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NYT reports Obama deal with GOP near—they get Bush tax cuts for rich, he gets jobless help. Joe Scarborough tweets: "Politically, I am stunned the President is extending the tax cuts to millionaires." Paul Krugman column: Let’s NOT Make a Deal. Let taxes rise for all, if necessary, rather than give in to "blackmail." Eric Boehlert tweets: "Extending tax cuts adds $500 billion to deficit. Tea Party remains utterly silent. Press pretends not to notice." 

A massive Peter Boyer profile of John Boehner for The New Yorker just went online.

Note: Once again, we’re submitting a more abbreviated Daybook today due to continuing "Blogging the WikiLeaks." Here is today’s version and  the weekend edition. Some of the latest highlights:

Assange ups ante—now says OBAMA  (as well as Hillary) must resign if ordered spying at UN. Julian, don’t hold your breath in that bunker… Relieved that Palin, on Sarah Palin’s Alaska, did not shoot Assange from a helicopter…  AP: Supporters claim Assange may seek asylum in Switzerland… New John Bolton piece at the Guardian on WikiLeaks naturally attacks Obama above all… Alex Baldwin at Huff Post: Yeah, "throttle" Julian Assange—but only if also put Cheney on trial for the Valerie Plame leaking… More from Assange lawyers at BBC, on assassination and fighting Swedish charges.

At Huff Post, close friend of Martin Luther King, Jr. calls for primary challenge to Obama in 2012. 

Karzai orders four officials on Afghan election panel arrested, as criticism of recent voting increases…  As US leaves, Iraqis who depended on us—a large number—are suffering economically.

SCARY STORY: THE SEQUEL  This weekend’s scare story: state and local debt so huge it reminds some of prelude to subprime mortgage collapse. 

FIXING A WHOLE  Cool, historic picture: The Beatles just before that legendary walk across Abbey Road

OBAMA VISITS STOCKHOLM?  From Frank Rich—Is Obama a hostage to GOP and suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome"? 

ARKAVISTS  Noah’s Ark, theme park division, in Kentucky—or "Ark Encounter." Just about jobs, not religion—they say.  Check out the drawing.

DIMON WRING  Huff Post: That Jamie Dimon profile on cover of NYT Magazine misses the point: Trusting bankers is too stupid to try again. 

SALON, IT’LL BE GOOD TO KNOW YA  I’m doing the FireDogLake book salon Q&A next Saturday for my "The Campaign of the Century"  book.

BITS & PIECES See the new Facebook profile redesign http://huff.to/fvczL3Jeffrey Toobin takes stock of the Bush v. Gore SCOTUS decision ten years later… Military chaplains debate role without DADT.


If you missed SNL‘s WikiLeaks-as-TMZ skit:



Surprise: a great Christmas song from a young Steve Earle (who lent his name to tonight’s Nation Institute gala).


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