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12:30 Press release just now in my email box from Occupy Denver:  "On May Day, we are calling on the people of Denver to convene at the Pavillion on 16th st  at 9:30 PM, and we will hold a sleep-in.  By holding a mass sleep in on the 16th st mall, we will stand in solidarity with those who are being singled out by this draconian bill and let its chief backers know, that this is our city, our streets, and no one will be jailed for lack of privilege.  Rather than be forced off the streets by the  Downtown Denver Business Partnership, we aim to show the 1% that a Denver’s Peoples Partnership is stronger than all the lobbyists in the city.  On May Day,  Bring your bodies, your friends, your wares and liberate the 16th st mall with us."

11:55 Good preview of May Day actions in NY tomorrow with accent on "confrontations."   And see top of Nation site right now for special coverage and features.

11:00  NYT on the letters and white substance (corn starch) sent to Wells Fargo and Chase branches and Mayor Bloomberg (see below)…. Claim that several apartments where anarchists live in NYC visited by police today.

9:05 Tom Morello, who is leading a "thousand man" guitar army tomorrow in NY now tweets:  "My new band also looking 4 1million percussionists. Marching band veterans, pots & pans bangers please apply. Noon/Bryant Park."  Big boost for May Day tomorrow as Tom and Ben Harper (who is also leading march tomorrow) will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight, as he tweets:  "Looking for best and worst 25,000 musicians in NYC area. Tomm. Bryant Park. Noon. Nightwatchman/Ben Harper 2nite on Fallon to PUMP IT UP."

6:50  Fox News:  NYPD investigating envelopes with white powder sent to "at least" 5 Wells Fargo branches in city, discovered today.  "The bank branches were closed, and they will remain closed until the situation is deemed safe, the spokesman said."   Fox helpfully notes that this happening on the eve of May Day but does note later that this has not been linked to Occupy (yet).  Of course, Wells Fargo was a target of protests in San Fran just last week.

6:45 Major NYT piece online tonight, presumably in print tomorrow, on Occupy in academia, with new studies, books emerging and so on.

6:30  Doug Schoen at Daily Beast:  How Occupy, despite recent quietitude, seized control of narrative in 2012 politics and campaigns.

3:40  Full lineup of SF Bay Area events tomorrow via the Bay Guardian–with action starting tonight.

1:10 Famous and good guy author Stephen King begs U.S. to tax him and other very rich more severely.  Strong language and curse words.  Even attacks Koch brothers.   "I’ve known rich people, and why not, since I’m one of them? The majority would rather douse their dicks with lighter fluid, strike a match, and dance around singing “Disco Inferno” than pay one more cent in taxes to Uncle Sugar…. If this situation isn’t fairly addressed, last year’s protests will just be the beginning. Scrooge changed his tune after the ghosts visited him. Marie Antoinette, on the other hand, lost her head. Think about it."

1:00 5 ways to strike, or at least occupy, May Day even if you have to work…Natasha Lennard at Salon on what to expect on May Day, coast to coast….

11:05 Watch David Harvey on Democracy Now! today re: May Day.

10:30 Occupy Oakland cancels controversial Golden Gate Bridge shutdown tomorrow–was in support of workers grievances there but workers not striking and asked for change.  Since the conditions for the action will not be met, we are no longer organizing to shut down the bridge. As always, any action taken by the workers at their workplace or against their employers will be met with our support and solidarity."

10:05 Springsteen, as part of his record-setitng 2 1/2 hour set at JazzFest in Nola yestrerday, did rousing version of blues classic (later made famous by OWS-backing Ry Cooder) "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live."  Watch:

9:45 Lengthy Wash Post piece on one of best OWS groups, OccupySEC, chats with Carne Ross, other "wonks"…  Andy Worthington’s full take on May Day and workers’ actions…

9:15  Just now, from AP:    "Four New York City lawmakers are suing the city over its treatment of the Occupy Wall Street protests.  The civil rights suit was filed Monday in a Manhattan federal court. It says police conduct is so problematic that the force needs an outside monitor.The city Law Department had no immediate comment Monday. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has defended police handling of the protests. Occupy demonstrators have gone to court before over particular episodes. The new lawsuit is a compendium of complaints.  It says the city and police violated demonstrators’ free speech and other rights, used excessive force and interfered with journalists’ and council members’ efforts to observe.  City Council members Letitia James, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Ydanis (ee-DAH’nihs) Rodriguez and Jumaane Williams are among the plaintiffs."

9:05 Interesting piece on OWSers putting their advocacy in context of religious faith and how that affects clergy and churches. … Peter Dreier on history or May Day and how activists are "breathing new life" into it this year.

8:40  Longtime OWS watcher Sarah Jaffe at Alternet with lengthy May Day preview… CBS News has its own May Day preview that looks at movement as a whole, finds it no longer "cool"–no Kanye!– and celeb magnet but more militant…. List of events in NYC (including "after party") as city says it plans to prevent violence and traffic snarls.

8:30 It’s come to this:  Univ of California issues national warning–avoid OWS protests on May Day!   (h/t Todd Gitlin)…..Occupy’s Jeff Smith with lengthy Daily Beast interview with Tom Hayden including his "hot and cold" feelings on OWS.

8:05 Bloomberg with May Day preview under this headline:  "Occupy Wall Street Plans Global Disruption of Status Quo."   And as we’ve noted: "In San Francisco, demonstrators intend to hold a rally at the toll plaza of the Golden Gate Bridge (see great poster, left)  from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. local time that ‘will result in the shutdown,’ according to their website."… International Herald Tribune with their view here of how internationally popular May Day coming to America.

8:00 Our buddy Peter Rothberg with The Nation’s complete  "guide to May Day," plus video. 

7:55  Photog describes his "intimate" photo project on OWS, plus a gallery…. OccupyDenver prepares for May Day, plus video…and OccupyOakland press conf on same.

7:25 OccupyMusicians planning online May Day action, wants your stories about being music maker and more. That’s the great Lou Reed at left, one of the group’s first backers….. More from Allison Kilkenny, this time on the protests (still) planned for Chicago next month, despite G8 move.  And much more at the site, check it out.