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Slick operators, still oily: BP funding GOP candidates who attack Obama energy legislation and climate control.

In the wake of WikiLeaks release, Glenn Greenwald: the FBI went after Dan Ellsberg but now it’s the media, including NYT, who are targeting Julian Assange… Howie Kurtz on CNN said Assange proved he had "delusions of grandeur"—because he walked out of CNN interview that focused on his personal life… Plus US coverage far more "government subservient" than in the rest of the world. More evidence from the Guardian on US knowingly handing over captives to Iraqi torturers...

Steve Coll at New Yorker with sad quote from WikiLeaks doc on "Unchecked Torture"… Ex-Nation intern Nick Clegg (now deputy leader in UK) says torture revelations in WikiLeaks must be probed. Waiting for US response. Waiting. 

Paul Krugman: If Democrats do badly next week pundits will say Obama went too far to the left. But real reason: his economic plans were weak and inadequate to the task from the outset. "Right now it looks as if the too-cautious attempt to jump across that economic chasm has fallen short—and we’re about to hit rock bottom.

Comical New York cover story just out: President Palin. John Heileman imagines Sarah as 2012 candidate with Mike Bloomberg as third-party candidate. Vote results in no winner that November, throwing the election to the House of Representatives, run by GOP, who then pick Palin as prez.

Former Fox correspondent confirms on Morning Joe that Fox’s main goal is to keep media "polarized." …Slate’s Dave Weigel reports from a lefty academic conference on the Tea Party in Berkeley

James Fallows: NPR stumbled on Juan Williams but has done much right.

SORRY SITUATION What price does US put on a human life in Iraq? Sometimes $500. My piece on payoffs to victims’ families in Iraq and more, post-WikiLeaks.

HOWIE’S MATH Howie Kurtz on CNN yesterday, in segment on Jon Stewart’s rally, said flatly, that "half a million" turned out for Beck’s rally in DC. When he was hit hard for accepting this wildly inflated figure via Twitter, he explained that he was just "throwing out a ballpark figure." So next time Kurtz charges anyone with numerical errors, I hope they reply, "oh come on, just throwing out ballpark figure."

ROOT FOR THE HOME TEAM My check of FEC records found Texas Rangers co-owner Nolan Ryan funding all Repub candidates for years—Bush, McCain, Rudy G., even the hapless Rick Lazio—while Giants’ lead owner, who hails from Seattle, all Dems.

UPPIE’S DOWNFALL If you’ve missed my unique daily reports at Huff Post on the final wild days of Upton Sinclair’s wildly influential 1934 campaign (drawn from my book)  you can catch up.  

WHAT’s BEST FOR AFGHAN WOMEN Nick Kristof column: "We do Afghan women no favors by keeping 100,000 troops in an unsustainable war." 

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL New poll finds independents spiking for GOP... Frank Rich slams Obama for not going after fat cats who caused economic crisis, making Dem voters apathetic... New poll in Calif finds Brown and Boxer widening leads… Alaska’s Joe Miller reveals new details about ethics breach. http://huff.to/a4J6IH


Brett Favre has not lost any endorsement deals since his texting/sexting scandal broke, not even that ubiquitous jeans commercial. So SNL showed how it should at least be revised.



I caught this in concert again last night and it remains my favorite piece of twentieth-century "classical" music, Shostakovich’s Piano Trio No. 2, in honor of Holocaust victims. You like your rock music dynamic? Try this.