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4:20 And, for a little relief, fun music/video parody starring Our Miss Rebekah Brooks.

2:55 A look at US coverage of the Murdoch affair — from the Guardian.

1:45 “A truly shameful editorial”—American Journalism Review on WSJ stance on phone hacking.

1:20 WSJ has run at least seven opinion pieces so far this week supporting owner Murdoch and/or News Corp.

1:15 Comic Andy Borowitz tweets: “All these people demanding #Murdoch leave #NewsCorp are ignoring the fact that he doesn’t seem to work there.” According to Rupe.

1:05 Lulzsec apparently ready to release edited version of 4 gigs of N Int e-mails….http://bit.ly/pV2Bit.

12:50 : “Who Framed the Murdochs?!

12:15 NYT video analyzes Murdoch testimony.

12:05 Politico: Joel Klein, “wartime consigliere.” For Don Murdochleone?

11:40 Blogger at Coffee House on Cameron today: “The prime minister also denied that the New York Times article about phone hacking at the News of the World contained any new information. This was a surprising answer given that the article contained the first on the record allegation, which—we should stress—remains unproven, that Andy Coulson encouraged a journalist to hack phones.”

10:40 Well, didn’t expect to see column by Murdoch attacker, Jonnie “Flipping” Marbles at The Guardian today, complete with the cute little headshot. True, it’s in the Comment is Free section, but still, the paper does control that—and notes at end that he “did not receive a fee” for his column. Marbles writes, “It’s not difficult to find reasons to dislike Rupert Murdoch. His reach is one of the most insidious and toxic forces in global politics today. The phone-hacking scandal, despicable though it is, barely scratches the surface of the damage done by News International. It is a media empire built on deceit and bile, that trades vitriol for debate and thinks nothing of greasing the wheels of power until they turn in its favour. What’s more, no matter what the grievances he wreaks on those he has never met, his power and money keep him forever safely out of their reach.”

10:25 Alternet: “Did News of the World Hack into Climate Scientists’ Emails?”

9:50 New York Observer weekly/weakly defends Rupert in editorial. And derides “media crusade” against him.

9:15 Cameron took 136 questions so far, perhaps a record, and real debate has not yet begun. Guardian has full summary of the day so far.

9:00 Follow blow-by-blow with Cameron at Guardian blog, updated every minute at times.

8:30 10 Questions for Downing Street.”

8:20 Full story on News Corp’s decision to stop paying Glenn Mulcaire’s legal fees

8:00 Prime Minister Cameron, after two hour speech in Parliament , faces questions and “debate.” Guardian editor @arusbridger on Twitter good place to follow (“Corbyn tries 6th attempt to get Cam to reveal who he discussed BSkyB bid with. Cam says he was not involved in the decision”), also the paper’s site of course.

2:00 All the Marbles: profile of Murdoch attacker as activist/comedian/pie man.

12:10 David Carr of NYT on Colbert show predicts “juicy” coverage to continue. Colbert: Murdoch accepts no responsibility. That’s what makes him “a great leader.”

12:05 Brian Stelter of NYT on how progressives are using News Corp. scandal to call for break up of Big Media in USA and so forth.

12:00 From my assistant Kevin Donohoe: “The New Republic is up with a list of the Top 10 Moments from the Murdoch hearing. Unfortunately my favorite part—when Rupert teared up after recalling his father’s coverage of Gallipoli—didn’t make the list.”

From late Tuesday

9:00 Major new Guardian piece on committee finding that Murdoch’s News Int’l “deliberately” blocked probe. And released in time for Cameron showdown tomorrow.

5:55 My radio chat with Warren Olney today (also John Burns, Sarah Ellison, more).

5:50 Summary of Rebekah Brooks’s testimony today. And she tuned down the red in hair a notch.

5:10 Transcript of Murdochs’ testimony today.

5:00 New at the Guardian: “Blindingly obvious” evidence of corrupt payments to police officers was found by the former director of public prosecutions, Lord Macdonald, when he inspected News of the World e-mails, the home affairs select committee was told.

1:45 Update on item just below, statement from Tories: “We have double-checked our records and are able to confirm that neither Neil Wallis nor his company has ever been contracted by the Conservative Party, nor has the Conservative Party made payments to either of them. It has been drawn to our attention that he may have provided Andy Coulson with some informal advice on a voluntary basis before the election. We are currently finding out the exact nature of any advice. We can confirm that apart from Andy Coulson, neither David Cameron nor any senior member of the campaign team were aware of this until this week.”

1:00 BBC : Neil Wallis was informally advising Andy Coulson before the election.