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Newt Gingrich: Building Islamic center not far from Ground Zero like posting a Nazi sign next to Holocaust memorial. Yet he will still receive endless face time on Fox and elsewhere.

Robert Gates says he’s quitting as Pentagon chief next year.  Maybe he’s angling for Steve Carell’s job at "The Office"?

Huff Post:  As the midterm elections get closer, it is becoming increasingly clear that this political season won’t be any different when it comes to political insults. With the Senate race as a choice between a "mob banker" and a "serial liar" (or a new Republican Senate candidate, Linda "crotch-kicker" McMahon), the name-calling is sure to get much worse before November. 

The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy announced that it was suing the Department of Energy for failure to comply with FOIA in a meaningful way over nuclear power subsidies. The Obama administration said in February it would  provide $8.3 billion in taxpayer-financed loan guarantees to the Southern Company to build two new nuclear reactors at its Plant Vogtle in Georgia.


Paul Krugman blasts critics of Social Security at its 75th birthday–numbers and arguments don’t add up, and then there’s the "ignorance."

New Yorker site with chapter from Sean Wilentz’s forthcoming book on Bob Dylan in America, this excerpt covering Dylan, Allen Ginsberg and the Beats.

David and Goliath: Gen. Petraeus on "Meet the Press" says U.S. military leaders inherited faulty strategy for Afghan war at end of Bush era. Opposes fast pullout and says he didn’t sign on just for a "graceful exit." …. Gen. McChrystal reportedly getting new gig — teaching at Yale.

Rap video "Got a New Sheriff" backs Eliz Warren for that appointment.


My new piece marking the death 75 years ago of one of greatest Americans ever: Will Rogers. A true "progressive" whose comments on FDR, the economic crisis and weak Democrats resonate today…. Plus:  My two interview segments on atomic bomb coverups– in the military and in Hollywood– aired on  NPR’s "On the Media" this weekend but now also up on online, with transcripts later today.

If you missed Christoper Hitchens on Charlie Rose on Friday night:

AMERICA KEEPS ITS MOSQUE ON?  GOP thinks it can make hay over the "not Ground Zero not a Mosque" issue but Nate Silver at 538.com has polls that show otherwise.  Meanwhile  NYT‘s Ross Douthat naturally says it’s correct for "ground zero" mosque critics to put Muslims on defensive in debate, suggesting there is much worth in both tolerant and intolerant America. 

OBAMA KEEPS HIS SHIRT ON  White House makes sure photogs don’t snap shirtless Obama on vacaton on the beach.  Well, not quite like ban on pictures of FDR in wheelchair or getting helped from car. 

CALL IT GERIZON, OR VOOGLE?  The Google-Verizon plans for Internet raising real privacy concerns.  

BITS & PIECES   NYT Co. paper in Mass. to charge for online content.…  Richard Clarke on Colbert tonite, while Daily Show gets Emma Thompson….. More YouTube spoofs of that trailer for Hollywood’s Facebook movie appear.


You’ve no doubt read about Dan Quayle’s son Ben running for office and in the process calling Obama "the worst president ever" among other cracks.  So Andy Cobb of Second City fame has announced he is now running against young Quayle — shooting Quayle, so to speak.




Richie Hayward, great drummer for Little Feat since 1970, has passed at age 64.  Richie once wrote me a letter thanking me for saving their career in 1971–by writing rave reviews of their first album for four separate magazines.  Apparently Warner Bros. didn’t pay any attention to bylines–but who did?  Here he is with Lowell George and the rest of the gang in one of the great songs of the 1970s. Rumor at the time had it that the subject of this song was Brian Wilson in his recluse phase.