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Despite major efforts to combat, soldier suicides not declining, actually going up. Of course, the wars and multiple tours, and poor economy back home, have also gone on, and on. 

Media Matters out today with story and video on jailhouse interview with that man who was stopped as he planned to go to the Tides Foundation to kill people—inspired by his "teacher," Glenn Beck.

David Carr on Howie Kurtz leaving the Post and what this indicates about the digital/print media "divide," and more. Kurtz responds in tweet: "With my move to the Beast now likened to Dylan going electric, I feel like saying It Ain’t Me, Babe. Plus, I play piano."

Report: Huf Post spending $250,000 for buses to take people to Jon Stewart rally—and 11,000 have signed up already.

Carl Paladino, GOP candidate for governor in NY, in anti-gay rant, calls them "dysfunctional," after three gay men beaten and tortured in the Bronx. Carl claims he is the "religious values" candidate. This is the man who sent emails of woman having sex with horse—and had kid out of wedlock without telling his wife for nearly a decade…. Anti-gay riot in Serbia.

Lou Dobbs misrepresents The Nation article, Isabel Macdonald’s statements, during Virginia Tea Party speech. 

Bad timing for Mark Halperin: His new column hed is "Obama in Jaws of Political Death," even as poll numbers rise….  Eugene Robinson tweets: "Listening to the punditocracy, you’d think Obama’s popularity was in a nosedive. Um, it’s not."

AIDING "SPICOLI" DEMOCRATS Facebook co-founders make big donations to pro-marijuana measure.

ECONOMICS 101 Krugman: "Hey, Little Spender." How you can the government hasn’t created enough jobs when it aimed so low to start with?…..Reagan & Bush adviser Bruce Bartlett urges Defense Dept. cuts to balance budget; notes neo-con hypocrisy. 

THE DAILY SHOWS Eric Cantor visits Jon Stewart on Tuesday with Condi Rice arriving on Wednesday…. CNN sticking with Parker-Spitzer—but got rid of newspapers on the table….

GRITTY SUBJECT I’ll be on GRIT TV today (and see tape tomorrow) re: My book The Campaign of the Century. It probes one of most influential, and dirtiest, political campaigns ever—Upton Sinclair’s incredible 1934 race for governor of California, leading one of the greatest mass movements ever.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Wash Post: Candidates now campaign via cable news shows, not so much on stump, so advantage goes to Fox and GOP…. You’ve probably read by now about the GOP candidate now in hot water for being an SS Nazi "re-enactor," with photo to prove it. Now someone’s done one of those Hitler in Downfall parodies. Wild….  Pelosi says, "We’re Not Losing," Vows Democrats Will Win Congress In November…  Shocked to see Nate Silver naming good guy, Rep. John "Orleans" Hall, likely loser to GOPer in New York…. Top 5 in a Tea Bag straw poll: Christie, Palin, Paul, Gingrich, DeMint. The New Jersey guv is giant Springsteen fan but is he born to run?

BITS & PIECES Alternet: How Did an Entire Political Party Decide to Reject Climate Change Science?…. AP: Karzai today says,  Yeah, we’ve been in talks with Taliban for quite some time…. Nobel laureate’s wife visits him in Chinese jail, returns to house arrest: …  Torture victim sues US over ‘Kafkaesque nightmare’: 


Witch end up? If you missed the SNL parody of the Christine O’Donnell "I am not a witch" ad.



Soul on Ice: The great soul singer Solomon Burke has died at age 70. Here’s one of his greats: