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11:20  NYT on OWS showdown with Trinity. But, look on the right side, Lou Reed set to perform at Duarte tomorrow.  So for the hell of it, here’s Lou and the reformed Velvets (most influential American band ever)  with the aptly titled "Beginning to See Light."   Here we go again, I thought you were my friend…

 9:05 OWS  "party" starts at 11 am tomorrow (see below) at Duarte but since Trinity has already ruled out a camp there one wonders if they will prevent anyone on site even for party….Latest tweet from official OWS feed suggests more than 20 pastors will be arrested tomorrow if OWS barred.

8:00 NYT wrapup on the Bradley Manning hearing today.  A busload of OWS supporters came down to Md. for it.

4:55  Classic 10 minutes from Bill Maher’s old show, with Maher, surprisingly, strongly defending Vietnam War, and joined by Gene Simmons of Kiss — with Christopher Hitchens attacking.

3:50  Occupy not taking a stand on electoral politics, so this is not aimed at them, but a few folks still want to see a challenge to Obama from the left, quixotic or not.  Today Harper’s publisher / owner Rick MacArthur urges that move, quoting recent Obama critiques by Bill Moyers and Barbara Ehrenreich.  He admits it’s well, quite a bit late in the game, but no matter, and cites Eugene McCarthy’s race in 1968.  As it happens, I was campus chair of the McCarthy group then and the differences between then and now too great to count — even beyond no Democrat from high office willing to step forward now.

3:45  OWSers now getting hassled in their use of the Deutsche Bank atrium near Zuccotti, where many meetings are held–new rules against signs, "excessive use," loitering.

3:35 OWS responds to yesterday’s Salon article on its plunging donations in this tweet: "The article about donations 2 ignores a big point: our fundraising is DECENTRALIZING!"

3:00 Just got e-mail from OWS press team in NYC on tomorrow’s actions.  Now saying: 1) might or might NOT be an attempt to re-occupy the Duarte space, it’s more of a "celebration" marking three months since birth 2) will run from noon to 7 pm  and 3)  will feature artists including, by name, Lou Reed. 4)  "Through on-site performances and a special radio broadcast on WBAI, we will introduce the people’s amp, a guerrilla sound system to give voice to the people’s movement."

2:35  Josh Harkinson on the big plans for NY folks re-occupying tomorrow at Trinity space, arguments pro and con.  Church doesn’t seem like good target on one hand–but it is partly run by Wall Street firms and people.  But how will this play with the public?  It does introduce more "faith" arguments but also risks ending Trinity support for current OWS programs.

1:55  Video of street theater / Victorian Xmas / saxophone playing for the 99% in California.

11:55 Cool new video with flash mob and dancers, starting in Oakland last month but going well beyond, with music by Black Eyed Peas (if you can handle that).

11:45 Ani DiFranco with lengthy Q & A on recording "Which Side Are You On?" plus video clips.

11:40  NYPD is sorry about cop pushing that NYT photog this week — maybe.

10:50  Poynter:  how Twitter hashtagging made #Occupy THE word of 2011.  Along with "#winning.

10:40 Another good piece by Bob Plain, who is visiting (seemingly) every OWS site, this one from Lincoln, Nebraska where they are starting a school and teaching "Econ 99." 

10:10 Movement rallies behind foreclosure of disabled teacher’s house.

9:30  White House Caves shoiuld be new D.C. tourist attractions.  Few thrills, but plenty of chills. … Elsewhere: Imagine if a top OWS person got arrested going on a plane with a loaded handgun. 

9:10  Before we go any further let us note that the greatest creative artist the west has produced was born on this date, and he’s still going strong, as half a million here might have agreed:

9:00 Manning hearing just began.  Reminder: It will not determine guilt but merely rule on whether enough evidence to go forward.  Some have been tweeting from media room but now they are in blackout mode.  Latest from @EdPilkington: "Manning is sitting in the court room dressed in military khaki and wearing black rimmed glasses."

8:45  More on British police listing Occupyers there as "terrorists.’

8:10  As I’ve noted below, OWS turning out at site of Bradley Manning hearing today, feeling he helped kick off protests.  @EdPilkington tweeting from scene.  Also my former colleague @Kgosztola.  I’ll mention others.

8:00 By now you have probably heard the news that Christopher Hitchens passed away last night.   I met him only twice, including for one brunch, but I am still grateful for key and very favorable review that he wrote — for Newsday, before he was quite so famous, back   in1992 — for the favorite of all of the books I have written.  Of course, I found fault with some of his views in recent years, and it was ironic that when news came around midnight the top two headlines on the NYT web site were:  his death and the end of the purported end of the Iraq war.  R.I.P. "Hitch."

From late Thursday

11:25 Finally, a look at the ad Lowe’s pulled from that "All-American Muslim" TV show!

9:45 As noted earlier, unholy Trinity has refused to lend its land to OWS in NY for new camp on Saturday.  This article makes it clear that people who show up  there will be arrested.  I am predicting will be big turnout and we’ll see priests and pastors busted.  God, have to post Woody’s "Jesus Christ" again.

 8:20  Barbara Ehrenreich:  Class Warfare — How did the 1% get us to this point?

7:25  I noted earlier that OWS rallying for Bradley Manning as he finally gets his hearing tomorrow.  Here are details in email from NY OWS on their effort: "Occupy Wall Street participants will join hundreds of supporters of accused WikiLeaks whistleblower Bradley Manning on Friday at Fort Meade, Maryland. PFC Manning’s pre-trial hearings begin on Friday. About 50 people will depart from Liberty Square at 5:00 am Friday morning via chartered bus, arriving in Fort Meade as the hearings begin at 9:00 am. …. On Saturday, December 17, they will march and hold a noon rally along with supporters from Occupy DC and across the country."  Manning seen as helping spark whole Occupy movement. I wrote the first book about him earlier this year, still accurate and valuable for background.

6:40  Justin Elliot at Salon: "An analysis of new financial data released by Occupy Wall Street in New York. The bad news for Occupy: donations have fallen off a cliff, from a high of around $20,000 per day to a current low of just $98 on Dec. 13. The good news: the movement still has hundreds of thousands of dollars in the bank, an impressive sum for an entity that has existed for a mere three months."  A large chunk of money still goes to what are essentially social services: food, laundry, and medical.

6:20  From Bucky Turco at Animal comes the all-purpose police surveillance device vs. Occupy coming soon, maybe: