President Obama released a new video for campaign supporters on Monday, crediting them for the tentative debt deal that he just reached with Congress.

“The pressure you put on Washington is one of the reasons we finally reached a resolution,” Obama says, “in the only way we could, through an agreement between both parties.” 

That feels like a stretch, since the tentative agreement covers most GOP priorities without addressing any of the proposals traditionally associated with the Democratic base. 

One of the early, popular comments on YouTube pushed back on that score.

“What a joke, this isn’t an agreement between both parties, it’s the republicans holding the nation hostage and the democrats giving them all they want,” wrote commenter Aetrion on Monday morning.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina forwarded to the video to the campaign’s massive email list under the headline, “Here’s the story,” and asked supporters to take it viral.

Please share this video with everyone you know,” he wrote. 

Along with the video, the campaign website features a brief fact sheet touting the benefits of the tentative plan.

The video is below—for more Nation coverage of the debt agreement, check out reactions from Katrina vanden Heuvel and William Greider.

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