Our media coverage is often dominated by one big story that crowds out most everything else. As an antidote, every week, Nationinterns try to cut through the echo chamber and choose one good article in their area of interest that they feel should receive more attention. Please check out their favorite stories below, watch for this feature each week, and please use the comments section below to alert us to any important articles you feel warrant broader attention.

Karla Cornejo Villavicencio:
Life on the Line,” by Andrew Rice. New York Times, 7/28/11.

Kevin Donohoe:
Mobile Biometrics to Hit US streets,” by D. Parvaz. Al Jazeera, 8/2/11.          

Carmen García:
Cristina y Mujica Hablaron de un Mundial y de un Tren Binacional,” by Natasha Niebisekikwiat. Clarín, 8/3/11.
For non-Spanish speakers, Carmen explains:
“Argentine president Cristina Kirchner and Uruguay’s commander-in-chief are in discussions re: the two countries’ ongoing conflict between the agricultural product of the two allies and how they are pledging to remain allies as the South American continent witnesses Brazil’s rise to economic power. Among their agreements are strengthening the natural gas resources/ infrastructures of the two countries, as well as dredging Uruguay River’s canal system.”

Sahiba Gill:
Tocqueville And the Tube,” by Ben Berger. National Review Online, 5/17/11.

Marc Kilstein:
Goldman’s New Money Machine: Warehouses,” by Pratime Desai and Clare Baldwin. Reuters, 7/29/11.

Shelby Kinney-Lang:
Non-Profit News: Assessing a New Landscape in Journalism,” by Jesse Holcomb, Tom Rosenstiel, Amy Mitchell, Kevin Caldwell, Tricia Sartor and Nancy Vogt. Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, 7/18/11.

Anna Lekas Miller:
Seeking Arrangement: College Students Using ‘Sugar Daddies’ To Pay Off Loan Debt,” by Amanda Fairbanks. Huffington Post, 7/31/11.

Zach Newkirk:
A Disgraceful Deal,” by Robert Kuttner. The American Prospect, 8/1/11.
Zach is also reading, “The Tea Party, the Debt Ceiling, and White Southern Extremism,” by Michael Lind. Salon, 8/2/11.

Natasja Sheriff:
Bangladesh War Crimes Tribunal: A Near-Justice Experience,” by Morris Davis. Crimes of War, 8/1/11

Britney Wilson:
Study: Income Does Not Explain Segregation Patterns in Housing,” by Carol Morello. Washington Post, 8/2/11.