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Police chief: Murdoch in denial, "shirking responsibility," unlike others.

Fox News’ long-running weekend media review show stoutly defended Boss Murdoch this week ("everyone does it" "no crime" "liberals just feasting" etc.) 

7/7 victims fear police passed numbers on to NOTW.

Norway massascre. death of Amy W., finally knock Rupert off top of Guardian web site.

CNN host and ex-tabloid editor Piers Morgan continues to strongly deny charges he approved or knew about phone hacking, challenges MP on apology.

Don’t Know Much About History:  Ex-New York City schools chief Joel Klein emerges as "unlikely" Murdoch ally.

Phone hacking used by Sunday Mirror, claims BBC Newsnight

A newspaper that went out of business rather than be acquired by Rupert Murdoch.

The Guardian’s “afternoon summary” of the day so far. Oslo bombing now top story there and most places elsewhere.

Rupert Murdoch’s mum warned him against buying “tawdry” News of the World forty-two years ago.

The Guardian is also casting The Movie, but they veto Anna Hathaway in a ginger wig as Rebecky. Plus, the obvious, Lucy as Wendi and Hillary Swank as James Murdoch. Shelley Berman as Rupert? I don’t think so. Earlier pick of Geoffrey Rush much better. And Colin Firth as Hugh Grant.

 From The Guardian blog: “James Murdoch could be imprisoned or fined if the House of Commons finds he told lies to the culture select committee this week, writes Owen Bowcott, the Guardian’s legal affairs correspondent.” Such a fine has not been levied, however, in, oh, 300 years or so. Much else at the blog, as usual.

Also from the blog: “The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the US department of justice is ‘preparing subpoenas as part of preliminary investigations’ into Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. The subpoenas relate to alleged foreign bribery—presumably News International’s alleged payments to police in Britain, the subject of the Metropolitan police’s Operation Elveden—and alleged hacking of the answerphone messages of 9/11 victims, a story reported by the Daily Mirror which has not been confirmed elsewhere.”

NYT with today’s update on James Murdoch in big trouble after two former execs suggest he lied mightily in testimony this week about not knowing about extent of hacking activities. PM Cameron says he has questions to answer and more.

 Jay Rosen with piece in the Guardian today on Murdoch empire built on “denial.”

From late Thursday

James and the Giant Reach: NYT updates story on two former New Int’l execs challenging James Murdoch’s claims.

Surely you will want to read about something called Operation Motorman.