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11:45 Livestream from OccupyBroadway — now about 6 hours into 24-hour events.  It will surely come and go below:

10:55 Scott Olsen on Olbermann tonight, still struggling with speech but what he says very moving.

10:30 Latest on group that took over that former bank space (still owned by Wells Fargo) in Santa Cruz and setting up community center: Electricity just shut off.  They back OWS but OWS did not vote for this action.  They’ve now held for three days but tonight issue this call: "Barricades are not enough to protect this space, and we’d like to take them down as soon as possible.  We need your visions and statements of support and solidarity at this time!"

10:25 Camp in New Orleans facing eviction, legal moves to prevent, may not happen tonight. 

10:22 Finest song tribute to OWS that has emerged, and brand new–it’s  the great writer/guitarist Ry Cooder and "The Wall Street of Town."   Giving it added impact: Just yesterday Ry got a Grammy nod for his latest album, which was inspired by Wall St debacles and featured great song, "No Banker Left Behind."  New video below has everything from Joan Baez to the "bat signal." Great song even if not boosting OWS.  If guitar sounds a bit like the Stones — well, Ry, of course, famously played with  them, and so many others, and the man behind "Buena Vista Social Club."  And surely only person to partner with both Capt. Beefheart and Howard Zinn!

10:20  The fabled PunkBoyinSF now livestreaming Cornel West / Carl Dix in Berkeley, starting soon.

7:40 Photo of OccupyBroadway near TimesSq right now….

7:20  SF raid tonight?  One would think city afraid of large weekend night turnout there…. Video of Harry Belafonte on OWS and non-violence: Well, you might have to accept chance of death.

6:15 OccupyLA doing big flash mob protest tonight for governor’s fundraiser — that is, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, highlkghting his tax break for millionaires move.

5:30  Max Blumenthal with major piece on "the Israelification" of U.S. police, espeically in anti-terror tactics — even special training for Oakland police just prior to OWS crackdown out there. Of course, they are experts on occupations.

4:25 Dan Froomkin at Huff Post with important piece, which leads with:  "The United Nations envoy for freedom of expression is drafting an official communication to the U.S. government demanding to know why federal officials are not protecting the rights of Occupy demonstrators whose protests are being disbanded — sometimes violently — by local authorities. Frank La Rue, who serves as the U.N. ‘special rapporteur‘  for the protection of free expression, told HuffPost in an interview that the crackdowns against Occupy protesters appear to be violating their human and constitutional rights."

 3:25 OccupyAtlanta helping family facing Fannie foreclosure in the suburbs.

3:20  Jackson Browne on OWS on Olbermann show last night.

2:35  Lengthy piece here at The Nation on OccupyBoston, warts and all.

2:05 Shocking, must-read account of how LA treating prisoners from raid (many still in jail).  One guy shot with bean-bag gun denied medical care for fivehours.  Others cuffed for hours pass out.  Orhers in agony for hours from the cuffs and/or denied food and water for hours.  And more.

1:20 Gary Bedard doing art and text on Ten OWS Heroes in Ten Days.  Today:  Mr. Tim Pool….. OccupyBroadway starts at 6 pm tonight near Times Sq, for 24 hours.  Too bad great play "Enron" closed too quickly.

1:00 Barbara Kingsolver one of latest Including yours truly) to contribute to OccupyWriters w/ personal story.

12:05  L.A. Times presents analysis of the nearly 300 arrestees in raid there along with a searchable data base.  Breaks things down on age (average: 26) and occupation (or none).  Oldest, a woman 79.  I love this touch: singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked (see my items down the page) listed her profession as "poet."  Good enough. Many are still in jail with high bail despite minor infractions (and many have little or no dough). Here’s Michelle singing for protesters in Wisconsin a few months back:

11:55  I often linked to Liz Flock of Wash Post, who marched with the NYC to DC folks as they made their way south last month.  Now she’s written about four of them in detail.

11:40  More on what we covered live last night: Police seizing SINK at OccupyBoston.

10:45  New MoveOn ad calls Romney "Mr. 1%." Watch here.…  And MoveOn presents Third Eye Blind’s Stephen Jenkins at Zuccotti here, doing his OWS song.  The 99% living only a semi-charmed life.

10:35 Finally, good quality video of Jackson Browne at Zuccotti, mic-check and very apt song.  And, yes, with Stephen Jenkins.

 10:30 Are you ready for the 24-hour OccupyBroadway near Times Square with dozens of performer?

