With the hacking-and-so-much-more scandal surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s corrupt News of the World and other aspects of his empire expanding by the hour, I’ve decided to launch a live blog with frequent updates on the subject. Items and links will be added below, with the latest at the top, à la my long-running WikiLeaks News & Views blog—which, by the way, will somehow continue, especially with the Assange court case now on. My Nation associate Kevin Donohoe is helping out.

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6:10  That’s a lotta D’oh:  In a wonderful coincidence (we presume), the episode of The Simpsons lampooning "Fraudcast News" and Murdoch happened to air on Sky last night.   Story and picture here.  And front page the Daily Mirror at left.

5:45 ThinkProgress has launched a petition calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate News. Corp.

4:45 Financial Times: Opposition Leader Ed Miliband and Deputy PM Nick Clegg "are demanding that a public inquiry into phone-hacking must go beyond Rupert Murdoch’s news empire, in a move that could expose the methods used by other parts of the newspaper industry to intense scrutiny."

4:25 Peter Hart at FAIR points out (with transcript) that Bill O’Reilly wanted to prosecute people who hacked Palin emails but has so far been silent on his fellow Murdoch employees.   http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=4342

 4:00 My associate Kevin Donohoe sends along this beauty, which involves Coulson, Brooks and…Harry Potter. And 9/11.

3:45  Not sure what this means exactly, beyond the obvious, but they are highlighting:  SkyNewsBreak  "Sky sources: Hacking inquiry to include relations between police & press and present & former politicians may be called under oath."

  1:55 The Guardian now heading into the night, but NYT blog led by Robert Mackie in "The Lede"  still going strong. Includes new video.

1:50  Great background on current scandal in major NYT Magazine story last fall, don’t miss.

12:50 Latest updates: Now it turns out Murdoch may NOT appear before probe committee next week. Also, The Sun denies getting medical records on Gordon Brown’s son in unethical manner, claiming it came from "public" source (even if true, doesn’t explain publishing it). Top police official backs second in commands Yates, despite his admissions today on dropping inquiry. And more right up to date.

12:00 The BBC reports the government will support the Labour motion calling on Murdoch to withdraw his bid BSkyB in House of Commons debate.

11:55 From WikiLeaks to the NoTW scandal, Peter Osnos writes that the Guardian is changing the way Britons see journalism.

11:05 Latest from NYT, under headline: “Gordon Brown Says Newspaper Hired Known Criminals.” Comes with great photo of a smiling Murdoch.

11:00 Latest from the Guardian just now: Scotland Yard has notified just 170 of the 4,000 suspected victims of phone hacking named in Glenn Mulcaire’s files, it has emerged.

10:30 Reuters updated piece on Murdoch maybe wanting to dump newspapers.

10:20 Only little companies pay taxes, David Cay Johnston in debut column re Murdoch.

8:45 Last night The Daily Show naturally took on the scandal and, naturally, with John Oliver. Hugh Grant depicted as moral compass.

8:20 Guardian flash: Select committee summons James and Rupert Murdoch, Brooks to give evidence next Tuesday… Details soon… Meanwhile, PM Cameron has agreed to launch two inquiries.

8:15 Roger Cohen column in NYT warns at start that it is a “defense” of Murdoch, concluding that the media mogul is “a force of nature and his restless innovations have, on balance and with caveats, been good for the media and a more open world.”

8:10 Reports: Sales of Murdoch papers slumped over the weekend in the UK. Perhaps Murdoch people will now hack NOTW now that it is dead.

8:05 Super-busy day at the Guardian: here’s the hacking scandal live-blog as they also blog the Assange appeal in court.

8:00 From today’s lenghty report in NYT: “an inquiry by The New York Times, which included interviews with two former journalists at The News of the World, has revealed the workings of the illicit cellphone tracking, which the former tabloid staffers said was known in the newsroom as ‘pinging.’ Under British law, the technology involved is restricted to law enforcement and security officials, requires case-by-case authorization, and is used mainly for high-profile criminal cases and terrorism investigations, according to a former senior Scotland Yard official who requested anonymity so as to be able to speak candidly.”

7:50 Twitterati boycott: Thousands are taking to Facebook and Twitter to call for a boycott of Murdoch’s media holdings in the UK.

1:00 With markets open in Asia, News. Corp stock has fallen more than sixty-six cents, or 4.1 percent.

12:15 After word of the hacking of Scotland Yard, our friend @WLLegal observes: “At this point, the best question might be: “Whose phones DIDN’T get hacked?”

12:10 “This is no Watergate. This is another Enron,” Forbes blogger and crisis management expert Richard Levick tells The Christian Science Monitor.


9:55 Our own Jonathan Schell takes an in-depth look at News Corp.’s political power and influence in a new piece at CNN.com. “The Murdochs call News Corporation a journalistic enterprise. In fact, it is, first, an entertainment company, with the bulk of its revenue coming from its film and television holdings. Second, and more importantly, it is a propaganda machine for right-wing causes and political figures.”

8:30 Is venture capitalist Thomas Perkins, a victim of corporate hacking at HP, best positioned to lead News Corps. corporate overhaul? (BTW, thanks to my Nation asst. Kevin Donohue for links today.)

8:25 The New Yorker reviews its more than thirty years of Murdoch coverage.

8:20 Our friend Brit diplomat Carne Ross tweets: “scandal exposes deep corruption of Brit politix wrought by Murdoch, but bought into by Cameron, Blair & us.”

8:15 Celebs cheer demise of Murdoch paper! Shocker! Hugh Grant, George Michael (left), Steve Coogan and unnamed thousands rejoice.

8:10 The Mirror reports that Murdoch will “ditch” his longest-serving lieutenant, New International chief Les Hinton. He has worked for Murdoch for the past fifty years.

8:00 Writing in tomorrow’s Financial Times, Phillips Stephens sums up a number of British columnists speculating on whether Murdoch can save the rest of his British papers. Huff Post writer on same topic.

6:15 Major NYT piece now: “Shortly after Scotland Yard began its initial criminal inquiry of phone hacking by The News of the World in 2006, five senior police investigators discovered that their own mobile phone messages had been targeted by the tabloid and had most likely been listened to.” This is top story on site, and second story is John Burns on British leaders urging Murdoch to drop big deal.

5:50 Our WikiLeaks blog pal @WLLegal crosses over with this tweet: “Because of US business ties, News Corp is liable under US law for bribing officials—doesn’t matter if they’re foreign http://t.co/b18MI3U.”

4:20 Major fallout: News Corp. bid for BSkyB now may not be taken until next year.

4:05 The Guardian’s main page of news items, video, etc. on phone-hacking scandal. Their live-blog (done for the day) is here.

4:00 Claim: Final News of the World sold 4.5 million copies, the most since 1998. Good riddance!

2:40 Reuters: NOTW reporters tried to pay NYC policeman for access to 9/11 records.

2:35 The Guardian: How News International targeted Gordon Brown. Including family and medical records.

2:30 What Murdoch owns—a visual.