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12:20 AdWeek: Nick Davies of the Guardian arrives in New York today “in pursuit of hacking-type practices that might have been carried out on U.S. soil by Murdoch’s U.S. reporters, by his U.K. reporters working in the U.S., or by private detectives hired by News Corp.”

12:05 Keith Olbermann has a new piece at the Guardian on why Murdoch fired him after running a story about the then-Murdoch-owned LA Dodgers on Fox Sports News.

11:55 Police have expanded their investigation of News of the World to allegations of computer hacking.

11:30 Technology firm HCL tells the home affairs select committee that it has been involved with the deletion of hundreds of thousands of e-mails at the request of News Corp. during the past fifteen months.

11:15 Media Matters tackles yet another WSJ piece running interference for Murdoch and legal issues.

10:00 In case you “may” have missed it, yes, Fox News’s weekend media watch program once again backed Murdoch to the hilt on the scandal (“everyone in UK hacked” etc.).

12:05 Frank Rich: Lengthy piece on Murdoch—and the two times in Frank’s career when he considered hiring security. “Murdoch Hacked Us, Too,” on this side of the pond.