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NYT names new public editor and it’s a famous namesake in journalism history: Arthur Brisbane.    During the first decades of the 20th century, Arthur Brisbane was one of William Randolph Hearst’s top editors and columnists. The current Brisbane was one of two execs in line to head Knight Ridder before it was sold to McClatchy.

As world watches:  85 Senators sign on to AIPAC letter backing Israeli action vs. Gaza flotilla…. Double standard alert:  Marty Peretz, bigoted against Muslims and Arabs, condemns Helen Thomas heartily.

TPM:  Tea partiers to Obama: lay off BP!  … For a chuckle: Here’s GOP tea party fave Sharon Angle’s first ad vs. Harry Reid, an attack ad attacking him for attacking her.  Love that music. 

MSNBC’s Contessa Brewers this afternoon equates GOPers backing BP, and Tony Hayward going yachting, with Obama playing golf–even sponsors a poll on it.

In a free speech vs. national security case, U.S. Supreme Court today upheld a federal law that makes it a crime to provide “material support” to foreign terrorist organizations, even if the help takes the form of training for peacefully resolving conflicts.

Andrew Sullivan and others hit Utah’s attoreny general for tweeting firing squad execution of prisoner.

Even as many in middle, and on right (e.g. Ross Douthat) wonder why "liberal" pundits are criticizing Obama, Glenn Greenwald wonders why so many continue to back him on certain key issues. … Once relatively sane Michael Barone  (he wrote for me at a magazine years ago) calls Obama a thug and backs Joe Barton on BP. 

Please, more of this: Buffalo News breaks ranks,  bans anonymous commenters on web stories….With officials and pundits apparently all sticking to the facts now, PolitiFact has time to fact-check Snooki. 


STIMULATING:  Huff Post: Robert Reich compares Alan Greenspan, because of his statement against more stimulus,  to none othe than — Tony Hayward.  Paul Krugman affirms:  "Spend now, while the economy remains depressed; save later, once it has recovered. How hard is that to understand? Very hard, if the current state of political debate is any indication."

RIGGED:  Major front-page NYT probe of lax oversight leading to blowout preventer failing at Deepwater Horizon rig.  Interactive material at Times site….  BBC:  Deepwater Horizon worker says he found leak in oil rig’s safety equipment weeks before Gulf of Mexico blast… Wash Post front-pager: BP tapping deep well of D.C. lobbyists.

FATHER ALONE:  See my new piece for all the dads whose kids have not come home from our wars: One man ‘s story…. If you missed the Weekend Daybook, it’s still here.

EVERYBODY MUST GET STONED   Oliver Stone on Democracy Now today, talking about his new documentary …. Financial Times turns over Stone, interviews Hugo Chavez…. Japanese theater in reversal finally to screen last year’s great doc, The Cove

OUTSOURCING REPORTING:  Howie Kurtz with a  report (a little behind the curve) on big print news orgs hiring outsiders and nonprofits to do investigative work, plus surge in hirings at AOL, Yahoo etc.  … Wash Post:  Ombud says Deep Throat might be out of luck at the paper today, people with tips don’t know how to reach reporters or have trouble doing it when they try …Online news still has not put a dent in Japan’s print media giants–unlike in USA.

SUCCEEDING KING  David Carr:  Larry King celebrating 25 years at CNN, ratings falling, but network has no clear idea on a successor:  Eliot Spitzer?  Katie Couric? Pehaps they should hold a "bake-off." 

ON THE CAN-PAIN TRAIL:   Wash Post:   For survival, Dems to spend tremendous amount this year to get  minority and youth votes.  But WSJ writers claim Indys may sink Dems — unless popularity of health plan rises, which it could …. Chuck Crist widens lead over Rubio in Florida Senate race.  And WSJ blames it on the Democrats…. Nikki Haley still expected to win GOP runoff for governor in S. Carolina tomorrow….

HOW YA GONNA KEEP ‘EM DOWN ON THE FARMVILLE?   Andy Borowitz tweets: "I started playing the new Facebook game, Oilville — but now I can’t make it stop."

GAS ATTACK  Important doc on HBO tonight: Gasland, about dangers of new drilling mania, with water and chemicals injected into shale.  Trailer:


A FULL LOAF:  Big, juicy profile of MIke Huckabee coming in this week’s New Yorker.  For one thing, he’s given up the dimoved to Florida.  Still protests the "ick factor" in gay sex…. Spotted on Fox last night:  Huckabee on bass backing up Meat Loaf.  Which reminds me: In a NYC softball league game many years ago, Mr. Loaf hit what should have been a single to center–but I threw the lumbering singer out at first from short center field.  He was a good pitcher but called for infleld pop-ups like a bat out of hell. 

BITS & PIECES  Israel eases, but far from ends, Gaza blockade.. .   Obama likely pushing back decision on KSM terror trial past the midterm elections? …. . Treme closed with great Steve Earle song (he also again appeared as street singer in episode)….  Dan Kennedy:  Sarah Palin "a disgrace" for calling Rahm Emanuel a liar for hitting GOPers for backing BP…..   High school journalist shows adult reporters how to do it — state senator walks out on tough interview.


Classic "Even Stephen/Steven" Daily Show debate between Colbert and Carell, this time on legalizing marijuana. 



Springsteen doing one of Dylan’s greatest and most poetic (but mainly overlooked today) songs, "Chimes of Freedom," in East Berlin, 1988.