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From Think Progress and  The Guardian: The allegedly serious rightwing writer Daniel Pipes is seriously upset that new Miss USA is first Muslim in that role, seeing terrible trend in beauty contests as a form of "affirmative action."  And he’s not alone on the right.   Meanwhile, Markos of Daily Kos tweets: Conservatives are angry she "won’t end up as a Fox News anchorwoman." 

Rachel Maddow’s commencement speech at Smith yesterday, with video.

Supreme Court rules some sex offenders can be kept in federal prisons indefinitely, beyond end of sentences.

Important NYT story today:  Major study again finds British soldiers who faced combat in Iraq and Afghan exhibit far fewer PTSD and heavy drinking later.  Likely reasons?   They include: fewer of them serve brutal multiple tours — and they get lifetime health benefits, not the five years many in U.S. get from V.A.   See quote at end for real kicker.

Interesting:  Peter Beinert’s New York Review of Books piece on American Jews and Israel, (which we linked to earlier below), as it turns out, was meant for NYT Magazine but….read on.

 The always provocative  Charles P. Pierce in Esquire on BP:  "I’m willing not to insist on leg irons when we haul these fools away."

Tiny paper that just won Pulitzer gets creamed by readers for reporting that a local high school baseball player urinated  on the field during the National Anthem….Simon Johnson in review of Michael Lewis book asserts that the economic meltdown very much like the Vietnam catastrophe–brought to us by "the best and the brightest." 

Andy Borowitz tweets that he only has 90 seconds every week on the new Jon Meacham PBS show on Frdiay nights–so he  wants to know who Ken Burns slept with there.

Very useful roundup of major stories on Afghanistan and Pakistan in several newspapers…Obama signs bill, inspired by Daniel Pearl, to promote press freedoms abroad–but restricts press access to event.

My new piece here on how it took years (and years) for mainstream media figures to come out for U.S. pullout in Iraq — but today marks 6th anniversary of the first leading MSM journo to speak out.


Great episode last night on how and why the non-accidental oil slick accident happened, the sins of Deepwater Horizon and interview with one of the last men out alive..

Robert Reich at Huff Post argues it’s time to make BP pay!  "Watch not what they say but what they do.  The only way BP will pay more than $75 million—and the costs of the spill will easily top that—is if they’re required by law to do so." 

McClatchy:  Voting tomorrow across U.S. tests strength—and limits—of Tea Party….Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, final polls show Specter-Sestak dead even.   Specter still clings to Magic Ballot theory.?

YouTube turns five today.   Will it set limit at ten?  Has its own celebratory site, including fave video picks by Conan O’Brien.

NOT TOO BREITBART?  Much-awaited New Yorker profile of Andrew Breitbart and his "empire of bluster" has arrived.   "No battle is too petty for Breitbart, no target too small or pathetic." But he also fantasizes about going duke city with Sean Penn.  Refuses to talk about Drudge.  News: He plans to launch Big Jerusalem, Big Environment (with climate change skepticism) and Big Tolerance.   Also: former MTVer Kurt Loder is a pal.  Overall piece: lengthy but soft.  Little critique of ACORN probe.

THAT KAGAN THESIS:  New GOP attack line against Kagan:  She wants to ban books! ….Media Matters:  Her "controversial’ Princeton thesis did not support socialism or Marxism.   Note:  As MIke Allen notes today, did you know John Roberts’ thesis was on Marxism and Bolshevism

OH SEO CAN YOU SEE?     David Carr of NYT with column on the end of catchy classic headlines as we knew them, lost in favor of search optimizing friending name and trend dropping.   So I should have used title for this blog feature,  JUSTIN BIEBER FOR MONDAY….Yes, the Wall Street Journal has a pay wall, but here’s how you can cheat and get around it.  

FOR PETE’S SAKE:   Roy Greenslade of The Guardian today resurrects Pete Seeger’s ode to the newspaperman—and his/her union, short video below and full lyrics here.

PLAME READY FOR TAKEOFF:  I’m sure she once thought she’d never see this sentence: Valerie Plame Wilson is at the Cannes Film Festival this week.  Yes, it’s partly for the screening of Fair Game, based on her memoir, but this weekend she also spoke at debut of Countdown, the anti-nuke documentary that she’s featured in.

MAKING JOURNALISM EASY  Nick Kristof  tweets: "In Kinshasa airport, 3 different police officials asked me for a bribe. Easy way for me to report on Congo’s corruption."

PAUL OVER EVERYTHING Paul Krugman:  Rightwing pushed GOP to the right long ago—it’s just that now the media is noticing.  And don’t expect the extremists to lose grip for a long time.   Meanwhile, at his blog, Krugman provided a new graph showing global temps at alltime high the past 12 months.  Suck on that, climate change deniers.

BECK AS IN WRECK  Glenn Beck delivered commencement address at Liberty University, cried,  paid tribute to Jerry Falwell, told grads, "Cabs smell worse in the summer."   Read and watch at Crooks and Liars.  Should be a doctorate in inhumanities? 

AIN’T THAT A SHAME  Times-Picayune in NOLA will keep fighting attempts to get names of online commenters.   Local officials are accusing them of  "defamation." 

TWEET HOME, ALABAMA   You’ve probably seen at least one of the wacky TV spots that have come out the current campaigns in Alabama, such as the battle over who could mock evolution the hardest.  Now here’s the topper.  Love the Facebook references (no Twitter?), close-up of the horse and the appearance of the rifle near the end.


SPOILER ALERT ON ‘LOST’ FINALE   From Andy Borowitz: "Everything on the island turns out to be controlled by two sleep-deprived writers."

THE WORM HAS NOT TURNED Mark Bowden in the June Atlantic:  Remember that horrid "Conficker" worm that invaded computers 18 months ago.  Well, surprise, it’s there, "lurking."   Article title: "The Enemy Within."

ISRAEL, CHOMSKY, AND AMERICAN JEWS  Amira Hass of Haaretz on Noam Chomsky being denied entry into Israel for lecture—evidence of a "totalitarian regime." …..Democracy Now! has Chomsky speaking from Jordan on the incident…..

BUT IS IT GOOD FOR THE JEWS? Peter Beinart in NY Review of Books on "The Failure of the American Jewish Establishment," and what they need to do to stop the troubling new trends in Israel and save "liberal Zionism."   Yes, Frank Luntz is here, too.  Spencer Ackerman already has a response to his old friend.

SLIMING NEMO    NYT has an oil slick interactive map that won’t go out of relevance any time soon, given latest attempts to stem…

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In honor of the wacky new British government, here’s the classic Monty Python "Ministry of Silly Walks"— you may have seen the TV sketch but this one is live, with the "good Palin," Michael.