With the hacking-and-so-much-more scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s corrupt News of the World and other aspects of his empire expanding by the day, I’ve decided to launch a live blog with frequent updates on the subject. Items and links will be added below, with the latest at the top, à la my long-running WikiLeaks News & Views blog—which, by the way, will somehow continue. My Nation associate Kevin Donohoe is helping out with links, as is Barbara Bedway.

UPDATE: Here’s the Friday edition of this blog.

5:15  Forbes with summary of day’s events, including Lachlan’s return.  I remember when we did cover story on him at E&P when he (briefly) tried to run the NY Post.  Then he got out.

5:00 BTW, brief trailer for my new book just posted.

3:25  The AP reports that the FBI has opened an investigation into allegations that News Corp. hacked the phones of 9/11 victims.  AP says it may have been inspired by Rep. Peter King’s call yesterday.

3:20  Listen to Carl Bernstein, NYT‘s Roger Cohen debate Murdoch legacy on "To the Point" radio show. Cohen had written column this week defending Rupe.  

2:30  Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA) — "a key member of a House oversight committee" — is the latest to call for an investigation of News Corp.

1:25 Don’t miss: Roger Ebert asks, Is It A Wonderful Life? With Hugh Laurie as Murdoch and Stephen Fry as Guardian Angel Clarence. (h/t Barbara Bedway)

1:20  Cory Doctorow op-ed: Murdoch scandal must not be used to create new laws to restrain press.

1:05 In an abrupt about-face, the Murdochs now say they will testify before a Parliamentary panel investigating phone hacking. 

12:30 Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger:  Scotland Yard admits it hired Coulson’s deputy Neil Wallis -arrested today – to advise top cops, includng Yates http://is.gd/ylLzJZ ."

 12:00 Good MIchael Goldfarb piece on GlobalPost on Murdoch being undone by "old-fashioned journalism."

11:05 The Daily Beast reports that the FBI for years has been reluctant to share any details about transatlantic investigations with their British counterparts out of fear it would end up on the front page of a Murdoch newspaper.  

11:00 Mother Jones: Why Congress is afraid to investigate Murdoch. 

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10:20 BBC: Deputy PM Nick Clegg says that those who obtain personal details through deception (“blagging”) should be jailed. Two years ago Parliament failed to pass a similar law introduced by Gordon Brown’s government.

9:45 Classic, Murdoch on cover of Time (left and link).

9:40 TIm Karr at Huff Post on US impact as scandal “jumps the pond.”

9:40 Update on yestreday’s critique of CNN’s Piers Morgan (ex-NOTW), MPs calling for probe, no comment from Piers, from the inimitable Guido Fawkes.

9:35 Protest outside Murdoch’s NYC home today at midday.

9:30 Coulson’s ex-deputy just arrested.

9:25 The Guardian on legal issues and options in light of Murdochs turning away from testifying (see see below).

9:00 In change of course, both Rupert and James Murdoch now say they won’t appear before Parliament committee.

8:55 The Guardian’s fine blog for today.

1:00 Lead NYT story on “father and son” split in Murdoch family on response to crisis an dropping Sky bid for now. “The announcement is particularly fraught for James Murdoch, who ran BSkyB from 2003 to 2007. He has been the principal champion of the BSkyB purchase within the News Corporation, pressing both his father and the company’s board to go along with the deal. With BSkyB reporting to James, who runs the News Corporation’s European and Asian operations, the businesses in his portfolio would account for half of all the News Corporation’s revenue.But the revelations of phone hacking in Britain have pulled James Murdoch in deeper by the day, with questions swirling in Parliament and the British press over his role in paying settlements to victims of the hacking.”

12:00 Christopher Hitchens: it took another dog to eat Murdoch’s dog (h/t Barbara Bedway).

From late Wednesday

Brian Stelter at NYT wrap-up on how Brit scandal affecting Murdoch and company in USA now.

Two more Democratic senators (Boxer and Menendez) call for a probe into News Corp…and 9/11 families join calls.

A clip from Gordon Brown’s speech in the Commons today in which he defended his government’s media policy record—recalls Murdoch paper picturing him as Dr. Evil—and accused Cameron of being in bed with News International. The Daily Telegraph leads with “The Revenge of Brown” and the BBC notes that “there’s likely to be widespread reaction in the British media” the speech. “Law-breaking on an industrial scale…linked to underworld.”

Mike Calderone: DOJ reviewing calls for Murdoch company prosecution.

If you missed Reuters’s major retraction on News Corp. tax issues.

Pro Publica: Bancroft family says they regret ever selling the Wall Street Journal to Murdoch.

Full Guardian coverage of the day here, plus many extras (and see my earlier items below), including editor Alan Rusbridger doubting PM Cameron’s account.

The Nation presents the News of the World Murdoch scandal—in pictures! new slide show.

Right-wing Republican (and frequent Fox guest) Rep. Peter King is requesting that the FBI investigates whether Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation hacked into the voicemail accounts of September 11 victims.

This long take on Piers Morgan’s NOTW history (a former editor), friendship with Coulson, his own possible hacking background, and much more will probably surprise you. (h/t Barbara Bedway)

Pathetic state of modern media criticism: New Wash Post “critic” Erik Wemple calls “garbage”—no, “total garbage”—the suggestions that maybe there’s a problem with News Corp. and Fox outlets not covering the current scandal. He argues: oh, there are plenty of other news outlets to do that.