Are Bush’s plunging poll numbers rattling them over at MSNBC’s Scarborough Country?

The other day, CBS News had Kerry topping Bush by five percent. The ABC/Washington Post poll has Kerry leading by nearly ten points. And a recent Time/CNN poll shows the public is now seriously split regarding Bush’s credibility in key areas: the state of the economy, the federal budget deficit, Iraq’s WMD prior to the war; and the cost of rebuilding Iraq. Americans are also convinced that Bush is more “tied to special interests” than Kerry and a recent focus group revealed that Bush’s message fell flat on both college educated and non-college educated voters. As one non-college educated man from Phoenix put it, “what world is he in–Bush World?”

Over in Bush World, or Scarborough Country, the consequences of the President’s cuts in education may be taking their toll faster than expected. As I sat on the set, waiting to be grilled by Scarborough and denounced by some vile man heading Vietnam Veterans Against Kerry, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by what appeared to be a caption malfunction. “Bush Under Seige” was slapped up on the screen for several minutes. Hey guys, great to see that Bush is under fire—but last I checked it was spelled “siege.”