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7:20  The Financial Times reports that law firm BCL Burton Copeland is no longer advising News International about an investigation into phone hacking. This is a particularly risky time to be lawyer for News Corp. "after Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive officer, said its board relied on legal opinions that phone hacking was not widespread at the News of the World, the now-defunct Sunday tabloid."


6:30  The Telegraph: Official figures show "that 20 Cabinet ministers met senior Murdoch executives 130 times over the past 14 months." That’s once every three days, the paper notes.

3:45  Blogger claims to have recording that contradicts Piers Morgan’s vehement  phone hacking denials. 

1:10 Daily Mail: George Osborne has met executives of News Corporation companies on sixteen occasions since the coalition government assumed office, records reveal.

12:20 The Guardian: James Murdoch could earn a performance-related bonus of up to $12m and Rupert $25m despite the phone-hacking scandal.

9:05 Timeline of current scandal at WL Central with promise of more to come.

8:30 The New York Times Magazine is out with an article (presumably from next week’s issue) on News of the World’s final, chaotic hours by former journo there. “And then, finally, we went to the pub.”

7:55 For first time in weeks, virtually no Murdoch or scandal coverage on front page of Guardian site today.

12:00 NYT: Veterans of Murdoch papers dispute his claim, last week, that he was not engaged with daily operations of his papers.

From late Monday

Amidst investor anxiety, the Daily Mirror has launched an internal investigation into its editorial procedures, controls and regulations to “check whether bad practice has set in.”

A new poll shows two-thirds of Britons want Murdoch to relinquish all control of BSkyb. And post-scandal, one-third of respondents now have a lower opinion of David Cameron.

Nick Davies of the Guardian will write a new book on the scandal titled HACK ATTACK: How the Truth Caught up with the World’s Most Powerful Man, published by Farrar Straus Giroux and due out next fall of 2012.

Nicolas Lemann in The New Yorker asks in the wake of the phone hacking scandal, “Are journalists lovable rogues or human-rights crusaders?

The Wall Street Journal’’s “Special Committee” releases a short op-ed on the Journal’s response to the phone hacking scandal—and its leadership under Murdoch. The gist: “we have found nothing to even hint that the sort of misdeeds alleged in London have somehow crept into Dow Jones.”

Anthony Lane has an excellent piece in this week’s New Yorker on Murdoch and Britain’s “tabloid culture run amok.”

Salon: What it would look like if the New York Post actually covered the phone hacking scandal.

Forbes: Does Murdoch’s age matter? Brain experts say multitasking and “fluid intelligence” are first things to decline.

And, now, inevitably, new Murdoch Leaks site.