Our media coverage is often dominated by one big story that crowds out most everything else. As an antidote, every week, Nation interns try to cut through the echo chamber and choose one good article in their area of interest that they feel should receive more attention. Please check out their favorite stories below, watch for this feature each Monday, and please use the comments section below to alert us to any important articles you feel warrant broader attention.

 Karla Cornejo Villavicencio:

Beck Fearmongers About Border Chaos To Attack Obama’s Gun Policy.” Media Matters, 7/20/11.

Kevin Donohoe:

Dover Hospital Spokeswoman Says State Unaware of Full Impact Medicaid Rate Cuts Will Have,” by Jennifer Keefe. Foster’s Daily Democrat, 7/27/11.

Carmen García:

Carmen has recently been reading about VozMob, a Los Angeles-based grassroots organization that strives to empower day laborers and Spanish-speaking immigrants by encouraging them to use social media and technology (cell phones, specifically) to tell their stories.

Sahiba Gill:

On Political Theology,” by Paul Kahn. The Art of Theory, Spring Issue.

Daniel Judt:

The Maze of Moral Relativism,” by Paul Boghossian. New York Times, 7/24/11.

Marc Kilstein:

Exclusive: US Blocks Oversight of Its Mercenary Army in Iraq,” by Spencer Ackerman. Wired, 7/22/11.

Shelby Kinney-Lang:

Wyoming Post Offices Studied for Potential Closure,” by Ruffin Prevost. WyoFile, 7/26/11.

Anna Lekas Miller:

There Won’t be a Male Birth Control Pill,” by Amanda Marcotte. Pandagon, 7/26/11.

Anna is also reading: “Lebanon’s Invisible Workers.” Al Jazeera, 7/25/11.

Zach Newkirk (DC):

DNC Chair: How to Stop Voter-ID Laws,” by Cynthia Gordy. The Root, 7/26/11.

Natasja Sheriff:

Appalachian Poverty Concentrated around Mine Sites, WVU Study Says,” by Ken Ward Jr. Charleston Gazette, 7/23/11.

Natasja is also reading: “Drought Does Not Equal Famine,” by Edward Carr. Open the Echo Chamber, 7/21/11.

Britney Wilson:

Katrina Bridge Shootings: Officer Fretted Over ‘Weak Link’,” by Michael Kunzelman. AP via The Grio, 7/27/11.