One very irate reader complains in the bletters section that Palestine is missing from my donations column. MADRE, which partners with sister organizations around the world, supports Midwives for Peace, which train new midwives and provides safe birthing kits for women in the West Bank. I mentioned this cause in my description of MADRE’s work, but the reference was cut for reasons of space. Read more about Midwives for Peace here.

As long as I’m updating the donations column, here’s some new information about groups from previous years:

HEARRT (Health Education and Relief Through Teaching). This group works in Liberia, where last time I checked something like 50 Liberian doctors were serving five million people. The money Nation readers sop generously gave in 2007 went mostly for reproductive health education for teenage girls. These days HEARRT focuses on child health, emergency care and training midlevel providers. Help them out with a check to 4 Research Drive, Suite 402, Shelton, CT. 06770.

Health in Harmony. The environment is another area missing from this years column. Not enough space! never enough space! Health in Harmony is a twofer: Rural Indonesians protect the rain forest and preserve wildlife habitat in West Kalimantan and get excellent low-cost health care in return. Just starting out when it appeared on the list in 2007, Health in Harmony got a big helping hand from Nation readers. Check out this PBS video about its work here.

Happy Holidays from Berlin, where it’s cold and snowing and beautiful.