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2:20  9/11 families to meet with Atty Gen Holder re: Murdoch scandal and hacking.

11:55 Times Editor James Harding calls News International’s handling of the phone hacking scandal "catastrophic" and said that it damaged his paper’s sales.

11:10  Dennis Potter, noted Brit playwright, before his death called his cancer of the pancreas "Rupert," and explained:  "There is no one person more responsible for the pollution of what was already a fairly polluted press, and the pollution of the British press is an important part of the pollution of British political life…I call my cancer, the main one, the pancreas one, Rupert."

10:00  No blood money:  Military charities in UK turn down large proceeds offered from final day sales of NOTW, saying they are totally repulsed by hacking, especially of dead soldiers’ families.

9:30  American fillmmaker Robert Greenwald: "What is the main lesson learned in the Murdoch scandal?  That corporate conglomerate power run unregulated causes great public harm and lacks the checks and balances required for there to be any accountability. Given this, what would be the best way to investigate the criminal wrongdoings of such a conglomerate?"

9:00  Big Guardian story on Osborne, chancellor of the exchecquer, and his numerous meetings with News Int’l. execs, including five with Rebekah "Babbling" Brooks, four with James Murdoch and twice with Rupert.  "The figures show the full extent of the government’s links with News International:"

From late Tuesday

The Financial Times reports that law firm BCL Burton Copeland is no longer advising News International about an investigation into phone hacking. This is a particularly risky time to be lawyer for News Corp. "after Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive officer, said its board relied on legal opinions that phone hacking was not widespread at the News of the World, the now-defunct Sunday tabloid."

The Telegraph: Official figures show "that 20 Cabinet ministers met senior Murdoch executives 130 times over the past 14 months." That’s once every three days, the paper notes.

Blogger claims to have recording that contradicts Piers Morgan’s vehement  phone hacking denials. 

Daily Mail: George Osborne has met executives of News Corporation companies on sixteen occasions since the coalition government assumed office, records reveal.

The Guardian: James Murdoch could earn a performance-related bonus of up to $12m and Rupert $25m despite the phone-hacking scandal.

The New York Times Magazine is out with an article (presumably from next week’s issue) on News of the World’s final, chaotic hours by former journo there. “And then, finally, we went to the pub.”

 Timeline of current scandal at WL Central with promise of more to come.