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Fareed Zakaria: yes, now it can be told — America totally overreacted to 9/11 attack. 

Don’t miss: new New Yorker profiles the infamous resting place for once and future disgraced politicians, the C Street House,  in D.C. as "The Frat House for Jesus."

New video encourages Stephen Colbert  to hold a “Restoring Truthiness” rally at the Lincoln Memorial next month.  

U.S. troops in Iraq join in resisting deadly assault–so much for "new non-combat era." …. Tony Blair says he may cancel book tour in UK due to protests over his Iraq war  role. ..Mix-up by London newspaper leads to woman getting 99 lashes in Iran.

Important NYT piece: American Muslims ask, Will We Ever Belong?…..  One week after local Calif mosque hit.:  Planned Parenthood clinic firebombed.

Novel rock and roll death — member of ELO killed by hay bale that rolled down hill. 

Watch brief teaser for my upcoming book on Upton Sinclair’s incredibly influential (and wild) leftwing race for governor of California in 1934, which inspired the invention of the modern political campaign–and Hollywood’s first all-out entry into politics. 

Glenn Greenwald on his upcoming book, plus two new hard-hitting  books on the American right.


Frank Rich hits Obama for Iraq speech,  "grown tone deaf in office…tidy homilies…"    Nick Kristof’s new column: Before Islamaphobia, America had long and troubling history of "fear" of other outsiders…..Taylor Branch’s unfortunate, often laughable, op-ed today errs by taking Glenn Beck, of all people, at his word.   Follow-up needed.  And, hey, why do you think Beck did not embrance "nonviolence"? 

Joe McGinniss leaves Wasilla as Palin neighbor to write that book, says locals welcomed him with blueberry pies and many offers of guns–over and over….  Horrid Sam Tanenhaus says others on right merely "confused" (not willfully ignorant, racist or overtly manipulated) about Obama’s religion–like it’s his fault. 

NYT new public editor’s first real column today, on opinion in news pieces,  is pretty…. lame. 

 Will Bunch on that Pittsburgh cop killer & his rightwing-driven hit list–also, read Will’s new book on rightwing in Obama era,  "Backlash" 

LSD and High on the Diamond: NYT hails infamous Dock Ellis no-hitter on acid.  Read my new piece and watch wonderful animated film. 


Red Alert:   Russ Feingold in trouble in Senate race as fundraising falls short and poll shows tossup…. Gail Collins has fun as usual, this time  on Arizona race, calling Gov. Brewer’s debate performance truly "Nixonian."   Craig Ferguson pokes fun also in this clip.

Beck finally admits telling lie at his rally about George Washington document.  Also: He did not cut down cherry tree…. Curse of Beck rally ends, as Cards finally win one.  Did LaRussa go on Olbermann last night or something?… Internet petition drive gains momentum–for Stephen Colbert to stage "Restoring Truthiness" rally at Lincoln Memorial.

The Pentagon has a kiddie porn problem…. Plus the latest Blackwater badness. 

BACEVICH BOOK   Good NYT book review tomorrow on important Andrew Bacevich book on militarism.  In same issue:  a review of the new Wilentz book on Dylan — the review includes several laughable moments, including calling a statement that Dylan is really a "jazz musician" the most true thing ever said about him. 

OH, CHRIST   Cool NYT piece on popular parody site ChristWire.org.    Yeah, gays causing all this bad weather!   Now the site responds to NYT claim it’s all in fun.

LOOMING ON HBO   Alex Gibney film on Lawrence Wright’s great "Looming Towers" book (and one-man stage show) coming on Tuesday from HBO.  I’ll have interview with Wright up Monday night here. 

THAT’s EARLE, FOLKS    One of our heroes, Steve Earle, joins our own Laura Flanders to talk about why we need to save New Orleans.  Remember, he recently provided closing theme song for HBO’s "Treme." 


BITS & PIECES   Ex-OMB director Peter Orszag to write NYT Op-Ed column once or twice a month. Debuts Tuesday……  Internal AP memo: Do not report that combat is over in Iraq.


Here’s someone’s idea of 10 best "political comedies" ever.  Of course we fully endorse "Dr. Strangelove" and "Wag the Dog," but question a couple picks.  But here’s earliest one: The Marx Brothers’ "Duck Soup." 



The Holy Grail for some, rare footage of country-rock icon Gram Parsons with the very young Emmylou Harris during their brief tour in 1973 before his tragic OD death.  I saw them at Max’s Kansas City in NYC and later co-wrote first major article about his life–and death.