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Here’s a recap of the Gawker Media hacking yesterday, after wild fears spread like fire. 

Top NYT story: Christians targeted by our friends in Iraq, many flee.  So do GOP Christians like Palin still call it "victory"?… Global Post: New poll finds shockingly bad poll numbers in Afghanistan for support of US. And more than half want our forces out of their country, the sooner the better… The GuardianTime for negotiation in Afghanistan…  See photos by the great Tyler Hicks on Afghan tragedy on Sunday, with six US troops killed by bomb—and possible Pulitzer winner.

Boehner Cries, Claims He Doesn’t Go Tanning In 60 Minutes interview, with VIDEO.  Also, complains about Obama.

David Carr’s NYT column tomorrow: Has WikiLeaks changed journalism? Or more like journalism changing WikiLeaks?And now: WikiLeaks—The Game. Here’s two you can play online. NOTE: I am live-blogging WikiLeaks news and views all day again, for 16th day, so Daybook a little light today.

Big NYT profile on Ron Paul: from Dr. No to Dr. Know?… Meanwhile, columnist Ross Douthat hails "A Serious Man." And who might that be? Yes, it’s…Tom Coburn. 

POISON OF THE YEAR? On the TV, Andrea Mitchell picks Tea Party as "person of the year," Chris Matthews goes with Mitch McConnell. Couple votes for that Assange guy.

A DIFFERENT LEAK "Our lives became something we’d never dreamt"—Israeli soldiers who testified vs. abuses give up anonymity. (h/t Barbara Bedway)

RED (AND WHITE)  SQUARE  About 100 people dressed as Santa on Tiananmen Square told "You are causing a social disturbance, leave the square now" http://bit.ly/eKebHt

WIKILEAKS SUNDAY   God help me, I liveblogged it all, news and views, and some fun stuff too.  Here’s latest from last night:   Vatican responds to damaging cables carried by The Guardian. Calls them "unreliable" of course… How a Canadian company got targeted by WikiLeaks fans—by accident.  Ouch… Words I thought I’d never write: CNN covers Donald Rumsfeld hitting WikiLeaks—on Facebook.  Well, he does have a book coming out…  We earlier mentioned the Sir David Frost TV segment on WikiLeaks,  now here’s the full 13-minute video… CNN: Rival OpenLeaks still set to launch tomorrow… Australia’s foreign minister promises to intervene to help Assange—get laptop in prisonAssange attorney Mark Stephens says US itchy to get hands on Assange and claims a grand jury has been secretly empaneled in Alexandria, VA for just that purpose.

BITS & PIECES  Frank Rich: Gay-bashing at the Smithsonian… The Atlantic "Turns a Profit, With an Eye on the Web"…  Fox reports:  MIchael Steele not seeking re-election as head of RNC…


You may heard, no kidding, that Paul McCartney’s "place holder" lyrics for ‘Yesterday" before he wrote the real ones were "Scrambled eggs/ My baby has such beautiful legs" or some such. Now, with Jimmy Fallon, he has finally finished the (original) song:



Inevitably, we have "The Ballad of Julian Assange" —actually very "catchy," as it were.  Billy Braggish.

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