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Nate Silver’s nightmare scenario for truly massive GOP sweep tomorrow…New polls showing strong Democratic unhappiness with Obama, including high number who want primary challenge in 2012… NYT: Young voters claim they feel abandoned.

David Carr: Jon Stewart blamed the messenger (the media) at the DC rally  instead of the message (right wing kookiness?): "Personally, I enjoy Mr. Stewart in his regular seat where he is less reasonable, less interested in obvious targets and less willing to suggest that all political ideas and movements are like kindergartners, worthy of understanding and respect if only the media would get out of the way." One thing Carr misses: Yes, cable audience not large but resonates on Web, which IS massive.

Daily Show site posts 10 clips from rally…. If you’ve missed, text of Jon Stewart’s closing sermon, "from the heart."… Experts in aerial photography hired by CBS who said 87,000 at Beck rally find 215,000 for Jon…. Not a joke: WaPo/ABC poll gives Stewart 2-1 edge over Colbert—in a race for the White House….

Sad to report death of Ted Sorensen who did so much to shape JFK’s image and wrote the inaugural lines, "The torch has passed to a new generation" and "ask not….." And did much else. He joked that his name would be surely misspelled in his obits as "Sorenson." And the Wash Post, at least early on DID.

NYT editorial slams lack of progress in Democratic Congress on gun control. 

From 2005 to 2009, 1,100 servicemembers committed suicide—an average of 1 suicide every 36 hours. Read report here. George W. Bush threw out first pitch last night at World Series. How many thousands of US soldiers no longer able to throw a ball because of him? 

ABC hires Breitbart for election analysis, then partly un-hires him after protests, now Breitbart attacks and ABC defends. What did they expect? 

My new piece on final days of "dirtiest" election campaign ever. Naturally, wacky GOPers, church leaders  and Chamber of Commerce involved.

GOING TO THE MATT Join Matt Damon in supporting progressive power a la Working Families Party tomorrow.

LET"S GO TO THE VIDEO NYT headline: "Alaska Three-Way is Surprise Hope for Democrats."

OMBUD DOESNT GET BURNS Public editor’s report on NYT and WikiLeaks mentions, then ignores, John Burns’ hit piece on "rogue" Assange. 

PHOTO FINISH Embarrassing? MSNBC ads directly across from full-page photos of Tea Party or GOP candidates in new Time election issue. Seen as endorsement—or commentary?

THE JUNGLE  My latest piece: When the liberal president screwed a famous Democrat in closing days of campaign. 

DEATH AND TAXES  Classic Drudge headline: "Congresswoman: Estate tax hike has some planning death before Dec. 31."

 ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL Sen. Feingold on GOP strategy this election: "hold focus group…. then lie".Most experts now say Dems will hold Senate, with Boxer, Murray and Manchin all winning.... Politico claims GOP leaders will next turn their guns on stopping Sarah Palin…. Preparing bumper sticker, "Don’t Blame Me, I Live in NY," as Cuomo and Gillibrand headed for landslides.


If you missed the great Tony Bennett doing "America the Beautiful" at the DC rally on Saturday.

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear  
Tony Bennett – "America the Beautiful"
Rally to Restore Sainty and/or Fear The Daily Show The Colbert Report



Those wacky Taiwanese animators take on the Reid-Angle race.