10:25 Joshua Holland on activists helping woman, age 75, keep her home as 1% rebuffed.

9:55  Amid a somewhat better jobs report:  almost 760,000 gov’t jobs lost in past year…

9:25 Major piece at Huff Post by Mike Calderone on police / media / Occupy relations, special focus on NY chief Ray Kelly.

9:20 Protesters refuse to leave park in Tampa, 29 arrested.

8:40 SF camp NOT raided overnight but watch continues…. Russell Simmons at OccupyBoston yesterday…If you missed, catch up below with singer Michelle Shocked arrested in L.A. 

8:35  Alternet reviews the Naomi Wolf vs Joshua Holland (and others) on the "coordinated" raids on Occupy camps led by the feds (or not).  Wolf’s full "rebuttal" in The Guardian today here.

8:30  Alex Ross of The New Yorker has more on Phiiip Glass mic-checking at Lincoln Center along with video.  See text down the page.

12:45  What Goes On: The great Lou Reed speaks at GA at Lincoln Center tonight, offering full support and hitting police barricades.  "The police are OUR army."  Note to young ‘uns: The Velvets "Live ’69" greatest live album ever.  Just sayin’.

From late Thursday

11:55 Okay, Steve Syrek, long involved with library at Zuccotti, just sent me what Philip Glass read at GA a few minutes ago in Lincoln Center.  It comes from  the end of his "Satyagraha." True to his form, Glass repeated it a few times.  Steve says he was "quite adept" at the mic-check.  Here it is:  "When righteousness/ Withers away/ And evil / Rules the Land /We come into being /Age after age/ And take visible shape /And move / A man among men/ For the protection/ Of good /Thrusting back evil /And setting virtue/ On her seat again.

Glass later called or texted from a taxi to say he is "with" OWS and "Satyagraha" is OWS, someone said at the GA.  Then Laurie Anderson and hubby Lou Reed appeared at Lincoln Center GA.  Beginning to see the light?

11:50  SF awaits raid, below (and another livestream down the page).

 11:30  Outrageous:  Up to 200 remain jailed in L.A., almost two days after raid, due to $5000 bail — for failing to disperse misdemeanors.

11:00  Finally some video of that pepper-spraying incident in Phoenix yesterday, one hospitalized.

10:25 From a NY #OWS friend at Lincoln Center for Philip Glass at GA tonite (see item down the page): Tons of cops already w/ barricades. Heard voice on cop’s radio say, "Lock it down."  Rumors earlier that cops would keep public off public plaza.

10:05  Confirmed what we reported earlier: terrific indie singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked was arrested in LA raid the other night, spent a lot of time in jail (see item down the page a bit).  Her name published in list at L.A. Times. One of her best-known songs about — L.A.  Last time I saw her it was in a free concert in a New Orleans park backed by the great Henry Butler.  BTW, how many other entertainers have been arrested for OWS? Rare indeed.  Also:  she sang at rallies in Wisconsin last spring, and even at this singalong.

9:15  Police setting up barricades in SF — raid appears to be on at any time.. Livestream from ace Punk Boy in SF.

9:15 Cool photo of OWSers in LA defending the last tent during raid the other night…Tonight’s big conflict so far– in Boston, over police stealing a camp…sink.

8:00 Wells Fargo CEO mic-checked at NC State yesterday…Video of LAPD destroying American flag in raid.

5:50 Strong report/ rumor going around that terrific singer/songwriter Michelle Shocked one of those arrested in LA raid the other night.  I’m trying to confirm but @Mshocked, not an official Twitter account, has been tweeting arrest, horrid jailing, and release.  Also a friend seems to confirm via Twitter.  More later. Her latest: "Bailed from Van Nuys jail this AM. An awful, unlawful arrest! Ruth arrested, most are still in custody. Going to 429 Bauchet now."

4:10 Just got email from group that has taken over former bank building in Santa Cruz, now vacant but owned by Wells Fargo, "for the good of the community."  They say they are doing this "in solidarity" with OWS but not with approval. It’s at  75 River St.  Much more in article here.  In email to me they note : "An existing time-honored U.S. and California law allows for the transfer of a property title when a property is occupied and taken care of by an alternative party for an extended period of time. This law is called adverse possession. The law was born out of the belief that society’s best interests are met when land and property are utilized productively rather than sitting vacant."  Remnds me of Upton Sinclair’s EPIC campaign in California…

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