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Major media outlets devoted just 4 percent of coverage this year to Afghanistan…. ProPublica:  Pentagon Health Plan Won’t Cover Brain-Damage Therapy For Troops…. John Fugelsang tweets: "135 arrested at White House this week 4 protesting war. As they were not wearing Teabags, there was no media coverage." 

North Korea says it will not retaliate after South Korea sages drills.

David Carr: Big business types hail "Waiting for Superman" but what he’d really like to force them to see is not that doc, nor "Inside Job," but the new Ben Affleck flick, "The Company Men."   He notes: "The film manages to use the tableau of a bunch of rich guys losing their jobs to reach a fundamental question of this economic age. How can it be that both corporate profits and unemployment are simultaneously high?"

AFSCME : One-sided "60 Minutes" state budget story falsely blamed public employees for the crisis caused by Wall St. 

Yes, I am live-blogging all things WikiLeaks once again—for the 23rd day.

DO YOU WANNA KNOW A SECRET?  Glenn Greenwald on the latest installment in the Dana Priest-Bill Arkin "Top Secret America" series at Wash Post.

RICKY DON’T LOSE THAT NUMBER Never thought I’d see this: Ricky Gervais column, at Christmas, on why he’s an atheist—in the Wall Street Journal. Even better, see his current routine (most recently on HBO on Saturday) on Noah and the flood…. Poll: 40 percent of Americans,  and majority of Republicans, reject evolution 

KNIGHTS AND THE LIVING DEAD   Paul Krugman on how the zombies—the economic fundamentalists—are always wrong but still hold sway.

STEPHEN GETS EVEN?  Some people are fantasizing about a Julian Assange sit-down with Jon Stewart (via satellite).  Have they forgotten his meeting with Stephen Colbert earlier this year after the "Collateral Murdre" video?  Stephen takes unusually serious approach, and with usual pro-military stance. Even challenges Assange: Have you ever served in the military? But later jokes: "Haven’t you heard,  ignorance is bliss?"

POLITICAL FUN  Top 5 funniest political comedy videos of 2010, as chosen by Gotcha Media.   

WATER DOWN  Wash Post: New study of drinking water in 35 US cities finds that most contain hexavalent chromium,

SOCK IT TO THEM PUPPETS   It’s the annual Jib Jab puppety review of the year.

WILD WIKI WEEKEND  Yes, I live-blogged WikiLeaks and Assange stuff all weekend. 

If you missed latest SNL Assange takeoff:


BITS & PIECES  Frank Rich hits bi-partisanship stunts and  the new group "No Labels" loved by Morning Joe and Mike Bloomberg…. And now a word from our sponsor: Still time to order my book on wildly influential political campaign and the birth of media politics as Xmas gift for any progressive/ media/ politics maven. 


WikiLeaks leaks Santa’s naughty, not nice, list, kids freak.




Steve Earle imagine "Christmas Time in Washington," with Fox in the henhouse, and wishes we could "bring back Woody Guthrie."

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