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4:00 Our buddy Peter Rothberg with The Nation’s "guide to May Day," plus video.  See below for his top ten May Day tunes, as well.

2:55 Maybe a bit of a stretch but love Salon piece on Leslie Knope last night in "Parks and Rec" emerging as something an Occupy candidate, or at least vs. 1%, or something.  Also enjoyed Buddy Garrity as a rival candidate.   "Leslie promises to fight corporate control of the town she loves — her words would have fit in comfortably in any of Occupy’s former encampments or ongoing mobilizations and propaganda efforts. Indeed, it is perhaps fitting with the Occupy zeitgeist that Leslie has never expressed preference for Republicans or Democrats — for her, they’re politicians all the same — but she is firmly against corporate influence in government."

1:40  Judge hands out harsh 90-day sentence to San Diego activist.

11:25  Photog describes his "intimate" photo project on OWS, plus a gallery…. White House threatens to veto GOP student loan bill because it pointedly takes from health care fund.

11:10  OccupyDenver prepares for May Day, plus video…and OccupyOakland press conf on same.

10:25 OccupyMusicians planning online May Day action, wants your stories about being music maker and more. That’s the great Lou Reed at left, one of the group’s first backers.

10:20  More from Allison Kilkenny, this time on the protests (still) planned for Chicago next month, despite G8 move.  And much more at the site, check it out.

9:40  The Gothamist interviews OWS activist on why the need to break the law, as May Day nears….Bill Moyers: "The Ghost of Joe McCarthy Slithers Again." 

8:50 Lengthy brand new piece by our own Allison Kilkenny on May Day plans, what they mean for Occupy and others, plus video and more…. And if you’re curious how a Breitbart site is covering it….

8:30 WNYC reporter tags along for a lengthy "Day in the Life of OWS Protests" in the Big Apple, busy day indeed…  NYT:  OWSers protest Tribeca Film Festival having as a sponsor the firm that cleared Zuccotti– Brookfreld Properties….31 Occupy Philly protests acquited of all charges…

8:20 Felix Salmon at Reuters reviews importance of May Day events and new Citi protest…. Our pal here at The Nation, Peter Rothberg, often provides a soundtrack for major events and holidays.  Now he has come up with a Top Ten music videos for May Day, from Hazel Dickens to Springsteen and Billy Bragg.

8:00 New call for "crowdfunding" Occupy TV spots.  Email to me just now:  "Thought you’d like to know about the launch of Occupy the Airwaves by and LoudSauce — a platform enabling the crowdfunding of TV time. You might remember LoudSauce’s campaign last year where they raised less than $7,000 from 168 contributors and placed pro-Occupy spots in front of over 3 million people, including O’Reilly Factor viewers. This time, they’re launching a $150,000 campaign with a call for 30-second spots."  Here’s the video call:

From late Thursday

Fun new parody of National Geographic wildlife docs, as NYPD "Lombardos" advance on their prey, "The Zuccotti,"  who wander north to escape.

Just announced:  Occupy’s swell Alternative Banking Group takes Citi chief at his word to "talk any time."   And they also provide phone number for you to call him.   "But we must not wait any longer; the timing is urgent."

First  in-depth piece, plus links and video, on May Day’s "Guitar Army" action in NYC with Tom Morello and Ben Harper and a cast of, maybe, thousands.  But you’re being asked to learn some classic songs in advance–see them and much more at their site.   Aftrer a march, will be a stage with amplification (with permit) at Union Sq.  One of the songs on their "setlist" comes from Willie Nile, who does it here with Springsteen:

 Lawrence Lessing at length at The Atlantic site:  The Last Best Chance for Campaign Reform. "We cannot afford this silence now. We can’t afford to wait. We must find a way to put this issue into the center of this presidential campaign. And the only way to do that just now is the most misunderstood movement in this election cycle so far — Americans Elect."  This involves a Buddy Roemer type as 3rd party candidate. 

Interview with director of new "While We Watch" Occupy film (he’s Jimmy Breslin’s kid) and link to online area to, uh,  watch it…. Wesleyan University students and local activists and residents to march to Middletown tomorrow afternoon and "foreclose" on the Bank of America bank.   Part of Move Your Money campaign on campus.