peaceful protester arrested nationwide over the past three months, in the center of the park."

3:05  OccupyPhilly occupies what it calls a "union-busting" nursing home…. Salon piece tackles question of how OWS reponds to unions opposing port-closing.  Need for new union leadeship? 

2:30  Thanks to Chuck Todd and Chris Hayes for tweeting mentions of my very OWS relevant  "The Campaign of the Century" book finally out in an e-book edition two days ago.

1:50  2 OWSers arrested for "assault" in D.C.   Wash Post reporter Tim Craig, who has covered Occupy a lot,  just now from D.C.:  "Counter protester was not hit, but protesters ripped his "get a job" and "we want R park back sign" out of his hands."

1:45 See deleted tweets by "Law and Order" person on the "mockupy." Note:  My son has worked a lot in past months as a PA on major Hollywood movies in NY and the lot of PAs is indeed worth sympathy.

12:45  Huff Post:  OccupyCharlotte already making plans for Dem convention…. More on couple getting married at OccupyBoston last night;

12:20 Today’s song pick of the day for #OWS:  Steve Earle’s very prescient, from a few years back, "Christmas Time in Washington."  Come back Woody Guthrie, Emma Goldman too.  I was actually at this concert.

12:15 Naomi Wolf has spent good part of morning trying to help people get in touch with office of Dick Wolf, producer of "Law and Order," on its fake-Zuccotti move.

12:00 Livestrream:  young folks occupying climate conference…. Stand for Freedom tomorrow.

10:50 Time to pause and thank you for supporting this blog with your visits and Twitters links etc.  This is day #70 of "occupying" The Nation site with this blog and for the past two months it has been among the top five "most read" at The Nation every single day.  Only three months or so to go now to break my consecutive day live-blog record set earlier this year re: WikiLeaks!

10:30  More on Sen. Sanders introducing the "corparate personhood" bill.

9:40  NYT covers the "mockupy" takeover of the "Law and Order" TV set ( see items below) and posts new video:

9:00  What Hollywood icon created the first "attack ads" for the screen — to defeat one of the greatest mass movement in U.S. history, with relevance to OWS today?  You may be shocked.  They even give an Oscar in his name every year. My new e-book about it all here.  Video answers the question and shows those first "attack ads."

8:35 That retired Philly police captain arrested in NY in OWS protest, and much-interviewed, Ray Lewis now faces police tribunal, threat of loss of pension and warning not to wear uniform to protests. “I find it incredibly interesting,” Lewis said, “that there are former Philadelphia police officers who were convicted of crimes, and served prison sentences, that have NOT had their memberships or pensions revoked.”

8:30 New video with Thom Yorke of Radiohead and more on the party this week in London for #OWS (also, album to come).

8:20 Mayor Bloomberg on how long barricades will remain at Zuccotti: "Oh I don’t know," he said, "it just makes it easier to enforce the law."  He means the real park, not the TV set.

12:30 Couple just got married at OccupyBoston, as many take to streets for party.  City says no eviction in park tonight so big turnout may have prevented.

12:10 Video below of occupation of "Law and Order" fake Zuccotti Park.  Story here.  NBC might have just as well announced, "If we build it they will come."  Best tweet from @raindrift:  "Holy crap guys! These fake actors are REAL POLICE!" Or perhaps from @desert_flood: "Cops enter occupied set, then occupiers chant, ‘NYPD does not respect Law & Order!’"…   Movie people are breaking down the set so won’t be used today as planned. Zuccotti raided again! "If you build it, they will come!"


From late Thursday

10:55 Interesting tweet by @OccupyAustin:   "Occupy Austin is marching in solidarity back to the site of our original encampment to denounce violence incited by 24/7 campers."

10:40    Reportedly a big NY action planned at midnight…. And DiceyTroop in NY tweets:  "On Dec. 17 OWS will occupy the Trinity-owned space next to Duarte Square, w/ or w/o permission. 20+ clergy will be ‘first over the fence’!"

9:40  Surreal:  Law and Order reportedly shooting scene tomorrow at an "Occupy" site and so have erected a fake tent park near Foley Sq and Zuccotti.  This photo shows they have version of Occupy library tent there….. A wider view here…..@NewYorkist tweets:  "Ok, I’ve just snuck into a tent here at Fake Zuccotti Park and I’m going to live tweet all night and then the shoot tomorrow."

9:30  Video: Rep. Joe Walsh flies like an Eagle  from OWSers, down the back stairs, Young Turks break it down…..Scott Olsen benefit tonight in Oakland

7:55 What Hollywood icon created the first "attack ads" for the screen — to defeat one of the greatest mass movement in U.S. history, with relevance to OWS today?  You may be shocked.  They even give an Oscar in his name every year. My new e-book about it all here.  Video answers the question and shows those first "attack ads."

6:40  Alan Moore of "V for Vendetta" joins Occupy Comics.….Protesters in D.C. singing carols outside Chamber /GOP party in D.C.  @JoshHarkinson with photo (some on sidewalk with 99% "red carpet" to welcome guests).

6:00 MoveOn just picked this as best Main St vs Wall St scene in "It’s a Wonderful Life."  Warped frustrated old men and the "rabble.:"


12:00 My new Occupy e-book now updated to cover events up to last Monday   The wonders of modern e-publishing!  Can purchase "40 Days That Shook the World"  for just $2.99, with 50 cents of each going to OWS.  For KIndle but also for all phones, iPads, PCs and Macs, via apps


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