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Glenn Greenwald on Israeli raid on relief ship heading for Gaza kills nine  civilians,  dozens wounded, 4 Israelis injured.  Tonight’s new NYT story on how this "complicates" U.S./Israel relations–even as Obama fails to condemn–co-written by Ethan Bronner, bureau chief whose son is in IDF.   AP roundup on international condemnation.  Juan Cole with two theories.    David Kurtz at TPM has a useful live blog with frequent updates.  Interesting NYT blog post with parallels to famous 1947 "Exodus" ship attack.  Think Progress:  "moral abomination."    Andrew Sullivan has videos showing violence by the passengers–but asks,  what do you expect in respose to commando raid?  

Jeffrey Goldberg worries about the lack of wisdom of Israeli leaders and the future of the state.  Haaretz covers much  at the Israeli paper’s site–it is largely going with gov’t spin now but opinion piece calls the Gaza blockade Israel’s "Vietnam," and another blasts the inevitable Israeli use of force, always.     The Guardian with live coverage from the flotilla.    Marc Lynch at Foreign Policy:  Obama, like Bush, had failed to tackle Gaza humanitarian  crisis.     DebkaFile implausibly suggests  it was mainly an intellgence screwup.  NYT covers international condemnation but highlights this is "propadanda coup" for Israel’s foes.  Video library on flotilla attack. 

American student loses eye protesting attack.  J Street statement opposing blockade. Israeli human rights groups want names and locations of survivors.  The Guardian on the passengers, including a Nobel peace laureate.  Transcript of Amy Goodman interview with passenger on ship.  Counterpunch: "War crime" but Israeli spokesman has U.S. airwaves, and spin, to himself.  Twitter feed for Gaza relief effort captured raid as it happened and now aftermath.  While UK, EU and most international leaders condemned the attack, the White House said it was "studying" it.  Watch the raid in progress:

BP CROSSES FINGERS   McClatchy:  latest failures mean oil leak crisis "just got enormously worse."  New containment dome attempt today….. Start of hurricane season, expected to be severe, raises new concerns…. Andy Borowitz:  "BP has everything we thought Iraq had – tons of oil, and weapons of mass destruction."   He also claims that name of latest BP effort is "Operation Fingers Crossed" which "does not instill much confidence."

PATIENTS OF JOBS  Paul Krugman:  a year into the "weak" recovery he is most alarmed by talk of not helping the jobless and instead inflicting "more pain" on them: "More and more, conventional wisdom says that the responsible thing is to make the unemployed suffer. And while the benefits from inflicting pain are an illusion, the pain itself will be all too real."

MEMORIAL DAY  The great vet leader and friend Paul Reickhoff’s Memorial Day post….. On Memorial Day, remembering a subject I’ve covered closely since 2003: military suicides….. A new Memorial Day slide show featuring Nation articles on war starting in 1866.

QUITTING THE WEB:   8 Wash Post reporters try it for a few days. You can guess the results….  David Carr sizes up possible Newsweek buyers with first bids due this Wednesday.

ERRANT THROES:  My new piece about today being 5th anniversary of Dick Cheney’s infamous "last throes" in Iraq quote.

GUNS AND POSES  Jessica Valenti: The "fake feminism" of Sarah Palin.

ONE IN A THOUSAND   Turns out that the 1000th U.S. military person killed in Afghanistan (by the AP count) was born on the Fourth of July and was on second tour.

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL  One of the two Democrats who split vote in recent Hawaii special election, where GOP guy won, decides to pull out of contest this fall, clearing way for likely Dem retrieval.

BITS & PIECES:   Radioactive fish near nuclear plant said to be "ordinary"…..The Guardian: The scandal of child labor on U.S. farms ….  Watch video about WikiLeaks at The New Yorker and profile of founder …. Resignation of gay cabinet minister jolts new Brit coalition government.



Top Kill effort to plug Gulf oil leak declared a flop — pressure sure to increase on Obama to take over remedial action from BP…...L.A. Times:  Top BP chief says "Ths scares everybody".…..Times-Picayunemedia access to oil spill being "strangled."  AP, CBS, others complain…..Naomi Klein on the crisis

McClatchy (which has had great oil leak crisis coverage): both BP and gov’t credibility take huge hit, info held back or misleading.  NYT:   Why didn’t BP halt operations after March incident? …..Frank Rich:  the oil leak is NOT Obama’s "Katrina"–actually, it might be worse…..Maureen Dowd hits Obama hard on response to BP leak and much else–says he needs to appoint Bill Clinton as emoter-in-chief on crisis, or to offer other help.

I finally mastered the Dennis Hopper look and now he’s gone.   Sad to see an original go.  Viggo Mortenson pays tribute at The Nation.

Colin Powell on ABC’s "This Week" today:  Iraq is ready for departure of U.S. forces…… Alternet:  Today those online counters that tally up the cost of wars in Iraq and Afghan slated to hit the 1 trillion dollar mark.  Here’s a piece marking that–and what else could be bought for that money.

HEY, JOE, WHERE YOU GOING?  Joe McGinniss talks to Wash Post’s Dave Weigel about moving next door to the Palins:  "If I were her, I’d be upset. I’d be annoyed. But I’d be an adult about it."  What he said to Todd and more ….FireDogLake: "My Wasilla Lunch With Joe McGinniss"–and a look at the Palin "cult compound" from 20 feet away. 

WEB vs. PRINT,  AND ALL THAT JAZZ    Interesting Clark Hoyt public editor column for NYT on reporter’s blog post on the aftermath of jazz great Hank Jones’ death (he visited his depressing final apartment).  Are there different standards for web and print?  You betcha…..Wash Post ombud hits paper for not covering protests at bank executives’ homes.

BITS & PIECES  GOP candidate for Obama’s old seat did not win military award he claimed……Roger Ebert:  is the Web rewiring our brains, giving us "global ADD"? 

CHICKEN LADY GETS CONNED   So what’s Nevada GOP Senate candidate Sue Lowden up to now, after surviving (barely) nationwide mockery for her plan to let people pay doctors with chickens as barter?  Check out her latest TV spot, and those lucky cons:


 OLBERMANN ON HALLADAY  Keith Olbermann at his "Baseball Nerd" blog on Roy Halladay’s perfect game Saturday night….David Huff, Indians’ pitcher, hit in head by A-Rod shot, lives to tell tale–on Twitter.   Out of hospital.

BP, FROM BLAME GAME TO NAME GAME  More from the savagely faux Twitter feed BPGlobalPR:  "We are very upset that Operation Top Kill has failed. We are running out of cool names for these things."

GITMO,  MEET KAFKA   Glenn Greenwald on the latest outrage, prisoners held because–no evidence against them.

POLLS APART ON WAR :   Recent CNN polls show 56% of Americans say they "oppose" Afghan war–but back goals and the way Obama is handling it.  Wha???….. Canadian military chief in Afghan dismissed over "alleged inappropriate personal relationship."

TODAY’S LAFF  The folks at Mashable for the holidays pick and describe their brief word-garbling (or potty mouthed) Top 10 YouTube news bloopers.…  Here’s one: