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7:00 Amidst investor anxiety, The Daily Mirror has launched an internal investigation into its editorial procedures, controls and regulations to "check whether bad practice has set in."

6:45 A new poll shows 2/3 of Britons want Murdoch to relinquish all control of BSkyb. And post-scandal, 1/3 of respondents now have a lower opinion of David Cameron.

4:00  Nick Daviesof The Guardian  will write a new book on the scandal titled "HACK ATTACK: How the Truth Caught up with the World’s Most Powerful Man," published by Farrar Straus Giroux and due out next fall of 2012.

12:55  Nicolas Lemann in The New Yorker  asks in the wake of the phone hacking scandal, are "Are journalists lovable rogues or human-rights crusaders?

10:40  The Wall Street Journal’‘s "Special Committee" releases a short op-ed on the Journal’s response to the phone hacking scandal — and its leadership under Murdoch. The gist: "we have found nothing to even hint that the sort of misdeeds alleged in London have somehow crept into Dow Jones."

10:20 Anthony Lane has an excellent piece in this week’s New Yorker on Murdoch and Britain’s "tabloid culture run amok."

10:15 Salon: What it would look like if the New York Post actually covered the phone hacking scandal.

10:10  Forbes:  Does Murdoch’s age matter? Brain experts say multitasking and "fluid intelligence" are 1st things to decline.

 9:40  And, now, inevitably, new Murdoch Leaks site.

9:20  Key British MP Thomas Watson credits social media’s role in exploding scandal. Surfing a giant wave?

9:10  Amazing how all of those WSJ pundits can write about hack scandal without mentioning the Boss (and I don’t mean Sprignsteen).

8:20  In Newsweek, human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson argues that Murdoch and his associates will easily dodge punishment for the phone hacking scandal. And Andrew Sullivan writes that David Cameron "is brilliant under fire but otherwise a bit of a muddler." 

8:05  Big NYT piece by trio of reporters on new pressures on poor James Murdoch. “It now seems to be everyone for themselves,” said Paul Farrelly, a Labour member of Parliament who has been a prominent critic of News International. “The edifice is cracking; they’re all fighting like rats in a sack.”

12:00  David Carr of NYT on Murdoch and family never being the same, thank god.  And his editor, Bill Keller,on "why tyrants love the Murdoch scandal."

From the Weekend

Police chief: Murdoch in denial, "shirking responsibility," unlike others.

Fox News’ long-running weekend media review show stoutly defended Boss Murdoch this week ("everyone does it" "no crime" "liberals just feasting" etc.) 

7/7 victims fear police passed numbers on to NOTW.

Norway massascre. death of Amy W., finally knock Rupert off top of Guardian web site.

CNN host and ex-tabloid editor Piers Morgan continues to strongly deny charges he approved or knew about phone hacking, challenges MP on apology.

Don’t Know Much About History:  Ex-New York City schools chief Joel Klein emerges as "unlikely" Murdoch ally.

Phone hacking used by Sunday Mirror, claims BBC Newsnight

A newspaper that went out of business rather than be acquired by Rupert Murdoch.

The Guardian is also casting The Movie, but they veto Anna Hathaway in a ginger wig as Rebecky. Plus, the obvious, Lucy as Wendi and Hillary Swank as James Murdoch. Shelley Berman as Rupert? I don’t think so. Earlier pick of Geoffrey Rush much better. And Colin Firth as Hugh Grant.

Rupert Murdoch’s mum warned him against buying “tawdry” News of the World forty-two years ago.