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Paul Krugman in column on how we are, like never before,  "punishng the jobless" ends by quoting my man, Upton Sinclair… New NY Magazine profile of David Brooks just posted, calling him both "irrelevant" and "essential."  Well, they are half right.

The Guardian:  US questions its unwavering support for Israel.  Somehow, I doubt it leads to much… FAIR:  Yes, there’s a Heart of Darkness in today’s Congo but this Time magazine piece is not helpful.

David Carr:  Chicago trial reveals increasing problem of gaps in media coverage—fewer reporters, fewer probes, lessx expertise. And here Carr looks behind the Dave Weigel flap, concluding that he "was the victim of a ‘not invented here’ reflex that many legacy media companies still possess. He was not, as they say, ‘one of us,’ but one of ‘them,’ brought in to sprinkle new-media pixie dust on a mainstream newspaper that was hemmed in by political and journalistic convention." More from Howie Kurtz on the Weigel case—obviously more friendly to the Post.  

Rick Herztberg in The New Yorker probes  why rightwingers hate football… er,  soccer.

Remember de-throned Miss USA, Carrie Prejean?  Just married Oakland Raiders QB Kyle Boller.

Fareed Zakaria on CNN calls Afghanistan a "real" but "small" problem and U.S. effort is disproportionate…. Rand Paul backs MIchael Steele’s original call for Afghan pullout and points out it IS Obama’s war of choosing–choosing to send more troops, in any case.  But most top Repubs hit Steele’s view… Meanwhile, Tea Partiers rip Paul for taking DC money.

WIDE GULF:  Surprisingly, a big range of views among experts on just how ecologically damaged the Gulf has become due to oil leak, Wash Post reports.  

BITS AND PIECES    Cool and unusual fireworks photo from NYT (if you like that sort of thing)…..That Obama cover for The Economist–a little altered….. 



TAKE TEA AND SEE GOP  New Gallup poll:  Despite hype to the contrary,  Tea partiers not much more than run of the mill conservative GOPers. 

AFGHAN GONE  BABY GONE  Al Hunt on ABC’s This Week today: sources say if private vote this week Dems and Repubs alike would have voted against Afghan war funds. Also, Krugman hits Dems for coming down so hard on Michael Steele’s comment when really what hey need to do is re-consider the war… 

GULF OUILED  From the faux Twitter account BPGlobalPR:  "We’ve eliminated the huge turtle surplus in the gulf.  Next on our list: dolphins, whales, reporters."

GAZA BLOCKADE AID  Another brave Nick Kristof column from Gaza—Israel should not just ease blockade but end it.   He explains more here and asks for feedback.

WOODY APPROVE?  For the holiday:  A political undating of  Woody’s "This Land is Your Land."   If your taste runs more to Popeye the Sailor, you can find his "patriotic" cartoon here.



VETS  Amazing 4th of July story about Iraq veteran overcoming severe injuries.  Multi-media here. The Toledo Blade looks at its local, troubled vets… Huff Post:  the 1000th US military member to die in Afghanistan was literally born on the 4th of July. 

FATEFUL OP-ED  Seven years ago this weekend the infamous Joe Wilson op-ed in the NYT that really launched the Plame/CIA leak case was published. Read my new piece here.

RICH & RACE Frank Rich column on status of racial progress in USA  (still a "work in progress"—and rips senators this week who attacked Justice Marshall (plus a dig at Justice Roberts) .

BITS & PIECES   Andy Borowitz:  "No one can beat Cleveland’s offer to LeBron:  6 years in Cleveland is like 100 years anywhere else…  After Saturday’s World Cup result finally  the words "Germany" and "Argentina" will now have a happier ring for Germans…  Press groups hit  "prior restraint" at Gitmo.


TORTURED LOGIC  Latest from NYT defending its policy of not, in the main, referring to waterboarding and other forms of torture as, well, torture. Hey, they didn’t want to be politically correct!  BIll Keller should be ashamed for his quotes. Glenn Greenwald agrees, calling it  "one of the more demented and reprehensible statements I’ve seen from a high-level media executive in some time." And Keller freely used "torture" as a reporter to describe, for example, what Russia did.

COUSINS OR CUSSINGS?  Kathleen Parker digs herself a deeper hole in column tomorrow in Wash Post and elsewhere defending calling Obama our "first female president."  She even stoops to claiming he is actually a distant cousin.

BP POISONS  Major ProPublica piece just out:  BP’s Texas refinery had huge toxic release in April—just before Gulf blowout.  "It stemmed from the company’s decision to keep producing and selling gasoline while it attempted repairs on a key piece of equipment, according to BP officials and Texas regulators.… The company now estimates that 538,000 pounds of chemicals escaped from the refinery while it was replacing the equipment. These included 17,000 pounds of benzene, a known carcinogen; 36,000 pounds of nitrogen oxides, which contribute to respiratory problems; and 189,000 pounds of carbon monoxide."  Also, photographer for above piece detained by police.  

STEELE AWAY?   Liz Cheney joins in calls from GOPers for ouster of Michael Steele after his latest gaffe dissing chances for success in Afghanistan.  Steele video here.  More here on Democrats hitting Steele—but in the process defending forever Afghan war. 

BITS & PIECES:   The Economist:  America spending on unemployment insurance, but not on training workers… Adam Clymer, former "big time" NYTer, rips Wash Post in lettter to ed today on use of anonymous sources to smear Rolling Stone writer…  Mariano Riivera, and his "cutter," on cover of tomorrow’s NY Mag.

DEATH AFTER DEADLINE  US actually stopping "combat" role in August as promised when troops in Iraq hit 50,000 goal? Not exactly, reports NYT‘s TIm Arango… Pentagon clamping down on press access after McChrystal mess. If tree falls in forest now it didn’t happen. 

PAT ANSWER   As we have predicted, the upcoming film on Pat Tillman (due in August) will make Gen. McChrystal’s retirement a lot less relaxing, Newsweek reports.  Read my take, plus watch trailer.

GO FOURTH AND ANSWER  Gail Collins’s July 4th weekend quiz.  For example, who said, “Not only did I grope him, I tickled him until he couldn’t breathe and four guys jumped on top of me.”

JUST ONE HITCH  Andrew Sullivan says he’ll pray for recovery of über-atheist Christopher Hitchens "just to piss him off."

CRIME  PAYS?   A major, and lucrative, US peace prize for alleged "war criminal" Tony Blair.


 A wrapup of the Kagan hearings from The Daily Show

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My favorite July 4th song, suitably titled "The Fourth of July," originally by the band  X, here done by writer Dave Alvin (though I prefer the Robert Earl Keen version).  Dry your tears and walk outside…