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Nikki’s fink?  Will Folks, a top S. Carolina political blogger (and former Mark Sanford staffer),  admits he’s had affair with GOP  frontrunner for governor (and Sarah Palin fave) Nikki Haley — but now she "categorically" denies it….. Sarah Palin sends her best wishes and urges Haley to ignore "lamestream media"  and voters to avoid "liberal rag."….But danger for Haley (and Palin) is – -the blogger, who has a mixed record but claims to support Haley politically, says he came forward only because major media working on story.  If pans out, that’s all, Folks…. 

Israel denies bombshell report in The Guardian (see below) that it offered nuclear weapons help to apartheid South Africa.

Remember when we brought you that over-the-top TV campaign spot from Alabama for Dale Peterson?  And then the Funny or Die parody?  Now there’s a hysterical mashup: 


Better run, run, run away:   David Byrne suing Charlie Crist for $1 million for using Talking Heads song "Road to Nowhere" in Florida campaign.  Earlier, his opponent, Marco Rubio,  had used Steve Miller’s "Take the Money and Run" and was sold to quit…Today is Bob Dylan’s 69th birthday.  He still said it best about certain type of media back in 1965:  "Something’s happenin here, but ya don’t know what it is, do ya, Mr. Jones?" 

Ms. magazine with major probe just up on its site: "This exclusive in-depth investigative report on Scott Roeder, the murderer of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller, questions whether he was really a ‘lone wolf.’ One-on-one interviews with Roeder along with extensive research have produced startling revelations about Roeder’s associations with justifiable homicide advocates in prevalent extremist groups like Army of God, and suggest that the threat of violence from anti-choice extremists is far from over."

The Onion has good news for lost  "Lost" fans: episodes still airing–in parallel universe.NYT‘s conservative pundit Ross Douthat says on blog he was let down by finale…. 

BITS & PIECES:   The Daily Show and Colbert both off for another week, but here’s a collection of seven of their segments on ever-more-wacky Arizona…..Who was richest U.S. president? The Atlantic tallies it up and ranks JFK first, followed by George Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Rooseveltt..To Heller and back:  CJR reviews new Christopher Hitchens memoir titled Hitch-22.


Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Senate candidate, finally apologizes for misstatesments about Vietnam service, in letter sent to Hartford Courant last night…..tensions rise on the Korean peninsula  overnight…..

Obama will get "visibly tougher" vs. BP on oil leak this week, a top EPA official tells Politico.   And new from Mother Jones:  "It’s BP’s oil."   But ace blogger  Digby asks: What if  the leak CAN’T be stopped?  While NYT’s Revkin today says that if BP’s "top kill" fails on Wednesday, Obama must take over, no matter what law says.

Krugman:  as corporations–and Rand Paul and Tea Partiers who support them–raise shouts at Obama, he needs to "find his inner FDR" and say, like FDR, that he welcomes their hatred… And James Fallows in The Atlantic wants him to be more like Eisenhower (remember the warning about the military-industrial complex?)  in certain ways.

Max Blumenthal’s no doubt excellent doc on Fox/Tea Party etc. airs tonight on IFC as first in new Media Project series running this week…Stones’ Exile on Main Street their first #1 on Brit charts in 16 years…

McClatchy:  U.S. war veterans with brain injuries still struggle to get help.

FOOL’S RUSH IN My new piece on NYT panning new Zev Chafets book on Rush Limbaugh–after publishing his puff pieces on same subject in magazine and op-ed page.

"LOST" AND FOUND  What you missed watching "Lost" finale: Steve Earle and the Pine Leaf Boys on "Treme."  Well, it re-runs all week…..The Simpsons have some fun with it…...Andy Borowitz:  Consolation for "Lost" fans after finale:  "if u need your weekly fix of confusion, there’s always C-SPAN."

ISRAEL’S NUKES–AND MORE ON SETTLEMENTS The Guardian publishes what it calls first documentary proof that Israel, indeed, has nuclear weapons–based on attempted sale to, get this,  South Africa….Another  strong piece on Israel from Peter Beinart:  ‘Settler fanaticism is a cancer that has grown from within Israel.’

THE "ANTI-OBAMA":  Wild TV spot by Les Phillips, black Republican running for office vs. Obama (and Bill Ayers) :


DOUTHAT’s RIGHT THING  NYT‘s Douthat hits Rand Paul as a "paleo-conservative," not a libertarian, like his Dad…..Even WSJ editorial hits Paul (race for Senate "not a libertarian seminar")….

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL: .Rahm and Dems plan to fight off losses in November by running against Tea Party and other "no government" folks….For real: Nevada bans voters wearing chicken costumes to the polls as it would be obvious putdown of chickens-for-cash  Sue Lowden  running for Senate….

PALIN SHOOTS "CRAP"  Some bizarre stuff in big NYT piece on Palin and Alaska, plus Todd Palin asks Times’ reporter, "Are you the guy who’s been writing all that crap about us?”

BITS & PIECES:  Barney Frank wants final negotiations on The Hill on financial reform televised in full to end closed door deals…..  PolitiFact will now be fact-checking not just main guests but roundtablers on ABC’s "This Week"…..Doug Limon’s "Fair Game" on the Plame/CIA leak case shut out at Cannes…. AP:  Study finds kids in rural areas as likely as those in cities to die from guns–due to high suicide and accident rates….The Independent reports Mark Twain left behind auto-bio not to be published for 100 years–and it will come out later this year.  Includes history of an affair and even a sex toy?

YES!  AND IT COUNTS:  We earlier noted that Marv Albert’s interview with Obama — on the White House basketball court — will air tomorrow before NBA playoff.   Now you can see photo of it.

COLLEGE TRY:  Some of you may especially (ouch) enjoy this New Yorker spoofy guide to parents of recent college grads. 

DEATH AND NO TAXES   A deeper look at the two "anti-government" sovereign movement guys (father and son) who killed two cops in Arkansas–just the latest rightwing incident of this sort.

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Bill Maher on Friday’s HBO show compares U.S. conservatives to British Tories–who are allowed to be "sane."