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Powerful NYT piece on soldier  just awarded Medal of Honor—he sees futility of war, after place where friends died  is abandoned. Also on "60 Minutes" last night….  US and NATO allies late this week to announce "transition" strategy in Afghan war, over next four years, to reduce outside military.  Gen. Petreaus upset about Karazai’s criticism of war effort.

Unintentionally comic Wash Post piece of the weekend: alleged or former Democrats Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell say Obama should announce now that he’s not seeking re-election…. David Axelrod exiting White House soon to run Obama’s 2012 campaign….

Krugman: Obama not prepared for real world when he took office—and still isn’t.

Keith Olbermann promises a "special comment" tonight roasting Ted Koppel’s "false equivalency" blast a few days ago at him and MSNBC and Fox.   And new Howie Kurtz piece on "infighting" at NBC over Olbermann—expect some return fire today (I was on Countdown w/ Kurtz last week).  UPDATE Keith O responds via Twitter this afternoon: "Wont waste everybody’s time responding to Kurtz’s hysteric source. But doesnt all anonymous bashing sound oddly familiar?"

This year: Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  Next year, as her high unfavorable rating (little noted by media)  continues to climb,  a sequel (we predict): Sarah Palin’s Waterloo.

Controversy raging over new airport scanning and invasive patdowns, as Janet Napolitano defends in USA Today. CBS travel editor predicts delays for Thanksgiving travelers due to new airport security checks.

Andy Borowitz: "Best Plagiarized Lines From Bush’s Book."

RANGEL LAWYERS UP  Charles Rangel to serve as own lawyer as his congressional ethics trial begins today. But let’s never forgive the classic auto-tuning of his speech.

KINDLE ON THE FIRE  New edition of my "classic" book on Upton SInclair’s race fo governor and the birth of media politics now available on Kindle for first time (and in print).

DON’T LOOK, BECK   Conservative Commentary mag speaks out against Glenn Beck’s anti-history of George Soros and the Holocaust. So does libertarian Reason.

BUSH EXECUTED POORLY  New DNA test suggests George W. Bush as governor allowed innocent man to be executed. Of course, Texas easily led the league in executions during Bush’s years there.

FIERY PROTEST  My piece marking 45th anniv of Norman Morrison setting himself on fire under Pentagon chief Robert McNamara’s window to protest Vietnam war. 

ISSA BAD THING  NYT predicts the 9 probes Rep. Darrell Issa will launch when gets committee subppoena power: Yes, Sestak, Acorn and New Black Panthers are on there. 

BITS & PIECES  A shocker from Eric Lichblau:  How US intelligence helped shelter some ex-Nazis after the war….   Keith Richards’ book hits #1 on NYT list, and here’s Liz Phair review…. Frank Rich’s latest column was #1 in popularity at NYT site much of weekend:  A "wobbly" Obama needs to finally take on the "super-rich."


Last Friday we hailed the 30 Rock episode featuring John Slattery of Mad Men as a kind of Tea Party candidate.  Now it’s up on Hulu, here’s one bit:




For this week’s digital short SNL brought back musical guests Arcade Fire to help storm the UN—with dancing.