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4:10 Guardian editor Rusbridger tweets: “News Corp: James Murdoch stands by his evidence is.gd/ajntaN But if Crone & Myler are right that’s the end for James.” (And see just below)

3:05 Whoops: Former NoTW editor and lawyer contradict crucial element of James Murdoch’s evidence

1:05 Murdoch’s Times of London ripped for cartoon relating phone hacking, Somalia, etc.

12:15 Harry Shearer: “Rebekah Brooks, P.I.”

10:15 And now this indignity: News International papers set to lose deal that gave that gave them exclusive access to British athletes for upcoming Olympics (to be held in London, no less).

10:10 Explosive new charges of New Corp. hacking within USA, w/ Senator Frank Lautenberg leading probing.

9:35 Hackers LulzSec tweet: “We’re currently working with certain media outlets who have been granted exclusive access to some of the #NOTW emails we have.”

9:10 Two US senators call for inquiry by WSJ integrity panel into ex-chief Les Hinton’s role in phonehacking scandal.

8:55 James Fallows at The Altantic on management style at News Corp.

8:30 Guardian: James Murdoch—hack victim’s £1m payout sparks queries over hush-money denial

8:10 Scotland Yard asked to investigate mobile tracking claims

8:00 “Rupert Murdoch Doesn’t Eat Humble Pie.” New column by Amy Goodman. Read or listen to podcast:

From late Wednesday

And, for a little relief, fun music/video parody starring Our Miss Rebekah Brooks.

A look at US coverage of the Murdoch affair—from the Guardian.

“A truly shameful editorial” —American Journalism Review on WSJ stance on phone-hacking.

WSJ has run at least seven opinion pieces so far this week supporting owner Murdoch and/or News Corp.

Comic Andy Borowitz tweets: “All these people demanding #Murdoch leave #NewsCorp are ignoring the fact that he doesn’t seem to work there.” According to Rupe.

Lulzsec apparently ready to release edited version of 4 gigs of N Int e-mails… http://bit.ly/pV2Bit

Slate: “Who Framed the Murdochs?!”

Politico: Joel Klein, “wartime consigliere.” For Don Murdochleone?

Well, didn’t expect to see column by Murdoch attacker, Jonnie “Flipping” Marbles at The Guardian today, complete with the cute little headshot. True, it’s in the Comment is Free section but still the paper does control that—and notes at end that he “did not receive a fee” for his column. Marbles writes, “It’s not difficult to find reasons to dislike Rupert Murdoch. His reach is one of the most insidious and toxic forces in global politics today. The phone-hacking scandal, despicable though it is, barely scratches the surface of the damage done by News International. It is a media empire built on deceit and bile, that trades vitriol for debate and thinks nothing of greasing the wheels of power until they turn in its favour. What’s more, no matter what the grievances he wreaks on those he has never met, his power and money keep him forever safely out of their reach.”

Alternet: “Did News of the World Hack into Climate Scientists’ Emails?”

New York Observer weekly/weakly defends Rupert in editorial. And derides “media crusade” against him.