Richard Nixon says goodbye to staff after resigning on August 9, 1974. (AP Photo.)

I have my issues with Obama—often expressed here—but come on. Judging from the wild references online and on the TV to Obama being “as bad as Nixon”—maybe “worse”—and behaving in a very “Nixonian” manner in regard to the IRS tax-exempt probing and DOJ seizure of AP phone records, most hosts and guests and pundits have very little knowledge of Richard Nixon’s actual acts (or have forgotten them).

So here, as public service, just for starters—there was so much more (e.g. approving a break-in at Brookings, the secret bombing and then invasion of Cambodia, ovethrowing Allende, bombing Hanoi and continuing Vietnam War for four years etc. )—are the first two of the three articles of impeachment approved by the House in 1974.

The third related to his rejection of subpoenas and other requests for evidence.

Yes, I’ve written a fairly well-known book about Nixon, although not Watergate-related (it covers his dirty-tricks 1950 campaign for Senate). Not to mention growing up in a Nixon-loving household during the 1950s.

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Read Greg Mitchell on the DOJ seizure of AP staff’s phone records.