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One of greatest things ever:  Highlights of USA-England soccer match re-enacted—via Legos… Andy Borowitz adds:  "BP Hires England Goalkeeper as New CEO: ‘He’s Already Shown He Can Drop the Ball.’"

Ted Kennedy’s FBI files released today, including meetings with leftists, rumors, deaths threats.  Reporters studying. 

Right wing in uproar over ambush video—Breitbart followers apparently at it again—in which Democratic Representative Etheridge of N. Carolina behaves badly. He has now apologized. Democrats push back. Video: 

AP:  Americans most-radiated people in the world, medical scans and dangers way up, could be big cause of cancer.

On that startling Afghan rich in lithium report:  Huff Post claims mineral riches were known  back in 2007—reason we’ve expanded effort in Afghan?…  More from Yglesias and others on impact and claims of "war for cell phone batteries."… Me?  I’m looking for a Dylan sequel, "Vision of Afghana," to quote: "We sit there stranded but we’re all doing our best to deny it."

Cracked Kristol:  Bill joins John McCain:  Let’s debate going to war against Iran.  Hey, what could go wrong?… Brief life-in-Gaza video.…   Daniel Ellsberg and Julian Assange of Wikileak at recent PDF forum. 

Another candidate lies about Vietnam?   Shocker from The Onion:  "In a major scandal that could cast doubt on his political future, U.S. Senate candidate Chris Wilfred came under fire this week for comments he made alleging he had died heroically while fighting in the Vietnam War."


KARSAI ON LITHIUM   Department of Hhmmm: NYT reports on Vast quanities of mineral riches discovered in Afghanistan, could become "Saudi Arabia of lithium." May explain a lot. Although, this being Afghanistan, we assumed at first they meant the drug lithium. Some real doubts raised about story here

DOC NET GETS HOLE   Wash Post on upcoming retirement of massive numbers of baby boomer doctors and nurses will be true setback to hopes for health system… 

MAMA GRISLY    American University study:  women make up only 13.5 percent of guests on Sunday TV talk shows this year… NYT’s Ross Douthat calls election of mainly GOP women last week a high point in the history of feminism (even though nearly all against abortion rights, gay rights,  etc.).  Also claims:  "feminist" Palin was victim of the "peculiar left-wing misogyny that greeted" her candidacy. 

ALABAMA, OH MAN   The political campaign spots just keep getting wackier and wackier down there.  Here’s the latest.  "Gather your armies," indeed.

OBAMA GETS ENERGY?   Mike Allen with previews of Obama’s big energy speech tomorrow night.  Will it not go far enough?…  Activists push for something meaningful, and don’t forget now-overlooked climate change…  Andy Borowitz:  "BREAKING Obama’s Ultimatum to BP: Clean Up Spill Or I Will Say Ass Again." 

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PALIN’S DRILL THING Sarah Palin links to Newsmax in new Facebook bit she describes in tweet as follows: "Fuel America with Terrorist-Tarred Oil Instead of Drilling Our Own, Baby?… Lizz Winstead:  "Who cares if Palin got implants? What’s two new boobs in a sea of them?"

LET’S STRAY TOGETHER  Finally an explanation for how Alvin Greene won that Senate nod in S. Carolina: Some voters thought they were voting for the great Al Green. Well, that’s what one wag suggested.

TAKE TEA AND SECEDE?   Wash Post: Tea Party movement losing steam…   L.A. Times:  What Fox never mentions: Tea Party a flop in naton’s biggest state (by far), California… NYT online essay by J.M. Bernstein n Tea Party philosophy: No, they are not Jacobins.  "They are nihilists…. With such rage driving the Tea Party, might we anticipate this atmospheric violence becoming actual violence."

SLICK BACKED  David Carr’s NYT column Monday on BP’s control of media: "public information has been privatized"…  Twitter has been shutting down a lot lately.  Here’s one possible reason:

DRUDGE WORK   Dave Barry on the World Cup, which in the USA still "generates about as much excitement as the season finale of The Bachelorette"…   For an unintentionally hearty laugh, consider Howard Wolfson’s column at The New Republic, which predicts a soccer spurt in the US—because Matt Drudge (who still has his "finger on the pulse") has featured World Cup links. Note: Drudge’s most promoted link has featured what actually has turned many American TV watchers off to the Cup—the constant drone of the horns in the stadiums.

ISRAEL, GAZA, IRAN  Haaretz on Israel’s desperation to avoid a real investigation of the flotilla incident.  …  Iran sends aid ship to Gaza, will test blockade… Matt Yglesias on Chuck Schumer’s grievous, if hardly shocking, statement on Gaza.  Let the kids eat cake… oh, wait a minute, cake banned… The Times of London reports that Saudi Arabia will let Israel use its airspace for a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities.  Marc Ambinder: "The Saudis call the report slanderous, which they would do regardless of whether it were true or not."

BITS & PIECES   MoveOn fears GOP and debt-reductiion commission aim at cutting Social Security/Medicare and has launched new campaign to resist… Iraq’s Parliament assembled for first time since election today—and quit eighteen minutes later.  All problems solved, apparently… Alternet:  Why do right-wingers hate the World Cup?  It’s not those damn horns…   Chilling photo at top of NYT front page today: Two Somali soldiers with AK-47s—ages 12 and 15.


Oh brother, where are thou? Super Mario in the classroom.



John Hall wrote articles for me back in the mid-1970s at Crawdaddy.  Oh, he was also leader of the rock group Orleans then and, oh, went on to become a liberal Congressman from upstate New York.  Here he is performing, with other stars, his still-relevant anti-nuke song "Power" at the outdoor MUSE concert in New York, the largest music gathering in the city’s history at the time.