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Naomi Klein at Huff Post on the G20 results and Toronto, which seems "like a crime scene to me" after hundreds of arrests. ….Simon Johnson, meanwhile, says Krugman should be new budget director —  to save us from The Age of Auserius.

Glenn Greenwald on "two poles" of journalism, hitting CBS’s Lara Logan for ripping Rolling Stone’s MIchael Hastings.  Logan actually charged: "Hastings has never served his country the way McChrystal has."  She also says her policy is to tell interviewers all key subjects she’ll raise before talking to them… .

Dave Weigel, axed by Wash Post, with very honest assessment of his career (at Breitbart’s site), "hubris" and getting too "cocky" and snarky on that list-serv, and what he hopes to do next. 

TPM with great live blog of Kagan hearings right now.  Only took a few minutes for Sen. Sessions to mention the word "socialism." ….   Today’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling  puts local, state gun bans at risk….  Court also says it won’t stop lawsuit against Vatican saying it transferred a priest despite repeated sexual abuse accusations. 

Rachel Maddow will be hosting show from Kabul next week. … House Dems move to strip money from Afghans due to corruption…. Nancy Pelosi to Huff Post promises there will be big drawdown of troops next July.

ProPublica  probe:  Scandal of nurses in California still working after problems elsewhere.  e



Senator Robert Byrd has died, lively and detailed obituary here. Classic clip of Byrd railing against Iraq war and Bush.  NBC’s Chuck Todd tweets:  "One of my first political TV memories was Robert Byrd playing his fiddle on Hee-Haw."  Colleagues pay respects.  Appointed successor could serve until 2012 — or, depending when takes office, face tough GOP challenge this November– rundown on that here.  Current Gov. Manchin seen as successor sooner or later.

With G20 leaders opting for deficit cutting over spending, Paul Krugman fears U.S. entering only its third "depression" in its history, and it’s largely due to policy., "the victory of an orthodoxy that has little to do with rational analysis, whose main tenet is that imposing suffering on other people is how you show leadership in tough times."  Bunch of good links on G20, Obama’s call for more stim spending, and FInReg here from Ezra Klein.

The great David Carr gets one wrong  in claiming charges against McChrystal  way overblown — though he’s right on one thing,  few in media probably read full story.   Note to Carr: Judgment and temperament, not "insurbordination," were key charges.   Hastings defends reporting on story against belated claims stuff used was off-the-record on Kurtz show.  And the magazine is in midst of major comeback. 

OUT OF AGHANISTAN?  New Newsweek poll shows most Americans do not support war, and number declining.  Plus they support McChrystal exit….  Time of thing we  predicted: Sen. Diane Feinstein, a top Dem on foreign affairs, says if Petraeus wants to extend troop drawdown deadline for gosh sake "give it to him."  Ross Douthat of NYT today agrees we must stay to make sure find "success" …  The Independent from London:  McChrystal’s last briefing for NATO said expect no progress next six months, could take years.

KAGAN’s DAY  NYT with tough editorial on Elena Kagan–time for her "enigmatic" status to end, senators need to ask tough questions.  And E.J. DIonne’s view on how hearings will highlight new liberal "populism" on economics.

THE GOLDBERG VARIATIONS  We’ve been hitting the clownish, if dangerous, Jeffrey Goldberg that past couple days (everything from Israel to Weigel) so it’s good to see Glenn Greenwald arrive with a full skewering today: "he’s so representative of the American media because the more discredited his journalism becomes, the more blatant propaganda he spews, the more he thrives in our media culture."  Greg Sargent at Wash Post also slams Goldberg. 

STOUT FELLOWS?  When Obama and David Cameron met in Canada  they made good on their soccer bet (a tie) by exchanging beers.  Here’s what they picked.

STILLER CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS  What the Focker? Yahoo signs up current affairs Web show directed by Ben Stiller–and starring his parents.

AFGHAN MEDIA BOSS:   Coming from New Yorker this week:  Ken Auletta on  Afghanistan’s biggest media mogul. 

BITS & PIECES  Boston Globe‘s troubling new evidence in worst fatal fire in Lowell, MA history in 1982 — wrong culprit fingered?…  Cable host Dylan Ratigan profiled: Former biz journalist now anti-banker …  4 Norwegian soldiers die in Afghan blast; nation’s highest number killed in attack in war… Very good video from Afghan by NBC’s Richard Engel.


Our friends at Funny or Die poke fun at the new iPhone ads, which promise to change everything all over (again).  Also can serve as sexual aid.




The London Times’ headline this morning:  "HUMILIATION."   To try to cheer up England’s soccer squad — and to the mark the passing of original Kinks bass player Pete Quaife last week — here’s The Kinks tribute to the queen, when the Brits really ruled, "Victoria."   And yes, I did interview Ray Davies a couple of time for Crawdaddy.