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Fun MoveOn video cherry picks footage to show Breitbart backing terrorists.

Democracy Now talking to Dan Ellsberg who says, yes,  WikiLeaks bombshell release comparable to Pentagon Papers. Watch WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange presser… Terrific Amy Davidson analysis of WikiLeaks release: is proper question "can we do war better" or should we be in Afghanistan at all?… David Corn critiques those who say "nothing new" in docs—actually, they show "ground truth." 

Editors at NYT who decided to publish docs now taking Qs from readers The crowdscouring begins:  techPresident…  The Guardian:  A game-changer for British politics? 

ProPublica: CIA officer who destroyed waterboarding video, never punished, now back at CIA as a contractor.

Roland Hedley of Fox News—via Doonesburynow spying on Joe McGinnis up at Sarah Palin’s place in Alaska.

Attendees at Netroots Nation vote for Sarah Palin as candidate they hope wins GOP nod in 2012.


WikiLeaks bombshell raises essential, touchy questions about war in Afghanistan–but also about US media coverage, and decision to publish documents. Don’t miss full report and extensive links and analysis here at Media Fix.  

Just one angle: How the leak reveals the new state of the media, a kind of Pentagon Papers in real time, with all docs out there and anyone can join in publishing and analyzing them. Jay Rosen asks some good questions here

Politico’s Ben Smith has this interesting background on the NYT role: "Washington Bureau Chief Dean Baquet, reporter Mark Mazzetti and a third Timesman presented senior administration officials with synopses of the reports they planned to use, if not the actual documents, at a meeting in the White House late week, the person said." The Times itself disclosed that it was asked by the White House to intervene with WikiLeaks to back off on certain documents.

NYT‘s  Baquet told Mike Calderone of Yahoo that WH praised paper "for being responsible" with WikiLeaks docs. Glenn Greenwald weighs in: "The White House has predictably condemned WikiLeaks rather harshly, and it will be most interesting to see how many Democrats who claim to find Daniel Ellsberg heroic and the Pentagon Papers leak to be unambiguously justified follow the White House’s lead in that regard."

Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic analyzes here along with political fallout…

Max Blumenthal: Israeli army report confirming key findings of Goldstone Report is suppressed inside Israel. 

Howard Dean tells Fox: Your coverage of Sherrod was racist. 

RIGHT IS WRONG  David Carr in Monday media column hits Breitbart and Tucker Carlson: "As content providers increasingly hack their own route to an audience, it’s becoming clear that many are less interested in covering the game than tilting the field." E.J. Dionne: We need to oppose Fox and right-wing propaganda. "This is not, as the now-trivialized phrase has it, a ‘teachable moment.’ It is a time for action."

‘MAD’ ABOUT MEDIA  A lot of journalism plot points in the Mad Men debut last night: staging a fake incident to draw press coverage for a client, Don Draper sits for interviews with Ad Age and Wall Street Journal in key moments. Plus, a one-legged reporter. And if you were mystified by "John & Marsha" riff.

FOURTH DOWN  Charles Kaiser at the Hillman Foundation on "The Shame of the Fourth Estate." He means the mainstream media elevating right-wingers like Beck, Limbaugh, Breitbart.

STILL COOKING  Paul Krugman on who is to blame for no climate bill despite warmest year on record: "follow the money"… But double-dealing Ross Douthat writes that a warmer world maybe is not so bad, as he both hits and defends conservative views on it.

PLAME SPEAKING  See my new interview with Valerie Plame Wilson on nuclear abolition and "Countdown to Zero" film. And: What about that Valerie Plame actton figure?


You may have liked the Brad Pitt–Edward Norton Fight Club, but you are sure to love the new Jane Austen version. 



A true turning point: Bob Dylan "went electric" at Newport 45 years ago yesterday.  Video below, plus don’t miss this Onion fun: Rock Fans Outraged As Bob Dylan Goes "Electronica."