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First U.S. soldier killed in Iraq — since combat "ended" and war "over."

Wash Post with major new analysis of WikiLeaks docs–discovers al-Qaeda almost after-thought now in Afghan war, little presence and contact.   Meanwhile, four U.S. troops die in Afghan war on Sunday.

GOPer Chuck Hagel endorses Joe Sestak vs. old Repub colleague Arlen Spector in Pa. race for U.S. Senate, and will campaign for him.

My new piece with brand new trailer for upcoming Hollywood film on Plame / CIA Leak Case, starring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn.

Krugman:  Oh, right, let’s join the GOPers and Dems who want to give tax breaks to the needy–you know, the 120,000 richest Americans.

Koch as Koch can: a  tour of who funds the Tea Party via the new New Yorker. Or is that Koch as in crook? …. Tea party candidate wants to put welfare recipients in labor camps.

NYT op-ed:  Report from a ship deck at the top of the world on the coming disaster from global warming.

SARAH SMILED  My new piece at The Nation on how the media REALLY created Sarah Palin.  Hint:  It happened ever before McCain picked he as veep candidate.

MOSQUE OF THE CRED DEATH    Wash Post surveys anti-mosque protests around USA and signs of growing anti-Muslim beliefs….  Nick Kristof:  Those opposing an Islam center  near ground zero are taking bin Laden’s side, not America’s…. Michael Wolff agrees with Frank Rich’s Sunday column–much of "mosque" obsession traces back to Murdoch and News Corp….  Ron Paul: anti-"mosque" campaign "is all about hate and Islamaphobia." 

SPIKED AGAIN   Spike Lee’s sequel to his massive documentary on Katrina and New Orleans to air starting tonight on HBO, here is review.   Yes, "Brownie" re-appears and Condi Rice is caught trying to say "Who Dat" on the sidelines of a Saints game.

NEW NUMBER 2?  This idea apparently won’t die — David Ignaitius latest to argue for Hillary replacing Biden as Veep to provide Obama a "spark."   And we thought Joe was a pretty sparky guy….

CAN YOU BEAR IT?   In big S. Dakota race for U.S. House two "mama grizzlies" battle, one GOPer and one Dem… In Tuesday’s primaries, establishment candidates such as John McCain now expected to win–so much for the pundit predictions, again…. E,J. Dionne on how the Dems must "raise stakes" in fall campaign by really hitting hard on how radical right the GOP has become. 

BITS & PIECES    WSJ on Sidney Harman’s plans for Newsweek…  Barry Ritholtz’s blog with big review of Arianna Huffington book on crumbling middle-class coming in September, titled "Third World America."..  To keep up with news about my buddy Will Bunch’s new book "The Backlash" go here.   


In light of the new polls, the only way Obama can prove he’s not a Muslim.


Since "Mad Men" is now approaching mid-1965 we thought we’d use this as an excuse to unveil the young Rolling Stones doing what could be called Don Draper’s theme song,  "(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction," which hit big that summer.  Amazingly the two singles often listed as the "greatest" ever  (at least by older critics)   came out at the same time — the other being "Like a Rolling Stone."  And if you want a direct reference from the show, this link will take you to the Beach Boys doing "LIttle Honda."